/ Healing berry. Useful properties and contraindications

Healing Irga-berry. Useful properties and contraindications

Currently, many gardeners are growing ontheir irgu parts. This plant is a shrub, which has beautiful heart-shaped leaves and large dark blue berries, reminiscent of aronia. Irga was born in the UK, where the shrub was originally grown as a decorative fence.

irga berry useful properties
In the eighteenth century English housewives learnedto harvest the fruits of this plant. They cooked jam and jams, jellies and compotes from irgi. Berries are often dried in the sun, using in the winter for sauces and jelly. Somewhat later, it was used as food natural colorant for cooking various dishes (ice cream, mousses, broths, gravy, etc.).

than useful berry of the Irga
Irga is a berry, the useful properties of which are widelyknown, one of the favorite treats in many countries, including Russia. She is happy to grow summer residents. This shrub is unpretentious in the care. In addition, he gives delicious fruits and decorates the site with his glossy leaves and large white flowers.

However, not everyone knows what is useful berryirga. The fruits of this amazing shrub have excellent healing properties. In this regard, they can become indispensable for people suffering from various pathologies.

Irga is a berry, the beneficial properties of whichare caused by a huge amount of microelements and vitamins contained in it. It should be used in a fresh form for a greater positive effect on the body. Useful fruit of this shrub to those who suffer from hypertension. They also reduce the increased nervous excitability.

Irga is a berry, the beneficial properties of whichare also due to the presence in it of flavanol, which prevents the development of such ailments as Alzheimer's and cancer. Often, for medicinal purposes, the juice of the fruit of the curative bush is used. It is an indispensable rinse aid for purulent sore throats. Irrigue juice helps in the treatment of various burns. Drink it and to stimulate the digestive system.

Prepare the juice in the usual way veryis problematic, since the berries are dry and fairly tough. To obtain medicinal juice washed fruits of curative bush should be placed in a jar, filling it with two-thirds, sprinkle lightly with sugar and place in the refrigerator. After four or five days, the berries will be given juice, which is recommended as an alternative to medical products.

Purulent angina recedes when the throat rinsesdiluted with water in a ratio of one to one juice of the fruit of the bush. Berry berry, useful properties that can heal various ailments of the digestive tract, is used in the form of juice obtained from it to get rid of gastritis, constipation or ulcer disease. In this case, the remedy is recommended to take ten minutes before meals for fifty milligrams.

Irga is a berry, the beneficial properties of whichare due to the presence in it of vitamin P, responsible for the elasticity of the walls of the vessels. It will help patients with high cholesterol. Juice from these fruits for them is recommended to eat after eating in the volume of two tablespoons.

Berry berry, the benefit of which in the treatment of manyillnesses is checked up by time, has also the contraindications. Its use in food is not recommended for hypotension. And to abuse the reception of a large number of fruits of irgi, which have a calming effect, it is impossible for those people whose work is associated with the management of moving mechanisms.