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How to make a classic salad of squid

classic salad of squid
Those who prefer seafood to meat, doright choice. After all, they contain less calories than in beef and pork, there is practically no fat, but they are not inferior to chicken breasts in protein content. Especially for seafood lovers today we will tell you how to prepare a classic salad from squid. It is quite popular in Russia, it is very tasty and will not only be an excellent addition to dinner or dinner, but also a wonderful snack on the festive table. We offer you both the most traditional recipe, and options for how it can be diversified.

Prepare a classic squid salad

salad with calamari recipe classic
That your dish turned out reallydelicious, seafood should be properly boiled. First, clean the squid - remove the film from them (this can easily be done by scalding the carcass with boiling water), remove the transparent chitinous bones, cut the "wings" fins. Boil water with spices - salt and bay leaf, and now one by one lower the carcasses, at the same time they do not need to cook, just hold for 10 seconds in boiling water - just count to 10. Remove, wait for the water to boil again and put the next squid . Only in this case the seafood will turn out to be soft and juicy. Do not pay attention to the recommendations, which say that cooking carcases need from 3 to 10 minutes - so they turn out tough, rubbery to the taste. Once the main ingredient is ready, you can start making a classic squid salad. For him you will need:

  • 300 gr. seafood;
  • 4 hard-boiled eggs;
  • bulb of medium size;
  • mayonnaise for dressing salad.

salad of squid classic
Squid carcasses must first be boiled,use the method above. Slice the pulp into slices, eggs into cubes, and onion into thin rings. Before you put in a salad, the vegetable can be scalded with boiling water - so it will be bitter. After that, mix the ingredients in a bowl, season with mayonnaise, or with its lower calorie counterpart - sour cream, salt and sprinkle with black pepper. A classic salad of squid is ready. It will be especially tasty if you let it stand for at least half an hour. This excellent protein dish will successfully complement your lunch or dinner, and on the festive table will enjoy a well-deserved popularity.

Salad with squid: a classic recipe as a base for experiments

Of course, no one has ever conducted a study onvolume, a dish with what particular ingredients is considered traditional in our case. Therefore, you can experiment on this topic. For example, in a salad you can add canned green peas or fresh vegetables, Chinese cabbage, tomato or bell pepper. And you can do and do the royal version - put in a bowl with squids and eggs 50 grams of red caviar. And the sauce can be diluted with tomato paste - on 2 parts of mayonnaise, take 1 part of the concentrate, it will also be delicious if you add a pickled cucumber to the dressing. As you can see, a salad of squid classic can be very different, choose the additional ingredients that you most like.