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Love spells at home. Psychology of self-deception.

Witchcraft, sorcery, magic - actions, with the help ofwhich a person tries to influence events and other people. Today, the mysterious impact on the fate of numbers and planets, colors, smells and sounds is discussed at the level of scientific discussions. I, too, will not deny the existence of a magical effect. Moreover, in this article you will find a recipe by which you can spend a love spell at home. But first, I'll try to explain to my readers, why spoilers at home or with the help of professional fortune-tellers - fun harmful and even dangerous.

It's not about the sinfulness of practicing magic. God is the judge of all those who, with such delirium, are hammering people's heads. We will talk about things purely utilitarian, domestic.

Often the man resorts to magic out of desirerevenge for the rejected feelings. He does not feel any love for the object of the spell, but the desire to receive satisfaction must be very strong. Agree, without a burning desire to cause a man the back pain to make long and complex rituals of privorov no one will. I do not even know whether it is necessary to explain how destructive the effect on the body and soul is such a pernicious aspiration. It is very possible that in addition to ritual actions, a person will undertake other attempts to establish relations with the subject of "passion." It may even happen that they will succeed. But if the basis of relations is not love, but a thirst for revenge, nothing good they will not end. At best, the couple will part enemies, at worst - will exist in that earthly hell that they themselves created.

Often you can hear that spells inhome conditions do not work. This statement is true 100% and not because you can not carry out the ritual yourself. It is not so difficult to do exactly what is necessary. But the point here is not at all a sequence of necessary actions. Simply, most practicing mages are excellent psychologists and their work with a client is akin to consulting a specialist on family issues. Unfortunately, we are not used to rely on the help of a specialist and would rather pay a fortuneteller or psychic than agree to go to a psychologist. If the leader is indeed a specialist in her business, she will easily find an approach to the client. Imagine a lady who asked to return her husband. The sorceress will certainly advise the abandoned woman not only a potion or a plot, but also provide her with detailed instructions on how to behave with her husband. It's no secret that two men out of three, leaving the family in a temper, dream of returning. If the spouse does not just call the traitor back, but will behave as if nothing happened, guess what will end the story?

Wondering why I personally firmly believe thatspam at home should not be? Let's try to imagine one more situation in which a person resorts to a magical rite - an unrequited feeling. Nobody argues with the fact that love without reciprocity is always painful. A person literally does not find a place for himself, considering that his life is inconceivable without the object of passion. But is it possible to say that the decisions made in such, to put it mildly, not quite adequate state are correct? As you know, a lover can not reasonably assess the situation. He sees the object of adoration only in the best light, assuring himself and others that no one is better than him and will not be.

Any person, reasoning reasonably, understands thatif the relationship is not formed, it is best to just forget everything and start living anew. What happens to those who, in a moment of desperation, try to make love in the home or with the help of a specialist? A person finds himself in a peculiar vicious circle, fueling his own sufferings with unnecessary illusions and hopes. Constantly picking up the wound, you do not need to count on the fact that it will heal. And if the spell does not give any result?

What they did not come up with in hundreds of yearsthe existence of love magic. Privorot on blood, love spell, spell on hair. Independently to conduct various magical manipulations prefer the representatives of the fair sex. I will not convince you that such a love spell is dangerous. In any case, nothing will happen to the object of the spell - neither good nor bad. But those who perform the rite may develop psychosomatic illnesses. True, it has nothing to sin, nor to the evil eye. As psychologists say, they are generated by a state of frustration, and, more simply, desires that are not fulfilled.

In conclusion, as promised, I quoteritual whispers, which of course will not return a person at the final break, however, will not allow him to completely forget you. If you just quarreled and there is hope of a relationship, wait. Soon the beloved will appear on the threshold with an apology.

Devils - brothers, stand behind the servantGod ..., follow him everywhere, wander after him everywhere. My name ... behind his back whisper, firmly in his heart, put it. From the servant of God ... do not fall behind, do not leave it for a minute and remind me of everything. Let my name know and remember, and never forget. Amen.
This text is pronounced over the photograph every evening at sunset, during the week.