/ Which tea is more useful: black or green? Which tea is the most useful?

Which tea is more useful: black or green? Which tea is the most useful?

There is a huge number of different varieties of teas, and each person has his own preferences. There are three main groups:

  • Fermented, which includes black tea;
  • unfermented: white and green;
  • half-fermented: red, yellow, blue.

Each type of tea is not just prepared by a specialway, but also grown, and also collected by special technologies. And the process of making a drink is radically different. However, for many years the question remains: what tea is more useful, black or green? We will try to answer it.

what tea is more useful than black or green

Useful properties of tea

The therapeutic effect of tea, as a rule, is due tothe presence of alkaloids, which include caffeine, nophiline, hypoxanthine, xanthine and others. They are in sufficient quantities and in black tea, and in green, so you can not say which tea is more useful.

The first to act on the body isCaffeine, which provides a tonic effect of tea. However, this effect is rather unstable, since the action of caffeine is replaced by the action of its antagonists. As a result of such an effect on the body, there is a decrease in the tone of the blood vessels, which is why the blood pressure gradually decreases. So it affects the body of green tea. Therefore, if you are interested in what tea is more useful, black or green, for hypertensive patients, then the answer is clearly green.

The scheme of the action of black tea

As for black tea, the scheme of its actionslightly different, since the second phase is absent here. This is possible due to the vitamins P, PP and B, which are preserved in tea because of a special way of processing - fermentation. Because of the effect on the body of these vitamins, the decrease in the tone of the vessels does not occur, and hence the pressure will not decrease. Therefore, black tea should be drunk to hypotonic patients.

what tea is more useful

If we compare the tonic effect of green and black tea, then in the first case it is more pronounced.

What is the value of green tea?

To find out which tea is more useful, black or green, you need to compare their characteristics.

Green tea is more popular, especially among peoples such as the Chinese. They drink only him.

With regard to collection and processing, the green teaIt is processed in such a way that all its biologically active substances are preserved. The preparation process is as follows: the leaves are wilted, after which they are dried with hot air. Thus, fermentation takes place. After that, the leaves twist, which distinguishes this variety from others.

what tea is the most useful

Classification of green tea

It is divided into two categories according to the size of the sheet:

  • leaf;
  • Broken or broken.

Also they are distinguished by the degree of twisting, however this classification is rather complicated:

  • weakly rolled, most natural;
  • twisted along the axis, the leaves become like grass;
  • Twisted across the sheet, resulting in tea like balls;
  • flattened leaves.

All these varieties are radically different from each otherfriend to taste and aroma. Of green tea, special briquettes are made, which are pressed not only from leaflets, but also twigs, crumbs. Outwardly it is an olive tile of various colors.

It is worth noting that numerous reviewsthe customers say that prolonged use of green tea led to the normalization of weight. To say what tea is more useful (black or green) for weight loss (reviews say that it is green), you can by studying the mechanism of action of drinks.

Features of black tea

Which tea is more useful - black or green? It is definitely impossible to answer this question. This is due to the different effects of the product on the body.

what tea is more useful than black or green for hypertensive people

Black tea on the market is presented in several versions:

  • in the form of tiles;
  • granulated;
  • by-pass;
  • in the form of sachets.

The composition of black tea includes more than 300ingredients, which makes this product almost the most useful for the human body. It is in this drink are alkaloids (caffeine and theine), which have a toning effect on the body. Also here you can find tannins, which have an effect on the digestive system. It is worth noting that it is thanks to them that tea has a tart taste.

Paradoxically, black tea at the same time can tone and soothe the nervous system of a person, because apart from alkaloids, there is a large amount of essential oils.

Slimming Tea

Many people are interested in the question, what tea is more useful,black or green, for weight loss. It is necessary to know that in black tea there are such substances as pectins, carbohydrates, organic acids, vitamins and amino acids that take a direct part in metabolic processes, strengthening the secretory functions and excretion of toxins from each organ.

what tea is more useful than black or green for weight loss

The main secret of black tea lies precisely in the fact,that it simultaneously tones and soothes. This property is given by a combination in the composition of caffeine, tannin and tannins, as a result of which the effect of caffeine begins to occur much later. This allows the toning effect to stay much longer than after drinking coffee.

Differences between black and green tea

If we compare the effects of a tea onthe body to answer the question, what tea is most useful, then we can say that green tea has a more pronounced toning effect, since there is more caffeine. Black tea, in turn, has a milder effect on the body, which is more prolonged. Also, this drink does not cause dry mouth, in contrast to green tea.

what tea is more useful than black or green or white

After consuming hot green tea onthe body is simultaneously affected by vitamin C, theophylline, theobromine and other alkaloids. As a result, the tone of blood vessels decreases, and blood pressure drops. This is very good for hypertensive patients, however, it is better not to drink this hypotonia.

If green tea in the second phase causeslowering of arterial pressure, then with the use of black in the second phase, the therapeutic effect of this drink comes, in particular, vitamin P, catechins and other similar substances come into operation. They participate in the process of activating the tone of the capillaries, and also prevents the expansion of the vessels for which theobromine, theophylline, vitamins PP and C are responsible. Contained in the composition of black tea and vitamin B, which also takes a direct part in the toning of the body. Therefore, you can safely use this drink hypotonic, unlike green tea. However, it is impossible to answer the question, what tea is the most useful, as everyone chooses for himself.

Indications for use

Tea can really be used as a(moreover, there are indications for the use of a certain kind of tea (knowing them, each will answer for himself the question of which tea is more useful: black, or green, or white):

  • Green tea is recommended forthe normalization of metabolism, the creation of a beneficial atmosphere for the reproduction of beneficial bacteria, which facilitates the removal of toxins and pathogens from the body, to restore the nervous system and stimulate brain activity (which is why green tea is useful to drink during examinations), complete restoration of vital energy and slowing down of processes aging.
  • Black tea is recommended for infectionsof the gastrointestinal tract (it is common knowledge that strong stomach tea is recommended for stomach disorders), since the active components of the drink contribute to the excretion of pathogenic bacteria, it is also recommended for infection of the mucous membrane of the eyes and mouth, to strengthen the walls of the vessels, to prevent cancerous tumors, to lower cholesterol and sugar blood.
  • White tea can protect you from cancerousdiseases, strengthen the blood vessels and muscle fibers of the heart, which promotes the rejuvenation of the body, as well as the liquefaction of blood, and white tea is recommended for use in respiratory diseases.

what tea is more useful than black or green slimming reviews

Remember that the beneficial properties of tea areonly a quality product, so the choice must be approached with all responsibility. When choosing, pay attention to the fragrance, color. Keep the tea in a sealed dark container. Also, it is not recommended to choose flavored tea, if chemical essences were used. Remember that good tea can not be cheap.