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We bake crucian in the oven: simple recipes for delicious dishes

If you ever tried correctlycooked river fish, you know that it turns out very fragrant and juicy. Stuffed carp, baked in the oven, can compete with delicious varieties of fish. In fried form, it is also delicious, but for health this way of cooking is not so useful. So it's decided: bake crucian carp in the oven!

We bake crucian in the oven
How to do it best, to make it appetizing, beautiful and useful?

Carp baked in the oven

Recipes for cooking this fish can be verydifferent. First, try this method. Take one fish, seventy grams of rice, one hundred grams of mushrooms, an onion, lemon, vegetable oil, fresh herbs, sour cream, salt, seasoning. First, thoroughly clean and rinse the fish. Make all over the cuts to get rid of bones was easier, then let drain off the rest of the water and chop the carp with spices and salt. Time to take care of the filling. Boil the rice in salt water, peel and chop onion, fry a little and mix with finely chopped mushrooms, rice and sour cream. This filling should be filled with prepared fish, after which it must be oiled and put on foil. Pour carcass with lemon juice and sour cream. We bake the crucian in the oven, wrapping the sheet of foil tightly, so that the smells and juice do not flow out. It will take half an hour at a temperature of one hundred and eighty degrees. After that, open the foil and bake for ten minutes to form a crispy crust. Transfer the finished fish to a nice plate, decorate with fresh herbs and serve to the table.

Stuffed carp baked in the oven
Disappointed by this delicious and healthy dishwill be. Similarly, you can cook any other freshwater river fish, from carp to pike. Aromatic mushrooms are good at algae odors inherent in these varieties, and rice makes the dish more nutritious.

We bake crucian carp in an oven with garlic

If you liked the previous versionprepare, and try the following recipe. For one fish you will need salt, two tablespoons of mayonnaise, two cloves of garlic, an onion. Clean and gut the carp inside, for a more appetizing look without removing his head. Rinse thoroughly under running water. To cope with small bones, make incisions along the edges of the crucian carp.

Carp baked in the oven: recipes
So the bones burn in the oil duringcooking. Put the fish in a baking dish, greased with sunflower oil, on top of it, place the cut rings of onions. Grind garlic with a knife or garlic cloves and mix with mayonnaise, salt. Thoroughly grease the garlic-mayonnaise dressing carcass. We bake crucian carp in the oven for half an hour at a temperature of two hundred degrees. Before serving, the dish can be decorated with finely chopped fresh herbs, slices of ripe tomatoes or lemon, the taste of which will perfectly shade the fish. With such a recipe in the collection, you no longer have to think about how to cook a catch for an enthusiastic fisherman or surprise guests who love fish dishes.