Liquor "Malibu"

In the world there are many spirits with a rich history and loud names on the labels. They are known even by those who have never tried it. One such "celebrity" is the liquor "Malibu".

It is he who is recognized as the owner of the most exquisitein the world of taste among hundreds of other brands of rum. And there is nothing surprising in the fact that such fame translates into record sales volumes - almost three million boxes a year!

In general, rum appeared a very long time ago.We all remember tales of brave pirates who did not go on a single voyage without taking a couple of bottles with them to maintain morale. Liquor "Malibu" is a child of the XX century, when the passion of millions of people for all kinds of cocktails made the manufacturers of spirits include imagination at full capacity.

The basis of liquor is the realBarbados rum, which is given a more refined taste, adding molasses and natural coconut extract. So the drink becomes sweet and acquires an amazing aroma, reminiscent of hot countries and hot beaches.

However, in order to try Malibu,go far is not necessary. At the moment it is sold in more than fifty countries. Therefore, it is enough to go to the nearest good store and look for a milky white bottle with two palms on the shelves against the background of a tropical sunset.

Liquor can be consumed as completelyindependent drink. However, this is an amateur, since not everyone likes excessive sweetness. He truly conquers hearts in the composition of various cocktails. In them, and the unique taste is revealed to the full, and the lips do not stick together.

What cocktail with liquor "Malibu" prefer? To make a choice, you must first try. However, it is not a fact that after this we will be able to dwell on one thing.

The simplest option is to mix the liquor with anycitrus juice and pour into a glass with ice. The juice perfectly dilutes the sweetness. The result is a drink of about 10-degree strength, at a ratio of 90 ml juice and 60 liquor. By the way, if you take mango juice, it will be a cocktail "Acapulco".

Pour into a glass of 100 ml of pineapple juice,add to it 30 ml of "Malibu" and mix well. Do not forget about the ice. Such a tasty food can be drunk though all night long, as the drink turns out to be light enough - only 5 degrees.

Fans of power engineers can please themselves with a combination of juice, liquor and Red Bull.

For those who prefer something stronger,there is the following option. Take in equal parts vodka and liquor. Orange juice will need exactly twice as much. Do not want an orange - choose any other, the formula allows. Pour all this into the glass (highball, if any) with ice, mix and enjoy. Just do not forget that degrees in these cocktails can play a cruel joke with you, showing your "character" at the most inopportune moment.

Another classic cocktail is Milk Shake.As it is clear from the title, it will require milk (200 ml) for its preparation. It should be poured into a blender bowl, add 60 ml of liquor and two spoons of sugar. Everything is thoroughly beaten for about one minute, then goes into the glass.

Milk is generally considered one of the traditional components of cocktails with "Malibu". Here are a few such options.

We take milk, liquor "Malibu" and cream.All this is mixed in equal parts in a blender and poured into a glass of margarita. If you change the ratio of components, you can achieve the ideal combination for yourself. Do you want to get stronger - pour more alcohol, easier - milk.

There is also a variant where the cream, coffee and liquor "Malibu" is mixed, it turns out very tasty, but do not shake it too much. Here, no blender is needed, just a shaker.

All of the above recipesappreciate those for whom there is only one meaning of the word "Malibu" - liquor. A cocktail cooked on its basis is an unusual thing. Try and definitely love!