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Tarotologist is ... Astrologer-tarolog: consultations, description and reviews

Trying to find answers to questions aboutpersonal life and career, many people try to appeal to fortune tellers, fortunetellers and psychics. However, few people know that, in addition to these, sometimes very dubious experts, there are other experts who draw information from alternative sources of the universe. For example, such persons include an astrologer and a reader. These are the people who can prompt and guide those who need it in the right direction. We'll talk about them further.


Who are the tarology?

Fortune telling on Tarot cards came to us not so long ago.However, not everyone can understand the rules of working with maps of such a plan. This can only be done by experienced specialists who can predict the future, look into the past and change the present, using hinting symbols. This is exactly what the tarologist is doing. This is a person who is able not only to see the information that is exciting about you on maps, but also to help you find a way out of this situation.

What is the difference between a word and a fortuneteller?

Although the tarot card works with maps, it is not worth itconfused with the usual fortune-teller or fortune-teller. What is the difference? But the thing is this: fortune-tellers and fortune tellers are only able to answer a specific question, and also to voice what they see.

Unlike them, the tarologist is a kind ofcounselor and psychologist. He will not only predict your future, but he will listen and give valuable advice. In addition, with the help of cards, he is able to find several solutions to your problem. Fortune tellers and fortune tellers, as a rule, see only one option, and even insist that the future will not change.

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Who is an astrologer?

An astrologer is a person whose knowledge is basedon certain scientific theses. He is able to make individual horoscopes, using the exact date, year and time of birth of a person. At the same time such information is a kind of forecast, which can be done with a certain accuracy. For example, a horoscope is made for the following time interval:

  • day;
  • month;
  • year.

In this prediction you will not see the specifics,but it will contain information about your career, health, personal life and other important information. About who the astrologer-reader is, we will tell further.

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Are there specialists of mixed orientation?

In addition to the tarologists and astrologers workingexclusively in a narrow direction, more and more often you can meet other professionals who combine several specializations at once. For example, an astrologer can simultaneously predict your fate in the stars, using mathematical calculations, as well as find answers to your questions using a deck of tarot cards.

There are also extrasensory-tarologi.Such people derive the information you are interested in from several sources at once. For example, one famous tarot and psychic predicted events on maps, and also applied for answers to his deceased grandmother, with whom he claimed he had a karmic connection.


For what purpose do people come to the tarologs?

In most cases, the reference to the tarolog,psychics, fortunetellers, astrologers and other experts is associated with ordinary curiosity. Many people simply want to know about their future, but whether to believe in such predictions or not depends on one's own mood, impressionability and the level of a specialist.

For example, one well-known tarot (he took itparticipation in the sensational reality show "Battle of psychics") himself said that 40% of his clients are people coming for the sake of interest. Other 60% are those people who do have certain difficulties in life.

When it is necessary to address to nonconventional experts?

The reasons for applying to non-traditional specialists can be completely different. For example, an experienced astrologer will be needed when you do not know what life path to choose for you or your child.

Even at the birth of a baby, this specialist will bean individual horoscope and help to identify the child's addictions, for example, to drawing, music, dancing, business, etc. It will also help to find answers to these questions and a professional textologist. Moscow is a city of opportunities and the capital, where experts from different regions of Russia gather. Here you can refer to the tarologist, astrologer and other experts.


Assisting non-traditional experts will needthen, for example, when you have a certain dilemma in life, and you are not sure of the correctness of your choice. The psychic can be treated by people with a difficult fate, observing in their homes and workplaces paranormal phenomena, suspecting that other people are to blame for their troubles (in case of deliberate targeting of spoilage or clan curse), and also trying to cure incomprehensible diseases. Some ladies with their help want to know the name of their future spouse, the number of children, as well as solve a lot of other worldly problems.

Does the appeal to psychics, tarolog and astrologers result?

Opinions about astrology, divination and extrasensory perceptionvery blurred and controversial. No wonder many consider astrology a pseudoscience, and the testimony of a psychic does not always have something in common with reality. In addition, too impressionable and trusting people often become victims of scammers and intruders using high-sounding names and names for personal gain. Therefore, if you are interested in the tarologist, you should study the reviews first, and then raise the question of turning to him.

What do people say about non-traditional experts?

When referring to a variety of fortune tellers,astrologers and psychics should always follow the voice of reason and take into account the opinions of people already communicating with them. For example, some of them are disappointed. They declare that, having resorted to the services of such experts, they did not solve their problems. "This is another pumping out of money," they say.

Others enthusiastically rejoice.Drawing up an individual horoscope helped them in the further implementation of the business project, brought together with reliable partners and promoted the career ladder. Still others say that they managed to eliminate all the troubles that have hit them recently. And the troubles left after several visits to the psychic. Fourth express dissatisfaction with the tarot, to which they turned, because they did not act on his orders, but exactly the opposite. And only then they managed to solve their own question.

In a word, whether to go to non-traditional specialists and whether to believe them is a highly personal matter. Therefore, always keep your head on your shoulders and do not succumb to the influence of bright and tempting advertising.