/ How to cook carp in an oven

How to cook carp in an oven

Carp - a representative of the species of carp, whichwas specially deduced by people, and is known since the XII century. This species is very popular in Europe, and this fish is very popular in China. If carp is cooked according to all canons, then it will turn out to be delicious and juicy.

The first thing you need to start cooking iscleaning and cutting of fish. Crop the fins, make a large incision, from the tail and to the head. Carefully remove all the insides, if there is milk or caviar, they can also be cooked. We delete the remaining parts - eyes, skin and gills. We wash the fish well with cool water. Further carp cutting depends on which cooking method you prefer. If it's burgers or baked fillets, you need to get rid of bones. If you want to cook a fish roll, then the carp is carefully gutted first, removing scales with the skin. From the fins, skin, tail and ridge, you can cook broth, it, by the way, turns out very tasty and rich. There is no recipe for carp cooking in the oven. Therefore, every mistress will find the best option for herself and will be able to make this dish her crown. In this article, we will take a closer look at those of them that will prompt how to prepare the carp in the oven so that its meat "melts" in the mouth.

Let's start with a simple recipe. So, how to cook carp in the oven? We need:

  • carp;
  • salt (preferably sea);
  • lemon juice;
  • seasonings for fish.

In the beginning of carp it is necessary to wash, clean and howshould be gutted. It is recommended to take a large fish, clean it much easier. Mix the seasoning salt in a bowl. We rub the fish with the resulting mixture and pour lemon juice. Then the carp should be soaked, preferably two hours.

Now we have reached the main question:how to cook carp in the oven? To do this, you need a pan and a grill, they are pre-lubricated with oil: olive or vegetable. Due to the grill, excess oil will flow away, and the fish will not be too greasy.

In the process of carp preparationturn over, so that the fish is baked and browned on both sides. The cooking time depends on the size of the fish. When the pulp changes color to white, the carp is ready.

Bake fish in the oven can be as divided intoportioned pieces, and entirely. It turns out an excellent dish for the festive table, the recipe is very simple. Decorate the baked carp with lemon slices, tomatoes (preferably cherry) and fresh herbs. Serve this dish with potatoes, rice or cooked vegetables.

And here's another way that tells us how to cook carp in the oven.

We need:

  • carp;
  • olive oil;
  • salt and spices;
  • mayonnaise;
  • tomatoes;
  • foil and baking tray;
  • rice, cooked until half cooked.

Before cooking, we clean and gut the fish.We leave the head, skin, fins and tail. We make a deep incision from the tail to the head, along the spine from the side of the abdomen. We spread the carp with mayonnaise and on the outside, and from the inside, a little salt. Then fill with tomato slices (without skins), sprinkle with spices. On the baking tray, put a sheet of foil, lay a small amount of rice, then fish and rice residues from above, wrap (not too tightly) and send to the oven, the cooking time depends on the size of the fish, usually 20-40 min. at a temperature of 180 degrees. In order not to be mistaken, after 20 minutes. you can take a baking tray, open the foil and look at the fish - its color should be white, look better around 1/3 of the distance from the head (the thickest place in the fish, and that's where it can stay moist). When the fish is ready, we spread it on a dish, unfold the foil, cut off its extra edges, decorate with greens and vegetables to taste.

Carp cooking in the oven is not an easy task, but guests will definitely enjoy this delicious dish.