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How to find out the compatibility of names in love and marriage

Compatibility of names in love and marriage causes a lot of questions among those who want to build a strong union.

Compatibility of names in love and marriage
Preparing for such an important event as a wedding,you begin to worry about everything, being afraid to make an irreparable mistake in choosing a lover. And the answers to these questions we try to find everywhere: from relatives, acquaintances, fortunetellers or reading horoscopes. It is very important to hear the words of approval about the chosen partner, and therefore many are turning to such a program as the compatibility of names in marriage and love.

The magic of letters

Any name given at birth carries within it its ownenergy, esoteric and scientifically - substantiated meaning. It emits a concrete vibration, which determines basically the future destiny of man. This fact can be argued, but scientists have proved that many things depend on the name given to the birth, including influence on others. Even in the 20th century, the famous philosopher P. Florensky (1882-1943) expressed the idea that there is an inextricable link between the person's name and the events taking place in his life.

Ways that help lovers understand whether they fit each other: numerological, astrological and with the help of tarot cards. Also determine the compatibility of names in marriage and love test.

The influence of the name on compatibility

There are enough ways to helpTo find out how much lovers will suit each other. The simplest is the presence of two or more identical letters in the names of both partners. However, in this case it is necessary to pay attention to one significant BUT: these letters should not mean stubbornness, bitterness or rudeness, because on this basis, lasting and long relations will not work.

Compatibility of names in marriage and love
Compatibility of names in love and marriage checkalso with the help of tarot cards. For this, additional cards in the deck are removed from the deck. For trump cards, there is a letter, for example, for "Magician" - the letter "a", "Hanged" - the letter "b", and "Priestess" - the letter "e".

Compatibility names in love and marriage can becalculate by numerology, namely it is necessary to calculate the names of partners using the table below. After this, it is very easy to find out to what extent the future spouses fit together.

- the letters "a", "and", "c", "b" - creating, guiding;

- the letters "b", "d", "t", "s" - responsive, pliable, dependent;

- the letters "в", "к", "у", "ь" - socially significant;

- the letters "г", "л", "ф", "э" - practical, mundane;

- the letters "d", "m", "x", "yu" - mobile mentally and physically;

- the letters "e", "n", "c", "I" - sociable, responsible, reliable;

- the letters "e", "o", "h" - reasonable, focused;

- the letters "ж", "п", "ш" - calculating, with a bifurcated consciousness;

- the letters "з", "р", "щ" - sensitive, diverse.

После этого можно узнать число своего имени и the name of his second half. At whom it will prevail, he will be the head of the family, if the numbers are equal - this means that a harmonious union is expected.

To date, understand the compatibility of names inmarriage and love is very easy - the World Wide Web hosts a large number of online tests that accurately determine how young people fit together.

The combination of names by date of birth

A person is born when heit is necessary. It is the date of birth that affects the further life, contributes to the formation of personal qualities, character and temperament. With the help of numbers it is also determined whether the lovers fit one another. For example: 20.04.1971 = 2 + 0 + 0 + 4 + 1 + 9 + 7 + 1 = 24 = 2 + 4 = 6. Thus, the person born on 20.04.1971 has influence on fate and habits the number of " 6 ".

The compatibility of lovers by the sign of the horoscope

In this case, the affiliation of partners to a particular zodiac sign is taken as a basis and a comparative analysis is carried out.

Compatibility names in marriage and love test
After all, on the character, temperament, way of lifehas a significant influence and the sign belonging to its element. This allows us to see a more accurate picture of how much the future married couple will be happy, whether their union will be successful as long as they can live together without significant conflicts. With the compatibility of the sign of the zodiac, you can find a partner from different sides and learn how to accept it and adapt to it.

Sexual compatibility

There are situations when a person who is completelyadmire in everyday life, in bed disappointing. And it's not that there are any health problems, but that two people are simply incompatible with each other in a sexual way. The frequent reason for parting many pairs is precisely this problem. In order to avoid such an unpleasant outcome of relationships, it is better to know in advance the compatibility of names in love, sex and marriage.

Compatibility of names in love sex and marriage

Sexual compatibility is directly related totemperament and emotionality of both people. Experts in this field distinguish several types of sexual temperament: weak, medium and strong. Those who have a strong type of sexuality, early puberty occurs. People with a weak level of sexuality develop much longer. But they build strong families, the marriage lasts more than ten years. Representatives of the average sexual type belong to the category of those people who do not belong to the representatives of the weak or strong type. Ideal compatibility for sexuality implies the presence of one type of partner.

However, do not get upset if the proposed options show a low compatibility of names in love and marriage, because they can not take into account all the factors, and most importantly, the power of love and feelings for each other.