/ How to prepare ice cream at home: recipe and technology

How to prepare ice cream at home: recipe and technology

Домашнее мороженое, без сомнения, - десерт delicious. True, it takes a lot of time and energy to prepare it. But the result will delight you and the home, and the dish itself will become traditional on your table.

Sundae with vanilla

ice cream ice cream at home recipe
The taste of this dessert is familiar and dearly loved by us since childhood. How to make ice cream ice cream at home? The recipe you are offered does not apply tocategories of super-complex and quite “hard” even for amateurs from the plate. Ingredients of the dish are as follows: high-fat milk, fresh - 1 liter; 50 g dry, but also fat; cream - 80 g (fat content of at least 35%!); butter - 60 g, vanilla sugar - 30 g, vanilla - 1 sachet (or 3 pods), fresh egg yolks - 8 pieces (150 g), powdered sugar - 250 g. This ice cream is formed into balls. At home (the recipe is designed for 10 servings), its production is limited to 30 balls of the specified number of products. Therefore, if more dessert is required, increase the ingredients in proportion to the original parameters. The ice cream should be cooled for at least 24 hours. So, and proceed to the priesthood over the delicacy should be in advance. So: both types of milk are mixed, cream and butter are added to the saucepan, which must be chopped into thin sticks. Sugar and vanilla are poured. Let the mixture boil. When this happens, you need to enter the yolks one at a time and pour powder, stirring all the time. In order not to overcook ice cream ice cream, at home, the recipe recommends that you strictly observe the temperature regime. The mixture should boil for about 5 minutes at +85 degrees, not higher, and stirring constantly with a wooden spoon or spatula. Then the pan is quickly placed on the ice for accelerated cooling. After that, the ice cream is sent to the fridge for a day. The next day, the mass must be passed through a sieve so that no random lumps remain in it.
ice cream ice cream recipe
Then she pours into the ice cream maker and is whipped untilthe desired consistency. Balls are formed with a spoon, collapsed in coconut chips and laid out in saucers or creamers, special vases. Here is your ice cream ice cream ready. At home, the recipe advises to pour balls with berry sour-sweet syrup, honey or brandy before serving. Eat it very tasty with champagne or fresh fruit, tea.

Sundae coffee

Excellent dessert is obtained if you followthe advice of french confectioners. They are widely advertised recipe for ice cream in the ice cream "sundae coffee". His main secret is to choose a good grade of coffee. The composition of the ingredients is as follows: icing sugar - 300 g; yolks - 8 pieces; instant coffee - 75 g; milk - 1 liter and 200 g of cream. Pour the milk into the pan. Do not turn on the gas yet. Dissolve coffee in milk. Start now to warm it up. In the already warm add cream and boil. Remove the pan from the heat and enjoy the yolks. The recipe for making ice cream "Sundae" advises you to beat the yolks with sugar into a sumptuous foam, and then gradually put in hot milk. Just stir it all the time, otherwise the yolks will roll up.

ice cream sundae recipe
Вновь поставьте смесь на огонь и доведите temperature up to 85 degrees. The process of stirring do not stop. For this you need only a wooden spatula. After 5 minutes, turn off the gas, skip the future ice cream through a hair sieve and put to cool - on the ice, then in the refrigerator. After one day, the ice cream should be poured into the ice cream maker and beat the whole mass to an airy porous consistency. Arrange in vases and serve with dry shortbread biscuits.

Experiment, try, good desserts for you!