/ Servants of religious worship. How do they call representatives of different faiths?

Ministers of religious worship. How do they call representatives of different faiths?

In a modern multi-denominational society, eachfrom more or less numerous religious groups is divided into flock, that is, parishioners of a temple, and those who direct the process of sending (priests). With all the diversity of church life, religious worshipers, as they are called in official documents, have some similarities. They should be good psychologists, use authority, have good command of oral speech, have a high level of intelligence and know the spiritual literature that sanctifies the worldview concept of the confession they represent.

ministers of religious worship as they are called
Priests, as the ministers of religious worshipOrthodox Church, are under constant and close supervision of the public. The most massive religious community in our country is the subject of "hunting for souls" from overseas sects in need of replenishment of the flock, and therefore any flaws in the behavior of Orthodox priests become a topic for "exposing materials" that fill the media with lightning speed. And although most of the ROC's servants lead a decent lifestyle, the image of a "priest in a Mercedes" steeped in luxury and violating all of God's commandments persistently penetrates into the public consciousness.

There are also Catholic ministers of religious worship.What do they call them? The priest. They carry out the spiritual decoration of the flock of the papal Roman church. Their activity by means of mass media is consecrated undeservedly rarely. Most of the Catholic priests are decent people, it just so happened that the Vatican's influence in Russia is small. In addition, in recent years, the Roman Church has set itself the goal of increasing its popularity in the West, it has made significant worldview concessions and pursues a policy of ecumenism, which in turn does not add adherents to it among our fellow citizens, who mostly gravitate toward traditional moral values.

ministers of religious worship are called

Protestant ministers of religious worshipare usually called pastors. These include Lutheran priests who unite believing ethnic Germans and representatives of American denominations (Baptists, Seventh Day Adventists, Mormons, etc.). Representatives of overseas sects are active in attracting new adherents. For this purpose, colorful booklets are printed, and followers of Protestant denominations start theosophical conversations with passers-by on the streets, and sometimes walk around the apartments, handing out religious literature. Lutheran pastors behave with restraint.

as called the ministers of religious worship
A large percentage of Russians profess Islam. Muslim worshipers of religious worship, as they are called - mullahs, conduct religious activities in mosques.Their role in the formation of public morality and morality is great, and in their majority they are worthy of it. Exception is made by extremist organizations, which call for aggressive struggle. They are condemned by representatives of Islam, preaching the civil peace and religious tolerance.

ministers of religious worship are called
A considerable influence on the minds of Jewishministers of religious worship. As they are called, everyone knows, they are rabbis. In addition to the performance of religious rites, their duties also include public functions. So, in the event of disputes, the rebbe can act as an arbitrator.

All priests, regardless of denomination, have a common feature. They simply have to be interesting people, otherwise they will not get the attention of the parishioners.