/ / Goroshnitsa: a recipe for delicious porridge

Goroshnitsa: a recipe for delicious porridge

Goroshnitsa, or pea porridge, - a dish, a familiarfrom childhood. Delicious, nutritious and nutritious, it is one of the most loved cereals in children. In addition, peas are rich in proteins and vitamins. This dish is almost impossible to spoil. But in cooking, you need to take into account some of the subtleties.

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Preparation of peas

Peas for porridge should be chosen correctly.The most useful is unglazed peas, but it must be soaked before cooking. First, it is sorted, then washed under running water and soaked. An approximate calculation is 1 part pea in 4 parts water.

Goroshnitsa: recipe with vegetables and cream

To make pea porridge according to this recipe, you will need:

  • half a glass (about 100 grams) of peas;
  • one medium-sized carrot;
  • half of the Bulgarian pepper;
  • a small onion;
  • half a cup (about 50 ml) of cream;
  • greens and salt.

Technology of preparation

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How to cook a cottage cheese?The recipe should begin to cook with soaking peas. It is best to pour it overnight with water. Do not forget to rinse it beforehand. After that, cook it in the same water for 40 minutes. Stir constantly. Then add the cream. Cut the porridge with a cracker. Cut the carrots, peppers, onions. Put out in oil or water. Season the dish with vegetable dressing, stir. Add the greens. You have a delicious and satisfying little hot-pot. The recipe is uncomplicated, the dish is quick to prepare. Serve it hot.

Goroshnitsa: recipe with meat

For meat porridge you will need:

  • a piece of meat (beef, chicken, pork) - about 400 grams;
  • peas (about 100 grams);
  • the onion head;
  • salt and oil.

Technology of preparation

Rinse the meat, pour water.Boil until cooked. In the broth, you can add seasonings and roots (onions, bay leaves, carrots). Please salt. When cooking, do not forget to remove the foam. Once the meat is cooked, remove it, cool and cut into small pieces. Broth strain and pour them peas, which must be pre-soaked in water. Cook the porridge. Put the meat in the prepared mildew. Add onions in oil and add to a saucepan. Mix everything. Leave to infuse for 20 minutes. Then serve.

Goroshnitsa: recipe in the multivariate

 a recipe in a multi-

Modern technologies come to the aid of the hostess. You can prepare a plate in a multivariate. To do this you will need:

  • 2 multi-cup chopped peas;
  • 5 multi-glasses of hot water;
  • salt, onion and butter.

Technology of preparation

Peas wash, soak for an hour in the water.Then put a piece of butter in the bowl. Finely chop the onion and fry it. Add the soaked peas to the onions, pour in a specified amount of water, salt to taste and put the device in the "Quenching" mode for 2 hours. Ready meals can be served with cutlets or meatballs.

Goroshnitsa: recipe without soaking

If you do not have time to soak, then you cancook the mess in the following way. Rinse the peas, pour it with water from the proportion of 1 part of legumes into 4 parts of water. Put on a strong fire, let it boil. Then reduce the heat and cook the porridge for an hour before fully digesting. You should pour the potted straw at the very end. Ready porridge you need to crush thricket.