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The best Japanese restaurant in Moscow

Choosing a Japanese restaurant in Moscow, you can not givepreference for one institution. High competition in one of the most expensive cities in the world has led to the fact that at least 5 restaurants compete for the title of the best for several years now. From this diversity, everyone will be able to choose for themselves the one that will be liked.


A real Japanese restaurant exists in Moscow, and fortunately, he is not alone. Check the authenticity of the dish is easy, since the cuisine of the Land of the Rising Sun has a minimum of 3 distinctive features:

  • no meat dishes, because in Japan from time immemorial, cattle were not bred;
  • rice they have special varieties, which is quite difficult to find in ordinary stores and supermarkets;
  • most dishes are served raw or with minimal heat treatment.

Japanese restaurant in Moscow
These rules apply only toclassical cuisine, but because of the high demand for author's dishes, many chefs slightly violate the list of ingredients and the technological process. This can not be considered disrespectful or unauthorized, because, in fact, such experiments sometimes give rise to real masterpieces, emphasize the individuality of the restaurant and expand the client base of the institution.

Making the right choice

Walking around Moscow, you can see that restaurants andcafes are met at every corner and have long been turned into one of the main entourage of the capital. They are decorated with bright and appetizing signs, luring customers, promising them a real feast.

Today, restaurants are divided into Asian andEuropean. Each kitchen is divided into many varieties. One of the most visited today was the Japanese restaurant. In Moscow, with a large number of such places it is difficult to understand where the real food of the Land of the Rising Sun is served. A special feature of the kitchen is the specific technology of cooking. Japanese restaurant is a place where they come for new emotions and taste sensations.

And in order not to be disappointed in Japanese cuisine, you need to choose the right institution. Therefore, your attention is invited to the rating of Japanese restaurants in Moscow.

Top 5

The fifth place was the restaurant "Tokyo".It is located in a convenient place on the corner of Arbat, so it will not be difficult to find it. The rooms are decorated in a reserved, oriental style. According to visitors' reviews, the most delicious dishes from the menu are rice noodles and sushi.

the best Japanese restaurants in Moscow
The fourth place is occupied by the most fashionable Japanesea restaurant in Moscow - "Megu". A distinctive feature of the establishment is a large selection of sake and rare ingredients of dishes, which are difficult to find not in the capital, but in the world.

The third place belongs to the restaurant "Yu-Me". It is located on Pokrovka and for 12 years it has pleased its visitors with traditional cuisine prepared by the hands of a real professional Nogami Takashi.

Silver rating gets a Japanese restaurant inMoscow, the reviews of which from the opening day to the present day are only positive. The institution has a beautiful and gentle name "Sakura Blossom". Chef Hiroki Arakawa has been showing his skills for several years and surprises the guests with a variety of Japanese dishes in line with modern trends in cooking, decoration and filing.

And finally, the first place is rightfully awardedthe institution of "Seiji". Even the best Japanese restaurants in Moscow will not be compared to this temple (in other words it is difficult to call it) the real traditional cuisine of the Land of the Rising Sun.


Restaurant "Seiji" was opened 12 years ago and already onthe next year after its opening, entered the list of the world's best gastronomic institutions, according to experts Michelin - one of the most authoritative restaurant guides.

Professional staff of the best chefs was able toshort term to dispel the established stereotypes, to convince residents and guests of the capital that the cuisine of Japan is diverse and not limited to rolls and sushi. Visitors to the restaurant are pleased to come and try new dishes that are popular in Japan, but are unknown in Russia.

rating of Japanese restaurants in Moscow
It belongs to the institution of Seiji Kusano, whofor more than thirty years has been showing the world gastronomic traditions of his homeland. Today, he owns several restaurants in Europe, but his name is only Moscow.

Japanese restaurants in Moscow. Address list

Restaurant "To Whom To Live Well" (Prechynskaembankment, etc. 17) specializes not only in Japanese cuisine, but also in European cuisine. The menu has a wide range of meat and children's dishes, as well as a good wine list.

The project "Fumisawa Sushi" (Petrovka, 5) belongs to the famous Arkady Novikov. A distinctive feature of the establishment is the author's cuisine, as well as a specially developed menu for vegetarians.

"Sushido" is a restaurant located in one of the simplest, but cozy establishments in the capital. Located at: Lithuanian Boulevard, 22. According to visitors' reviews, good cocktails are served here.

Japanese restaurants in Moscow list
This is not all Japanese restaurants in Moscow.The list can be continued for a long time, but there is one institution in Moscow that has become famous not only for excellent cuisine, but also for the fact that a huge number of domestic and foreign celebrities visited it.

The most "stellar"

November 10 last year, the popular actor RobertDe Niro visited the capital for the official opening of the Japanese restaurant Nobu. The discovery was really stellar. Congratulate the owner came Philip Kirkorov, Emin Agalarov, Tony Brexton, Rudkovskaya Yana, Andrey Malakhov, Glukoza, Igor Nikolaev, Sati Kazanova and many others.

japanese restaurant in moscow reviews
Who knows, maybe soon Nobu restaurant will be able to select the palm tree from Seiji.