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Than useful honey: varieties of the product of beekeeping and their properties

than useful honey

Natural honey is a storehouse of useful vitaminsand microelements. The product contains a huge number of unique biological substances. It also contains organic acids, enzymes and much more. Most of all in honey of natural fructose and glucose. These priceless sugars give a person vital energy. No wonder that in Russia it was used as a remedy for various misfortunes.

Than useful honey for an organism?Thanks to a truly unique composition, it excels from catarrhal diseases, as it has anti-inflammatory and bactericidal properties. In addition, the product increases immunity. In the epidemic of influenza and ARI every day, eat a spoonful of honey, so you increase the resistance of the body.

What is useful honey from the point of view of science?

Scientists and specialists have repeatedly proved that thisA valuable food product contains a natural antibiotic, the defensin-1 protein. This substance protects a person from the effects of pathogens. It should be noted that this natural antibiotic is present only in natural honey, and not in that which is sold in hypermarkets and several times subjected to heat treatment. This product is dangerous to eat.

Product of longevity: myth or reality

People who regularly eat honey live longer -proved by practice. Beekeepers confirm this. It turns out that in the product of the life of a bee, there are many antioxidants that prevent early aging. In addition, these same substances contribute to the renewal of cells and purify from harmful toxins.

 what honey is more useful

"What is useful honey?" - you ask.It normalizes the functioning of the cardiovascular system, strengthens the nerve endings and nourishes the brain cells. These conclusions were confirmed by scientists who for many years have conducted curious studies on old rats. Interesting fact: rats that regularly eat a sweet delicacy, were more mobile, energetic, quickly memorized the labyrinths and, surprisingly, lived several times longer than their peers.

Proceeding from this fact, we can safely say that the antioxidant properties of the product help our body to maintain health, youth and beauty.

What is useful in honey is a little extra information

To infinity, you can list its medicinal properties. Let's say briefly:

- honey is an excellent fat burner (only for external use). With the help of wraps, you can get rid of cellulite and excess fat;

- honey masks make the skin smooth, give it a healthy color, narrow pores, smooth wrinkles and reduce the production of sebum;

- in small doses, it normalizes stool and digestion, and also relieves gastrointestinal diseases;

is a true savior with iron deficiency anemia.

what is useful in honey

More than useful honey?

Эффективен он для лечения насморка, похмельного syndrome. A spoonful of sweet delicacies at night will help calm down and relieve insomnia. Valuable qualities can not be counted. Let's talk about what honey is more useful.

When anemia is recommended buckwheat,Respiratory tract disease treats daphnia. Clover honey is widely used in gynecology, linden and floral treat colds. Chestnut and clover raise libido and potency.

В качестве успокоительного средства кушайте acacia honey. It can be given to young children, since it does not cause allergic reactions. Sunflower removes slag. Cornflower is used as an anti-inflammatory, choleretic and diuretic.

There are many varieties of this curative and tasty treat. Most importantly, they all benefit. Choose only a quality and natural product, it is advisable to buy it from a beekeeper.