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Classic recipe porridge Guriev

In Russian national cuisine porridge takesthe main place. She was, judging by the proverb, the food of the poor. But they did not disdain her in well-to-do homes. Of what kind of cereals did not Russian people do porridge! From buckwheat, rice, wheat, oatmeal, barley, pearl barley ... But there is one among all this variety of porridges, which became known as the imperial one. It is made of manga. Do not rush to frown fastidiously, remembering the torments that were experienced in childhood, when parents forced you to eat all the white mess on the plate. Guryev porridge, the history and recipes of which we will give here, is something special. Your children will not only flush her both cheeks in a moment, but they will also ask for supplements. Because Guryev porridge is a dessert. In addition, one that glorified Russia, as tiramisu Italy, and the eclair - France.

Guryev porridge recipe classic with a photo

Interesting story of Guryev porridge

It happened at the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries.The Minister of Finance of the Russian Empire, Dmitri Alexandrovich Guriev, who received the title of count much later, was visiting his friend's estate, a retired military man, Jurisovsky. And one day a porridge was served for dessert during dinner. Yes, not simple semolina, but special - on melted milk, with foam, with nuts, with berries. The minister was so delighted that he asked to invite the cook, who invented the recipe. He was a serf by the name of Zakhar Kuzmin. The embarrassed minister condescended to kissing him on both cheeks, and then bought it with his entire family from Jurisovsky and brought him to Petersburg. There Kuzmin began to cook porridge very often. And whoever ministered to this dessert, everyone came to the uttermost delight. So he received the name by the name of the landlord, who owned a talented cook - "Guryev porridge". The recipe is classic with a photo of this treats will be presented below. But to complete the history of dessert, we add that abroad he gained fame during the Napoleonic wars. And the love of Alexander III for this dish added him the epithet "Imperial".

Ingredients for Guryev porridge

Guryev porridge: the recipe is classic, step by step, with a photo

Zakhar Kuzmin created his masterpiece with the help ofRussian furnace. But, if you try, you can cook a delicious Guriev porridge according to an old recipe and on a regular gas stove. But this will require a thick-walled saucepan. The whole process can be divided into phases:

  • Milk heating and picking up the foam.
  • Preparation of mango.
  • Calcination of nuts.
  • Preparation of candied fruits and dried fruits.
  • Layered laying and languishing dishes in the oven.

All stages are equally important.For example, if you do not burn nuts, as required by the classic recipe Guryev porridge, the whole dish will turn gray and lose much in flavor. Let's consider in turn all phases of the preparation of the imperial dessert.

Guryev porridge step-by-step recipe with photo

We make ordinary milk melted and collect foam

What does it say about this a littlemodernized classic recipe porridge Guryev? Pour into a saucepan with a thick bottom or a scallop liter and a glass of fatty farm milk. Add a teaspoon of vanillin, stir and place under the lid on a very small fire. So we languish for more than an hour. Formed during the re-heating of milk foam carefully collected and folded on a saucer. You can do otherwise, according to technology, close to the thermal conditions of the Russian furnace. The oven, unlike the hotplate, heats dishes from all sides, and not just from below. We warm it to 150 degrees. Milk or cream poured into a wide fireproof dish. The downside of this method is that you can get burned by pulling out the pan to remove the foam. And this must be done at least six times. And even more often - in fact it is necessary to wait until the milk gets a beige shade.

Cooking manka

If you made the foam in the oven, then take out the dishesfrom the oven and place on the stove. After cooking guryevskaja porridge (the recipe classical does not mention how Zahar Kuzmin coped with this task) demands constant stirring. In a thin trickle we fall asleep in melted milk half a glass of semolina and two tablespoons of sugar. It is better to measure the required amount at once, as it is necessary to constantly drive the spoon in circular motions in one direction. Continue to cook until ready for semolina. The porridge should thicken well. Remove the stewpan from the stove, cool it under the lid.

Recipe Guryev porridge with a photo

Preparation of nuts and fruits

In the classic recipe of Guryev's porridgeThe following species were used: Greek, cedar, almonds and hazelnuts. But nothing terrible will happen if we take two types of nuts from this list. But the purified nucleoli should be one glass. And walnuts and hazelnuts need to be freed from brown films. To do this, we will fill the nucleoli with boiling water and salt after three minutes. Brown films then easily separate. We shred nuts, but not very finely. We fall asleep on a dry baking tray. We are calcining in the oven so that they will acquire crispy properties. Fill with half a glass of honey. Bake for three minutes.

Apple and pear (one fruit of medium size)clean, remove fruit boxes, flesh cut into cubes. Fill half a glass of honey, put on a small fire. We admit before softening. A handful of dried fruits (raisin, dried apricots, prunes, dates) will be scalded with boiling water. Ten minutes later, the water is drained off. If necessary, pull out the bones. Large dried fruits are cut.

Guryev porridge recipe classic

Layered laying

Thanks to the step-by-step recipe of Guryev porridge withphoto of all the phases of the process, you will not go wrong, and fold it as Zakhar Kuzmin once did for a high guest. Since we still have to bake a dish, use a frying pan without a handle, but with high walls. It can be either cast iron or clay. Below, carefully spread one foam. We put a third of the manga on it. We form an even layer with a knife. Again, put milk foam. Sprinkle with half of the nuts. From above go the apple and pear in honey. Then - the layer of manga (second third). Then another foam. Sprinkle with the remaining nuts. We spread the dried fruits. Then the foam and the remaining semolina porridge. Sprinkle the whole surface with sugar. We put at a temperature of 180 degrees in the oven. Bake until browned.

Guryev porridge with fruit

A modern recipe for Guryev porridge with a photo

Now we have products that will allowmake the dish faster and without much trouble. We take not ordinary, but already melted milk - liter. We put it on the fire, and when it boils, we will pour salt, sugar and vanillin, orienting ourselves to your taste. Then, in a thin trickle, we introduce three fourth cups of manga. We weld a rather viscous porridge. Let's make it cool down, and at this time we will deal with nuts.

They should be at least two types, and preferablyand more. We prokalim well one hundred grams of nuts in a dry frying pan, we will not interpret them with a rolling pin very finely and together with 50 g of butter will add to the porridge. Well mixed. The oil should dissolve, and the nuts - evenly distributed.

If you want to use dried fruits, then theirshould be soiled, drained and added to the porridge at this stage. Now we introduce yolks from four raw eggs. We knead it. Proteins are cooled and whipped into a foam. Also add to the porridge, gently stirring. The whole mass is transferred to a baking dish. We level. Sprinkle with brown sugar and crushed nuts. Bake until a crispy brown at a temperature of 180 degrees.

A few tips

So, now you have learned the recipe for Guriev's porridge.To diversify its taste, do not be afraid to apply imagination. You can pour into a ready-munk grated lemon or orange peel, cardamom, cinnamon, pour rum or sweet liqueur. Serve porridge, if it is puffed, should be in a transparent dish. Also it is possible to offer each guest a portion pot with a traditional Russian dessert. We hope that the delicacy cooked according to the old recipe will be enjoyed by your loved ones.