/ / Salad from pods of beans in kitchens of different peoples

Salad from pods of beans in kitchens of different peoples

Beans are a summer treat, but thanks toit can be enjoyed all year round. What can be cooked from these green fruits with tender milk peas inside? Many things. Soups, snacks, salads, side dishes for meat or fish, as well as independent hot vegetarian dishes. And you can also make billets from them for the winter. But today we will learn how to make a salad of bean pods. This dish is present in the national cuisines of many peoples, and each recipe is unique in its own way.

Salad from bean pods

As a warm-up we'll try to cook a warmsalad with green beans. The photo shows the beauty of a ready-made dish of Mediterranean cuisine, but can not convey its amazing aroma. To repeat this masterpiece, it is necessary to boil 400 g of green beans in boiling salted water. If the pods are old, you need to remove them from the solid flagella. To do this, the knife should cut off sharp tips, which will pull the threads. While the string beans are brewed, cut 200 grams of cherry tomatoes in half, put them in a salad bowl. In a jar with a lid we prepare the dressing. Squeeze out the lemon, mix its juice with two tablespoons of olive oil, add salt. Black pepper, five shredded basil leaves and a spoonful of sesame seeds. We screw the lid and vigorously shake the jar so that the ingredients of the filling come into relationship. We spread to the tomatoes hot beans, pour the sauce and immediately served.

Bean salad with green leaf

Spanish salad recipe with green beansinstead of sesame seeds, use pesto from pumpkin seeds. Their 400 grams of the base product will need about one hundred grams. First we prepare pesto. On a dry heated frying pan pour out the seeds and, stirring constantly, fry them over medium heat for five minutes. One spoonful of grains is left for decoration, and the rest is ground with a blender. Without taking out the seeds from the bowl, add 50 ml of water and olive oil, 4 peeled garlic cloves, half a spoon of cumin and several leaves of cilantro, squeeze the juice of half a lemon and a pinch of salt. We rub the mixture.

Recipe for salad with green beans

Beans are cooked in salted water literally minutesfive, drain the water and put the saucepan on the ice so that the pods are not cooked due to internal heat. So it will remain crisp. When it is fully cooled, put into a deep dish, fill half of pesto, mix. Two tomatoes cut into half rings, lay on top of a salad of pods of beans, pour the remaining sauce and sprinkle with sunflower seeds.

Ukrainian cuisine has its own view on this dish.Beans must be cooked in salted water until ready (20-30 minutes). Drain liquid, cool it into a salad bowl (cut large pods). Season with a sauce of bean pods sauce, which is prepared as follows: Mix 200 grams of mayonnaise with a spoon of sour cream, stewed and rubbed through a sieve with 3-4 tomatoes (or 2 tablespoons of tomato paste), a spoonful of Adzhika and a pinch of sugar. Sprinkle with chopped fresh herbs.

In Egypt, the dish is also known. There, a salad of bean pods is stewed in a skillet with onions, and seasoned with tomato juice and vinegar. The dish is cooled and served with fresh herbs.