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How to cook guacamole: a classic recipe for Mexican snacks

Fans of original appetizers for a party orlovers of Mexican cuisine probably heard about such a popular dish of Latin American cuisine, like guacamole. A classic recipe is considered to be invented by the Aztecs, but it may well turn out that this appetizing dressing was created even earlier.

Guacamole: classic recipe
Traditionally, guacamole sauce is made for dippingcrispy chips, seafood or other snacks. In addition, it is suitable for healthy eating, because the products used for it are very useful. So how to cook guacamole?

The recipe is classic

It is difficult to say firmly which combination of productsis the only correct one. Mexicans are creative in preparing food, so the components of guacamole can be anything. In each family, the favorite taste may differ from that adopted in other families. Nevertheless, there is something that unites different variants of guacamole. A classic recipe or what you can call it necessarily includes ripe avocado fruits, lime juice and salt. It is impossible to imagine this dish without these products. Guacamole, a recipe with a photo of which confirms this, it is thanks to the avocado is a pleasant green tint, and lime protects the product from darkening.

Guacamole: recipe classic
But the additions can be any, depending on what kind of flavor you want to try.

Preparing guacamole

A classic recipe suggests starting withnext. Clean and remove the bones from the avocado, mash it with a fork, if possible, made not of metal. Add the lime juice, salt and start to experiment. Alternatively, you can crush all the ingredients in the mortar. So the products retain more useful substances and acquire a special cream consistency. But in modern conditions, no one wants to spend a long time preparing such simple dishes as guacamole. The classic recipe does not suffer at all, even if you use a blender or a mixer. So, decide what taste you want to try: sour, sweet, spicy, piquant? All this is easy to accomplish with the help of additional ingredients.

Guacamole: a recipe with a photo
It can be fresh green coriander, sliceda pod of red chili pepper, onion, garlic crushed with garlic cloves, fresh or dried tomatoes, some quality olive oil, any spices to your taste.

Tips for making guacamole

The classic recipe is simple, but some subtletiesYou need to know. Lime juice is required in the dish not only for the sake of a pleasant sourness, but also in order to preserve the beautiful green color of the avocado after its grinding. Therefore, experiments with taste should not exclude the main components. If you decide to add tomatoes, be sure to remove seeds, excess liquid and skin. Only tomato pulp is added to guacamole. If you want to add a little olive oil, keep in mind that this way you will increase the calorie content of an already fatty sauce. Crushing vegetables with a blender, use a mode that allows you to leave a few small pieces, as the mashed potatoes will not match the taste adopted in Mexico.