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Favorite recipe for milk porridge in a multivark

From the earliest childhood for breakfast, many eatmilk porridge. Usually they are prepared by mothers and grandmothers, standing for half an hour, or even an hour earlier. They also assure that there is no more useful breakfast for the child. And, of course, in part they are right. Cereals, which form the basis of any cereal, are rich in starch, carbohydrates and trace elements, and milk is a valuable source of calcium and protein. The result is a dish that can be charged with energy for the whole day. Only now an ever-hurrying modern man often just does not have time to cook himself such a mess. And then a multivark comes to his aid. Especially since the recipe for making milk porridge in most models of the mentioned unit is fully automated. In addition, this wonderful kitchen appliance is equipped with a timer, which is also very convenient.

A recipe for milk porridge in a multivark
The most popular manufacturers, such asPanasonic, Polaris, Redmond, etc., have already provided for the "Milk porridge" regime. In fact, all that is required of you is to lay the ingredients in the capacity of the multivarker and select the desired function. It is important only to observe the proportions recommended by the developers. It is usually advised to take 1 multistakan cereals to take 6 multi-glasses of milk. It turns out porridge of medium viscosity. If you prefer a more liquid or, conversely, a thick dish, you need to reduce or increase the amount of cereals. Sugar, salt and butter are added at your discretion. Thus, you can weld almost any milk porridge in a multivark, the recipes of which, by the way, are in all cookbooks that come complete with the unit. The most popular of these are buckwheat, millet, oatmeal or rice. As with cooking on the stove, the cereals must first be cleaned and rinsed well.

Milk porridge in the multivark, recipes
However, the recipe for milk porridge in a multi-suitable for cooking manga. It is better to cook it using the "Quenching" or "Multigovar" mode. Half a multistakan semolina will need 3 multistaken milk, 1 multistakan water, 2-3 st. spoons of sugar, 0.5 tsp. salt and 40 g of butter. All the ingredients are laid in a pan of multivarkers, mix well. Choose the desired mode and cook semolina porridge for half an hour. With this method of preparation, it turns out a little with grains, but this does not affect the taste of the dish.

Classic recipe for milk porridge in a multivariatecan be varied at will. More often to the porridges are added berries, fruits, nuts and dried fruits. A feature of the multivark is the fact that the mentioned additives can be put immediately, together with the croup, and even frozen ones. You can also cook a very original cereal if you replace cow's milk with coconut milk or use berry juice at all. Sometimes the recipe for milk porridge in a multivark implies the addition of cream or condensed milk, which will greatly delight the little sweet tooth.

recipe for milk porridge
All these changes and additions are enough tocook dozens of delicious milk porridges for breakfast. So quickly this dish is unlikely to get bored. Only many are afraid to cook them on a delayed start, believing that the milk will turn sour until the morning. To prevent this from happening, you can put a small piece of ice in the multivark and take only ultra-pasteurized milk for cooking. In other respects, the recipe for milk porridge in a multivarquet is not very different from the way it is prepared on the stove. You can be sure, the porridge prepared by means of a miracle-appliance, just like the whole family. And most importantly, there will be a familiar feeling from childhood, when in the morning awakens the smell of something already cooked by someone with a love of breakfast.