Manna porridge recipe

Of course, food takes a very large place in theour lives. Without it, a person can not live for weeks. Food and water are the most necessary things for existence. But the food is different: useful or just tasty. Each of us has his own preferences in this area: one loves the hot, the other sour, and the third is too salty.

Since birth, our food and diet have changed.The first we eat, or rather, say, drink, the mother's milk, which gives us strength to develop. Gradually, the number of our dishes is changing, and then our taste is formed. But there are such dishes that almost all children and many adults eat. One of them is semolina porridge.

We all know that cereals are very healthy and nutritiousfor the body, and also necessary for the correct development of the baby. That's why porridge is the main part of the diet of people, especially children. Here we will touch on such topics as semolina porridge recipe, its benefits and harm, etc. This kind of food - semolina porridge - a lot of fans, but there are others who do not digest it both literally and figuratively. But despite this, it is considered very useful and the most often porridge. Already several tens of generations of children grew up on porridge from semolina. About its benefit, not only mothers, but also doctors say, recommending it for a growing organism.

But along with useful properties, in semolina porridgethere are also negative sides. Let's talk about the dangers of semolina. It includes an element of a nutrient, such as phytin. This substance can disrupt the absorption of iron and calcium in the baby's stomach. A consequence of this can be a violation of the process of digestion. But it is proved that if manna porridge boiled even for 2 minutes, then the titer loses its properties.

Let's consider how to prepare different types of this dish: semolina porridge recipe classic, semolina porridge on water recipe, liquid semolina porridge recipe.

The recipe for cooking the classic versionrather simple. For cooking, you need a quarter cup of mango, butter, sugar (salt) to taste and four glasses of milk. The first step is to pour a little water into the pan so that the porridge does not burn. In already boiling water you need to pour four cups of milk, a little salt and sugar (its amount is determined to taste). When you see that all this mass began to boil, slowly mixing, gradually pour a quarter of a glass of semolina. She cook about ten minutes on low heat, while you have to constantly mix, so that the porridge is not burnt and there were no lumps. When everything is ready, you need to pour the mass into a plate and be sure to put butter, after which it can be eaten.

Manna porridge on the water recipe.The composition includes 2.5 glasses of water, 1.2 cups of semolina, one spoonful of sugar (you can add more to taste), a little salt and butter. Put a pan of water on the fire. After it boils, stirring constantly, slowly pour semolina. Continuing to stir, simmer for about 15 minutes, then add the rest of the ingredients and cook for another 5 minutes. And the porridge is ready.

Liquid semolina porridge recipe.Manna porridge can be liquid and thick. Both recipes are simple and tasty. Everyone can cook the option that he prefers. Milk put on fire. When it boils, gradually add the remaining elements of the porridge to it. Cook until in a saucepan there is a homogeneous liquid mass.

We hope our advice will be useful to you.And always remember that semolina porridge is useful when it is brewed correctly and eaten in moderation. Do not jeopardize the health of your child by not overfilling the porridge, thereby retaining the fitin, or making the porridge more tasty, adding a large amount of butter or sugar to it, because it is proved that excessive consumption of fatty and sweet affects the development of children under seven.