The most useful fruit

Everyone's body needs a largethe amount of vitamins, trace elements and other nutrients that we simply can not get in full, unless we include vegetables and fruits in our food. Nutritionists and doctors all over the world say that they should be eaten raw as much as possible. But you will not be the same potato raw ... But fruit - it's with pleasure! And it is necessary to include the most useful fruit in the daily diet.

Scientists from around the world have been trying for yearsanswer the question: "Which fruit is the most useful?" By the way, even now there are active disputes about the data received in different countries. But it was very difficult to pinpoint the most useful fruit. The thing is that each continent determines for itself its useful vegetables and fruits, and in other regions this may seem not only strange, but also exquisite food. That is why we decided that it is not even worth while to equal all under one laws and the need of an organism, for example, representatives of Asian, European and Negroid races, is simply unacceptable.

So, what is the most useful fruit amongdomestic worth highlight? Well, of course, an apple! It is both affordable and tasty, varieties and taste characteristics are very diverse and there is no such person among the inhabitants of our region who would not have tasted the apple. It is even recommended for infants to give food at first. It contains a lot of vitamins, which are vitally important for our body. Even vitamin C, about the benefit of which every schoolboy knows, is present there. And microelements and minerals, which we also need to supplement the action of vitamins. That there is only one iron, which helps to form red blood cells, which feed all the human organs with oxygen. And do not forget about bioflavonoids. The word, of course, is not entirely understandable and familiar, but it helps to fight cancer cells and prevents their formation. And cancer is a serious disease, not infrequently leading to death. So maybe a couple of apples a day and do not get sick!

And yet an apple is not the only onea useful fruit, presented in our market. Still there are kiwi. The fruit is not quite the usual for the older generation, but the youth love it very much. Of course, in our latitudes it does not grow, but in Asia it is enough and we even have enough. Kiwi can bravely fight with our apples for the title "the most useful fruit", because it also contains a large number of vitally important vitamins and substances. Bioflavonoids in no less quantity, vitamin C even more, that's just a little iron. Another advantage of this "Chinese gooseberry", as they call it among the people, can be considered that when heat treated, its utility is not lost. Therefore, cook kiwi as you want, if only it was delicious! By the way, in order to provide yourself with everything useful that kiwi can give, you need to eat 2-3 fetuses a day. Not much, but apples are more familiar.

Another contender for the title of the best isgrapefruit. There is a lot of vitamin C in it and there are also substances to it that help to keep the activity of this element for a longer time. But nothing more special, it does not differ. Of course, it also has many other useful components, however, their content in kiwi and apples is much greater. That's why grapefruit is better to use for colds or to strengthen immunity. Lemon, maybe, and more familiar, but that does not allow oxidation of vitamin C there is very little.

And in conclusion I want to note that in allyou need to know the measure. Even the most useful vegetables and fruits can cause allergies, which will not bring good benefits. That's why eat those foods that grow just in you. This is both more useful and safer. And the rest - for the holiday.

Be healthy and full!