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Cake from profiteroles "Crockembush": step-by-step recipe

Want to surprise guests at the holiday?We advise you to prepare a French cake from profiteroles "Crockembush". This is a spectacular, original, exquisite dessert, which is built by a pyramid of brewed cakes. In the article you will read what cream is needed for the filling, what the tower is fastened, how the dough is made. In addition, the recipe and advice of experienced confectioners will be described in detail.

Preparation of a custard batter

To cook a delicate and delicious cake fromprofiteroles "Krokembush", it is necessary to choose the right ingredients. First we sift into a bowl 150 gr. flour. Then pour into a saucepan 250 gr. milk, add a pinch of salt and 100 gr. oil. We mix everything and put it on the fire. The oil should melt. To the mass is not burnt to the bottom of the pan, you must constantly stir and bring to a boil. Then you can turn off the hotplate. Wait for the milk and butter to cool slightly and put in the flour, which was sieved beforehand. Whip the dough with a whisk or a blender until it is uniform, so that there are no lumps. Then take a shovel (better wooden) and constantly stir. The dough should become thick.

protorat cake

Wait until the mass has completely cooled, and only then add eggs (about 4-5 pieces). Beat the mixer until smooth. Now the dough for profiteroles is ready.

Ingredients for sour cream

Cake from profiteroles can be with any filling.However, there is an opinion that with cream sour cream dessert is more nutritious and tender. To prepare the cream, you need to take a packet of fatty sour cream (500 gr.), 100-150 gr. powdered sugar and vanillin to taste.

cake of profiteroles with sour cream

Beat the above ingredients with a blenderto homogeneity. Only here it is important not to overdo it. Beat products for no more than one minute. Longer mixing will ruin the cream: it will become too liquid for the filling.

Preparation of caramel

Before preparing a cake of profiteroles withsour cream, you need to make a tool that holds cakes together. Caramel is most often used. To make it, you need only 1.5 cups of sugar and 80 ml of water.

First, you must select the correct capacity,so that caramel is not burnt and spoiled the dishes. Therefore, take a small bowl or saucepan with a thick, light bottom and high sides. Pour water into it and pour sugar on it. Stir well and turn on medium heat. Cook the caramel, stirring constantly.

prokatroli crockembush cake

Its color should be amber. When the caramel slightly thickens, remove it from the fire, let it go by yourself. Now you can proceed to the next stage.

Croquembusch cake: step-by-step recipe

When we have a dough, cream, caramel, thenyou can begin to prepare the dessert. First we put a baking tray with parchment paper and lay out cakes on it. With a confectionery sack this is easier. However, if you do not have it, then you have to fantasize. Many housewives replace the confectionery bag with a package. Cut one corner and pour the brew into it. Now squeeze out small cakes on a baking sheet. Do not forget about the distance. Cakes should not be near. Between them should be at least 3 cm, as they increase in size and may stick.

cake with profiteroles prescription

Turn on the oven for 220 degrees and bakecake for about 10 minutes. Pay attention to the color. If the products are browned, have a golden crust, immediately take out. Sometimes they can be baked 7 or even 5 minutes.

If the profiteroles are caked, take them out - let themcool. When they become warm, cut them slightly from the side, from below or from above and stuff them with sour cream. Then you can start building the cake itself. Take a tray, lay on it parchment paper. Now try building a tower or pyramid from profiteroles. To prevent the product from falling and not losing shape, dip each pastry into the prepared caramel.

cake crocembush step-by-step recipe

The height and width of the cake depends on the amountprofiteroles, which you baked. When the last cake you dipped in caramel and put on the vertex, you can consider the dessert ready. You can decorate it. For this, pour his caramel. It turns out not only a delicious cake of profiteroles, but also original.

Advice of experienced confectioners

Many bake a cake with different fillings.Everything depends on the person's preferences and tastes. Cake from profiteroles with sour cream is not the limit. You can do more with pistachio filling, with boiled condensed milk or damp, etc. To dessert resembled a warm season, it is filled with various berries, fruits, nuts. Try these ingredients to add to the cream. It turns out a delicious and tender cake, which will win the hearts of many lovers of this dessert. If you want to stand out and do something more original, then you can replace the caramel with chocolate glaze. There, too, add berries and fruits. If you do not have milk, and all the other ingredients for the custard are available, then replace it with water.

Pyramid from profiteroles will never workEven if it is built by eye. In this case, take the cardboard and make a cone from it, put it in the middle of the dish. Around the cone spiral lay out cakes. Then you get a smooth and beautiful protorete cake with sour cream. Some mistresses experiment with food colorings. Then the cake turns out an unusual color, which pleases both the hostess and the guests.

If you use chocolate coating, you canadd the strawberries to it. These ingredients perfectly harmonize with each other - you get an unforgettable and unique taste. You can also fasten the eclairs with chocolate. To do this, melt it in a water bath. You can use white, milk, black chocolate. It should be hot, so that the cakes are well entrenched. In the cream mass, you can add lemon juice. Then he will lose the sugary and sweet taste, instead there will be a pleasant sourness. You can add a little orange juice for citrus smell and taste.


As you can see, you get a beautiful cake withprofiteroles. The recipe is very simple. It can cook every housewife. Such a dessert can be built for any holiday. You will surprise your guests with an original, exquisite and delicious cake. Some landladies believe that such a dessert can be used instead of a tree, it looks so beautiful. Fantasize, experiment and you will succeed.