/ / Classic recipe for salad "Mimosa": a step-by-step method of cooking

Classic recipe for salad "Mimosa": a step-by-step method of cooking

The classic recipe for salad "Mimosa" is knownnot every housewife, because it is commonly believed that such a dish is prepared using boiled tubers of potatoes. But this is not so. Initially, the salad was made with the addition of round-grain rice. As for the remaining ingredients, there are no changes in their composition.

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Step-by-step recipe for salad "Mimosa": classic version

Required products:

  • saury preserved - 1 jar;
  • eggs of small chicken - 4 pcs .;
  • small fresh bulbs - 2 pcs .;
  • Round grain rice - ½ of a faceted glass;
  • Cheese hard - 185 g;
  • mayonnaise of high fat content - 155 g;
  • fresh carrots - 1 piece;
  • salt iodized - for products boiled.

Processing of main ingredients

The classic recipe for Mimosa salad requires strict adherence to all of the following cooking recommendations. Otherwise, the puff dish will not be as delicious and tender as we would like.

First you should boil round-grain rice.It needs to be sorted out (if necessary), poured into a sieve and thoroughly washed in warm water, hand-wringing. After this, the groats should be put in boiling salted water and cook until ready for no more than 20 minutes. Next, the rice should be placed again in a sieve, rinsed in cool water and left in it to completely deprive the liquid.

recipe for salad mimosa classic
The classic recipe for salad "Mimosa" is alsoobligatory use of chicken eggs. They are necessary not only for taste, but also for decorating a dish. They should be washed, boiled in salty water, chilled, peeled, split into squirrels and yolks, and then rubbed on a small grater in different dishes.

It is also worth noting that the classic recipeMimosa salad includes boiled carrots. Unfortunately, many housewives miss this moment from the sight, depriving the dish of a more rich taste. Carrots must be boiled in salt water, cooled, peeled, and then grated.

An integral part of this dish is the onion. It should be freed from the husk and very finely chopped with a knife. It is also recommended to grind the cheese with a grater.

The formation process

Mimosa Classic salad with rice

To make a salad "Mimosa" classic withrice, you should take not too deep a plate, lay out on it 1 a can of saury along with the broth, knead it with a fork, and then spread evenly with an unbroken layer over the surface of the dishes. After this, you need to alternately lay out and grease the following products with fatty mayonnaise:

  • onion shredded;
  • round-rice rice;
  • carrots boiled;
  • proteins grated on a grater;
  • hard cheese;
  • yolks in the form of crumbs.

Correct feed to the table

Formed salad takes a couple of hourshold at room temperature, and then put in the same number in the refrigerator chamber. During this time, all the layers laid out in layers will absorb the fatty mayonnaise, making the dish more tender and juicy. Before you put "Mimosa" on the table, its surface is recommended to decorate with fresh leaves of parsley.