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Dream Interpretation: What does the deceased person dream about?

Dreams in which dead people appear, in different waysinterprets every existing dream book. What does the deceased people dream of is a mystery, the answer to which should be sought in their own life situations, thoughts and even genetics.

Dreams about the dead are different from each other, and fortheir understanding must take into account every nuance and the slightest details. With such dreams, it is important not only their content, but also those feelings that the seer is experiencing. And the importance is both emotions in the dream itself, and after awakening.

What are such dreams?

Before you look for an interpretation of what the deceased person dreams about, you need to clearly identify what exactly you should find. This will save you from viewing and reading irrelevant information.

The very first and the main division of such dreams:

  • dreamed of acquaintances, relatives;
  • abstract outsiders have come to their senses.

The second defining moment:

  • dreamed alive;
  • They dreamed of the dead.

The third important nuance:

  • one person dreamed;
  • Many of the dead dreamed.

There are dreams in whichdead people are absent, but there is a sense of their presence. For example, the annotation to interpretations Lofa dream described in which a person walks away from the dead man, one or more, but it does not own dead spots. Just knows that they are catching up with him. Such dreams also refer to visions involving the deceased.

What does a friend or family dream about?

What the deceased loved one dreams about,is interpreted from the whole plot of what he saw. However, regardless of the context, such dreams have a common meaning. Such dreams are always a warning. But what the deceased wants to warn about, you can understand, only knowing the life circumstances of the one who dreamed of the dead man, the relationship that people associated and, of course, the entire plot of what he saw.

Just because there are no relatives or goodfamiliar dead people in a dream. What a specific person dreams about depends primarily on the degree of intimacy with him. The closer the dreamed dead, the more important the dream.

The late spouse can also warn about the demolition of the house

The dead spouses usually dream that somethingadvise, help make an important decision regarding everyday issues, for example, selling an apartment or moving to another city. They try to warn the one who dreams, about something, for example, about the disadvantage of the sale transaction or its consequences. Dreams do not necessarily relate to the sale of property, they can relate to any life issues - health, vacation plans, even warn about a car breakdown.

Dead friends and good friends warn ofthat has to do with the topic of communication in life. For example, a colleague at work may dream of delaying a pension and warn about the need to calculate available finances.

Parents, grandmothers or grandfathers alwayswarn of the danger that threatens the person himself and is associated with a risk to life. Such dreams can be imagined before a car accident, fire or street robbery.

But, pondering over what he dreams of for a long timea deceased person, one must also take into account the relations that took place during life. Not always between relatives reign love and mutual understanding, the couple can mutually disgrace, and friends and acquaintances spend their whole lives in burning envy and anger. This is a very important point for understanding the meaning of sleep. Poorly related people do not dream with good intentions, even if they are long dead.

What are the abstracts or extraneous looks like?

Ответ на вопрос, к чему снится умерший человек, not an acquaintance, but just an abstract dead body, is covered in the details of the vision. Value has everything: appearance, position, actions, place. But the most important are the feelings experienced by those who have seen such a dream.

The most famous explanation of what he dreams abouta dead man, a change of weather. This is how Slavs understood such visions from time immemorial. However, in this interpretation there is also a large number of conventions, explanations and references. Their common sense is that climate change is promised only by a dream in which the deceased calmly lies in a coffin, does not walk, does not try to communicate and does not frighten anyone. That is, the deceased in this vision is simply present, just like any piece of interior. In such dreams there are no details related to the dead person, for example, close-ups of the face or hands, remembered by those who dreamed of seeing.

In dreams about the dead, every detail, even the face of the deceased

According to all the dream books, outsiders deadsee the changes. But in what and to what - only one who has seen a dream can know. It is generally believed that men dream of bad, and women - to good. But you need to consider the whole dream.

If a dead woman looks good, collectsflowers or just busy with something - this is a good sign, promising changes for the better and pleasant troubles. But if a terrible, half-decayed aunt who tried to cause harm dreamed, this dream does not bode well for anything. It means that changes that seem good, in fact, will turn into complexities and troubles. If such a vision has visited before promotion, for example, it makes sense to give up new duties.

Dead alive - why?

The fact that dreams of a deceased person as alive,is interpreted in different ways. The most generalized and known meaning of such visions is that one who has watched a dream should take care of one's own health. If the deceased laughed and "zuboskalil" - you need to go to the dentist. If running, playing football - visit specialists who treat the musculoskeletal system.

In the Slavic tradition, what the dreamer dreams ofman as a living, was interpreted on the basis of a key moment - a sign of the deceased or not. If the native or acquaintance has dreamed as if he is alive, but there is a clear understanding in the dream that this is a dead man, one should go to church and order a prayer service "for the rest". It was believed that such visions refer to the deceased's mate, which he is trying to convey alive.

The fact that dreams of a deceased person as alive,may not even matter at all. For example, if the deceased dreamed alive and in the very plot of the dream there was no fact of death. That is, he who has seen a dream perceives the dead as alive. Such visions say that the sleeper is bored by a person who has passed away from life, to some specific time or past events. Such visions always leave a slight sadness, but a man wakes up with a smile.

However, if what a deceased person dreams aboutas if alive, it is seen without understanding that the deceased is dreaming, the dream can make a difference. But not quite the usual for dream books. Rather, it refers to the field of psychology. If such visions are visited often, then, to what the deceased person dreams as alive - not some event, a dream signalizes a loop on the past. That is, such visions warn a person about the development of his mental and psychological problems.

To explain and understand what he dreams abouta dead person as a living, it is important to pay attention to his clothes. Aborted or dirty - to the beginning of anxious time, troubles, distemper in life or work at work. Tidy and fashionable - to the opposite. That is, the upcoming events will pass smoothly and leave only positive results.

What does a deceased person dream like living, if invision seemed to be and there was nothing terrible, the deceased was generally pleasant externally, but the person was awakened in panic horror? Without taking into account the details, such a dream portends outwardly positive changes in life, but in reality they will be given with very large internal efforts. That is, during the coming events, a person will have to "break himself", "bend" and so on.

Why dream dead

The meaning of this dream depends more on the plot and details. The traditional generalized meaning is to change.

If the deceased is chosen from the grave, this indicates the enthusiasm for vanity and inattention to the main

However, there are many options for such dreams.A dead person can lie in a coffin, holding a candle or without it, and can get up from it and say something. The funeral of a dead person or something else can be dreamed. The key to interpretation is in the development of the plot, whether the deceased is familiar or in the sensations experienced.

Details should be interpreted separately, then linking them to the context of dreams. That is, if a dead person has a candle in his hand, it is necessary to find the meaning of this symbol and correlate it with the general plot of sleep.

The dead man in the coffin - what for?

The fact that dreams of a deceased person in a coffin,is interpreted depending on the type of housekeeping. The dead man in such dreams is always secondary, means his presence only that the upcoming changes will distract a person from the main thing.

If a person dreams in a coffin, it is not the deceased himself who is important, but the coffin

If the deceased rises from the grave,which will soon begin, will be uncontrollable, get out of control or at all will not depend on the will or actions of the person who dreamed.

The coffin symbolizes what is mostsignificant. It can be a house, a job, even a garden. If the coffin is rotten, collapsing - it means a similar state of the house, official duties or something else. The dream says that a person is too keen on events around him, social life or show-off, while not noticing what is happening in his own "economy".

The funeral rite is already buried - to what?

To explain and understand what the funeral of a deceased person is dreaming about, one must realize whether a real past ritual is seen or it is a new ritual.

To see the funeral of someone who is already in the earth, in thethe whole is a good sign. Such a dream predicts order in the upcoming affairs, dimensionality in life and the acquisition of a stable source of income that does not cause trouble or anxiety.

If the real rite that took place inlife, it means the need to "dig" in the past. All good events will come from there. For example, there may be a meeting with an old friend who will offer a job, or something else.

The funeral rite of the funeral, which in fact was not, that is - the wrong place, other guests, other funeral feasts, etc., means that ordering in life and stability are hidden in new events.

Already the buried one dies - to what?

Such visions may not mean anything, or combine all interpretations. Why dream that a deceased person dies anew in a dream? This can happen for several reasons:

  • with a tragic and sudden death in life;
  • in the case of the refusal of the dreamer to reconcile himself to the passing away and with the other wine experienced before the departed into the world;
  • if you want to talk about something.

Such dreams are very serious, they leave a deep emotional trace in the soul, but often do not mean anything, from the point of view of the usual interpretation.

Such dreams, actually beinga kind of nightmare, often starred by the military, fire and other people who daily face violence. Such visions begin after a person has not shown enough professionalism and has not saved someone's life. That is, visions are a direct consequence of feelings of guilt and do not mean anything other than the need to visit a psychologist.

Same dreams can be visited by housewives oroffice workers, or someone else. For example, the family went to a supermarket, but before that there was a quarrel, and the woman demonstratively stayed at home. Along the way, something happens, for example, a taxi driver loses control, and all bus passengers are killed.

A woman may well begin to see in a dream the death of her family, due to the feelings of guilt experienced.

The cause of dreams can be a feeling of guilt.

This example also illustrates the situation inwhich similar visions dream because of a refusal to accept reality. This is no longer a nightmare, but also a psychological problem that has no interpretation in the dream book. The subconscious explains to the person what exactly happened. The dream will continue until the one who sees it, will not accept reality.

But such dreams may not signalneed to visit a psychologist. There is a deeply mystical interpretation of what the deceased person dreams about. The dying again may be dreamed of one whose circumstances of death have not been clarified. This is not necessarily a victim of violence. In a dream, someone who died in hospital from a heart attack or oncology may come. But if such a person dreams of dying again, it means that before his death something happened and became its cause. For example, a person could call a nurse. But she talked on the phone or simply quit smoking, which led to failure to render assistance and death.

It is believed that such dreams are visited by people with a certain genetics, in whose family there were clairvoyants or esoterics. However, it is not. Such a dream is most often close to relatives or relatives.

Dying alive - for what?

К чему снится, что человек умер, когда он жив и healthy? This vision has two interpretations. The first is just symbolic. Such a dream means that a person will live long and happy years, regardless of the attitude towards him of the one who saw the dream. Such plots are only made to those people who have strong emotions in relation to the “hero of vision”. It can be any feeling - resentment, anger, envy, love, friendship, empathy, and so on.

If the death of the deceased is already dreaming, there is some mystery in it.

The second method of interpretation is used in complexdreams, often seen in a series, in which there is a storyline development, but the situation of the death of a living and healthy person is unchanged. Such dreams are always trying to suggest something related to the “character”. Classical symbols are absent in them, and the dream is interpreted taking into account the life situation, relationships between people, the plot content of dreams and those feelings that are experienced at night and after awakening. Often there is nothing frightening in such a dream, but a person wakes up in a cold sweat and with a cry.

A dream can predict something that shouldhappen in the future. It often happens that such dreams are just prophetic. That is, a person dreams exactly what will happen in reality, without any symbolism. If there is no feeling in the vision that it is “not real,” then the dream is most likely a prophetic one.

What are the dreams of the dead

What a deceased person dreams of trying to do something in relation to the living depends on the act itself.

Bad, bad dreams are those in which the deceased:

  • sits down at one with a lively table to eat;
  • calling with him or pulling somewhere;
  • opens the door when there is a knock;
  • gives something or just gives in hands;
  • goes to bed next.

Such dreams foreshadow all the worst that can be - the death of relatives or their own, devastation, serious illness or war, much more.

When he dreams that the dead came to visit, whatever he did and no matter how he looked, the dream is bad

In the old days it was decided to drive away such dreams. To this end, they looked through the windows, told the contents of the vision to the first comer, put candles and ordered prayers, visited witches and healers.