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Traditional recipe for kurik from puff pastry

Kornik is a delicious pie, unusuallypopular in Slavic cooking. It is appreciated for its nutritional value, excellent gastronomic qualities, originality of the filling. Of course, there is an original pie recipe, classical. But cooks and housewives are creative people, and the original version has long been improved by all sorts of additions.

Get ready for cooking

recipe kurika from puff pastry
Classic recipe kurikika from puff pastryincludes chicken meat, eggs, mushrooms, buckwheat porridge, pancakes (pellicles) and a base of flakes. Of course, it's easier to prepare a dish, if, say, a dough to buy ready. Although it can be kneaded, if time permits. The pie uses a filling of two kinds: meat and from porridge and mushrooms. How many peasants baked, as many layers and will be included in your recipe for a kurik from puff pastry. This is the first nuance of cooking. About the second we'll talk later.

  • Filling.For meat we take medium-sized chicken or several chickens, boil in salted water until ready, release from bones and skin. You can leave it in this form, finely chopped. And you can also fry - recipe kurikika of puff pastry allows both options. Just fry in butter (this is the second little trick), then the mince will be juicy and soft. The main thing that meat was a lot, it's a meat pie! Then porridge. Two hundred grams of buckwheat is boiled, adding salt, seasonings, etc. In a frying pan with onions fry mushrooms (100-150 gr, chopped) until cooked.
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    Classic recipe kurikika from puff pastryallows to use white, champignons, and indeed any variety available at hand. Luke should not be sorry. You can add a little chopped garlic at the end. Then put the mushrooms in porridge, mix, for a couple of minutes left on fire. Then turn it off. Also boil 3-4 eggs hard, crumble. Each kind of stuffing pepper, sprinkle with your favorite spices, seasonings, just do not overdo it!
  • Now we collect our dish from puff pastry.One sheet of flakes rolled to such a diameter that it was more pellicides. Roll out the second sheet, a little more. First lay, for example, in a frying pan or baking dish. Pre-grease the surface with vegetable oil. The edges are raised upwards. Put the first glass. Mix eggs and meat, lay out on the padded stool. We put the second pancake on top. On it - minced meat from porridge and mushrooms. Again, pancake and meat. And so on until one of the ingredients is over. Now cover the pie with a second sheet of dough, protect the edges, and grease the "lid" with the beaten egg.
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    Everything, you can put a frying pan or shape in the oven. Products from puff pastry, the photos of which you see in the article, sufficiently clearly show what the final result should be.
  • The trick is the last one.Before the pie is sent for baking, in the center it should be carefully made a small hole from the first layer to the lowest pancake. Pour in a couple of spoons of the broth that we received while cooking the meat. Then the kurik will turn out very delicate, juicy, tasty. A stove does not need long, only to the blush of the shell of dough, because inside the filling is completely ready!

If everything is done as expected, the pie turns out to be glory. In the filling you can include your favorite ingredients, perfecting the taste according to individual needs.