Rice Porridge Recipe

Any hostess in her life at least once cooked rice porridge. And of course everyone cooks it in their own way.

Is there a universal recipe for rice porridge? How to cook rice porridge?

Let's look at it together.Of course, the first and most important thing that should be included in the recipe of rice porridge is naturally rice. Modern supermarkets offer buyers a huge selection of rice. It should be remembered that the correctly selected rice is perhaps the most important part in the preparation of porridge.

What kind of rice is needed?There is a so-called "sweet rice", which is very popular in Thailand. This rice is not very suitable for making porridge, as it should be cooked for at least six hours. Perhaps not everyone agrees to stand by the stove for so long that they prepare breakfast.

Uzbek rice Dastar-saryk can be included inrecipe rice porridge, but this porridge will be very expensive, because this rice, although tasty, but finding it on the counter of an ordinary store will be quite problematic. The high price and rarity of such rice is due to the fact that this rice "stand" before threshing for several years, from which it acquires an amber color.

Even more "expensive" gruel can be triedcook from black Tibetan rice. Once this rice was served only to the imperial table and was not available to ordinary people. This rice is collected manually in Tibet, in impenetrable forests.

More affordable brown rice. This rice is not polished, it allows you to keep it extremely useful for the body's enzymes. This rice is poorly boiled, so for porridge it does not fit.

In the recipe for rice porridge, you can include a round Arborio rice. This rice is perfectly boiled and the porridge becomes very tender and just melts in the mouth.

In fact, there are a lot of rice species and which one is right for you in your recipe of rice porridge.

In general, rice is a universal product thatcan be used both as a side dish and as an independent dish. It has a mass of useful properties. Correctly cooked rice helps to improve digestion, helps to lose weight, is a source of fiber and microelements necessary for the body, and certainly has a special taste.

Perhaps it's time to return directly to the reciperice porridge. The first thing you need to calculate the amount of rice that you will boil. It should be remembered that rice is a very high-calorie product, so one serving should not be more than seven to eight spoonfuls in volume.

For breakfast, you can cook rice porridge withoil. To do this, pour into a saucepan four - five glasses of cold water, add half a spoonful of salt. When the water in the saucepan boils, you need to pour two glasses of washed rice into the pan and cook it, stirring constantly, over low heat. When the rice is boiled and all the water boils off, you need to remove the pan from the plate and add oil to the porridge. To make the dish tender, the rice should be left in a saucepan for twenty to thirty minutes.

If you want to surprise your loved ones with the originalrecipe, then you probably like porridge with cheese and tomato sauce. To prepare this dish, you need to cook the crumbly porridge, drain excess water through a sieve and fry the rice in a frying pan until it is browned. Then the resulting golden rice should be poured hot tomato sauce. The resulting mass should be "smothered" in a closed frying pan for several minutes. When the resulting dish is laid on the plates, be sure to sprinkle all the grated cheese. When the cheese melts, the dish can be served to the table. To make one such original porridge, you need one glass of round rice, half a glass of tomato sauce and thirty grams of grated cheese.

Rice porridge is China's favorite dish. It contains a lot of nutrients necessary for the body. Now, you know how to cook rice porridge and how to cook rice milk porridge.