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Coffeeshop Company, "Vienna Coffee Shop": addresses, menus

Interest in vacation spots where you coulddrink a delicious coffee and relax, has its roots in the era of the distant Middle Ages. It was then that the first Vienna Coffeehouse appeared. True, she was very far from modern institutions of this type. After a while, more suitable cafeterias began to open, which managed to preserve this mysterious historical atmosphere, combining it with delicious and aromatic coffee, a cozy and inviting design, and quality service. This is how a whole chain of coffee houses under the brand appeared. Coffeeshop Company. What is this organization? What is included in its menu? And where are the offices?

Viennese coffee house

A few words about the trading network

Known trading network Coffeeshop Company was established in 1999 by Reinhold Scherf in Vienna (Austria). Under the strict guidance of this person, one of the first coffee shops of the future trading network was opened.

Who would have thought that soonthe company will grow to such grand dimensions. Today, a network of Viennese coffee houses has opened offices in more than 29 countries around the world, and the number of establishments with amazingly tasty coffee has jumped to 304. Recently, branded cafeterias have begun to open in Russia.

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The network of Viennese coffee houses earned in Russia

Reinhold Scherf for a long time only watchedto the Russian market. He studied possible competitors, made an analysis of pricing, etc. However, in addition to the great desire to conquer the capricious Russian public, the creator of the brand needed reliable and, most importantly, local partners.

Finally, in 2008 he managed to find them.As it turned out, they were representatives of a small company, Coffee Set. With the assistance of an experienced entrepreneur and a person, thanks to whom the world-famous Vienna Coffee House appeared, managed to adapt foreign business underrealities of domestic producers. As a result, the European quality was skillfully transferred to the Russian bridgehead, which has already been appreciated by many lovers of delicious coffee.

Viennese coffee house China city

Where can I find Viennese coffee houses?

«Венская кофейня» завоевала сердца многих connoisseurs of a wonderful atmosphere of comfort and delicious coffee. Its representative offices were opened in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Arkhangelsk, Yekaterinburg, Perm, Krasnodar, Chelyabinsk, Kemerovo, Kazan, Irkutsk, Novosibirsk, Nalchik, Nizhny Novgorod and other Russian cities.

For example, in Moscow alone there areover 20 coffee houses owned by this company. The Vienna Coffee House on the Arbat is considered to be the most famous among them, or rather, there are two places here at once: on Arbat, 1 and 21.

Representatives of the group of companies can be found inDomodedovo Airport, at Rublevskoye Shosse, 62 (in the EuroPark shopping center), Leningradsky Railway Station, Rozhdestvenka Street, 5/7, Kutuzovsky Prospect, 57 (in the Oceania shopping center) and other places. “Vienna Coffee House” (“China Town” is the metro station where it is located), located on Solyanka Street, is always glad to visitors. From Monday to Sunday, as many visitors say, this establishment is open around the clock.

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Cozy atmosphere and relaxing atmosphere

No matter where the “Viennacoffee shop ", this place can not be confused with anything. All cafeterias of the company have a single design and an incredibly comfortable atmosphere. According to the stories of many visitors, it is her who create smiling and responsive staff, pleasant background music.

Viennese coffee house menu

A huge role in this relaxing atmosphere.also plays a design. According to eyewitnesses, in the interior of the cafe there are warm brown and sand shades, beige and golden tones, closely intertwined with the texture of natural wood. Around you can see a vase with fresh flowers, cozy furniture and light, not annoying eyes lighting. Plunging into such an atmosphere, you can safely communicate with friends, prepare for exams, solve global business issues and even set up a romantic date.

What types of institutions are available in Russia?

The Coffeeshop company offers three coffee house fans to Russian coffee fans:

  • Lounge (located on the first floors of buildings and provides for service inside the cafeteria, taking into account the possible order with them).
  • Base (such coffee shops are located on the territory of large shopping and entertainment centers and provide an opportunity to enjoy orders inside and outside).
  • TO GO! (placed in places with a large flow of people and involves only the order of coffee with you).

Viennese coffee house on Arbat

What does Vienna Coffee House offer: menu

The range of coffee shops is huge. It includes:

  • Delicious coffee and cocktails.
  • Cold drinks and coffee.
  • Hot drinks.
  • Snacks and delicious desserts.

And of course, three deserve special attention.Brand Blend: Strong, Intense and Regular. The first one is a kind of coffee blend. They say that it has a distinct Italian character of strong roasting. As a rule, it is used by real Italians, adding to a cup of coffee. According to users who managed to try Strong, this is an incredibly rich drink, giving a bright feeling of pep.

The second blend - Intense is brightthe transformation of another coffee blend, but with a unique Viennese accent. This is a medium roast coffee, with a light taste and pronounced sourness. It is usually used during the preparation of various cocktails.

Finally, Regular, which is the right coffee blend for cocktails. It is used in the preparation of cold coffee with a mild and especially pleasant taste.

Opinions of users: who tried what and how estimated

Many visitors to the coffee shop speak positively aboutcold drinks, prepared according to a special recipe. For example, they liked “Cappuccino Ice” the most. This is an incredible combination of cold espresso coffee, soft, almost creamy milk, chocolate chips and perfect crema. Sometimes hazelnut is also added to its composition. As visitors say, it simultaneously invigorates and refreshes.

Another liked a drink called "Chocolate Ice Black." It is also served cold. This coffee contains thick chocolate chips, sweet dark mousse, milk, caramel and ice.

In addition to coffee-containing drinks in the "Viennacoffee shops "a lot of other drinks. For example, Smash, which is made from seasonal berries and fruits, is best known, and is served with ice in a round transparent glass.

Is it expensive to eat in the cafeteria?

Whatever your choice of Vienna Coffee House,The prices in any of them will pleasantly surprise you. Although, as users say, not at all. For example, the cost of espresso coffee (depending on its variety and content) will cost you from 95 to 150 rubles per cup. Hot coffee will cost between 125 and up to 300 rubles. The price of a cocktail depends on the filling and the addition of all kinds of fillers, such as caramel, and starts from 195 rubles. But it is worth being here, at least for the sake of interest.