Pork neck in the oven

The neck is a very soft, tender and incredibly juicy meat, from which you can prepare anything: whether it's roast, minced meat, cold boiled pork, shish kebab or roast.

When choosing a pork neck it is necessary to turnattention to the presence of sebaceous veins, which in large quantities should be located across the whole piece of meat, due to which it is often called marble. Also, when selecting it is recommended to pay attention to the color of meat, as it should not be too pale or vice versa, bright red, so the golden mean (meat is soft, light and wet), is surely what is required.

Now there is a very wide range of options, including a pork neck in the oven, the recipes of which are described below.

№1.Pork neck in the oven with spices and garlic - this option is suitable for those who do not want to spend a lot of time, but at the same time quickly and easily create a satisfying enough and delicious dish.


Pork neck (700 g);

Large potatoes (700 g);

Adjika (15 g);

Oil (preferably sunflower: 100 ml.);

Garlic (from 6 to 7 pcs.);

Salt and pepper;

Cooking technique:

Peel the garlic, and cut each head intotwo parts. Then on the pork neck make cuts, and in each of them put on the clove of garlic. Then carefully grate the meat with Adzhika, pepper a bit and salt, and somewhere for about 50 minutes, leave to marinate. The pork neck should be baked in the oven for an hour, you can slightly shorten the processing time. In turn, cut the potatoes, add butter and various spices and bake until ready. On the table, serve potatoes and pork neck, after decorating them with greens.

№2. A dish like a pork neck in an oven with cranberries will look perfect on a festive table. In addition, it is prepared again quite simply and for only an hour.


Pork neck (1.5 kg);

Almond (only raw: 100 g);

Cranberry (300 g);

Garlic (enough for the 1st head);


Basil, parsley, coriander, dill (optional);

Cooking technique:

Finely chop the greens and nuts and carefullymix them with cranberries. The resulting mixture is slightly salted and pepper. Cut the meat into steaks, only not to the end (like a fan) and smear it with spices. After that, the resulting incisions are abundantly filled with a green mixture. Then tie across the "meat fan" so that during cooking it retains an aesthetic appearance. After this, the pork neck in the oven should be poured for a little less than an hour (at a temperature of 240 ° C). As a result, get an incredible tender, in its own juice, meat.

No. 3. An incredibly tasty dish - rolls with stuffed, cooked from a pork neck. Another variation of the dish, in which the pork neck in the oven is baked.


Pork neck (1 kg);

Hard cheese (100 g);

Onion (4 pcs.);

Pickled cucumbers (6 pcs.);

Frozen champignons (1 pack);

Mayonnaise (to taste);

Dill (1 beam is enough);

Oil (mainly vegetable) for frying;

Pepper and salt (to taste);

Cooking technique:

On proportional pieces (a thickness somewhere 20mm) cut the pork neck, lay them in a plastic bag and beat them well, and then fold them into a separate dish. Then, pickle pickled cucumbers and cheese (on a grater), cut a rather finely chopped onion. Put the defrosted mushrooms into a frying pan and squeeze them well and add a little vegetable oil. Then mix them with onions (already fried), cucumbers and cheese. This will be the filling. Salt, pepper and oil the chopped pieces of meat with mayonnaise, put the filling in the center. Bake in the oven for more than an hour. The neck baked in the oven should turn out soft and juicy. Garnish with greens or fresh vegetables.

Enjoy your meal!