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Characteristics of people born on September 14 (zodiac sign - Virgo)

Willing to learn as much as possible about theirfeatures, people use different ways. One of them is to read your horoscope. This article is useful and interesting for those for whom the day of September 14 is significant. The sign of the zodiac, corresponding to this date of birth, as well as the characterization of the sign - we will now tell about this.

September 14 the sign of the zodiac

About the zodiac

All people know that there are 12 signs of the zodiac,each of which corresponds to a certain period of the year. As for people born on September 14, the zodiac sign is Virgo. To be more precise, at this time the Virgin is in its third and final decade.

About the character

What can be said about people born on September 14,whose zodiac sign is Virgo? First and foremost, these are the most tremendous laborers who achieve everything in life thanks to their own perseverance. Also, the distinguishing feature of people of this sign is a keen interest in everything and a good intellect. Virgo have their clear position in life and will never change it, even if they understand that it is somewhat wrong. They also never fall under someone else's influence and are not able to change their point of view depending on their mood. It is also important that the people of this sign are pedantic in relation to everything that concerns them. Sometimes it goes to the extreme, and the Virgo becomes a real bore. However, in most cases they are just neat, attentive, clean and very responsible.

September 14 zodiac sign of compatibility

Negative character traits

What negative character traits people have,who were born on September 14 (zodiac sign - Virgo)? So, first of all, this is a pragmatic attitude towards life (although today this is not all considered a negative feature). If Dev has a catch, they can ignore the desires and requests of even dear people. Often people of this sign become petty and too economical, wanting to accumulate as much wealth as possible, while not at all able to spend money and live in pleasure. Also, the Virgin are very picky to others, they love to have everything the way they need. Often the representatives of this sign can be called heartless, callous, who can not sympathize. At the same time the Virgin are also sensitive, they never forgive anyone for anything.

Features of the third decade

which zodiac sign on September 14

What is the difference between people born on September 14(zodiac sign - Virgo)? Controls their destiny planet Venus, so they are often romantic, gentle, sexy natures. Often they are optimistic in nature, have excellent organizational skills, have acute observation. A distinctive feature of people born on this day is a huge love for children. And if at a young age this is not always manifested, then as people grow older, people will more and more love not only their own, but also other people's children, adoring their own grandchildren in the future. It will be interesting to note that the Virgo in the third decade often combines the main place of work with social activities. Women born on 14 September are mild in nature, but they always achieve their goals. Men are more solid, but only in a circle of strangers.

September 14 zodiac sign Virgo


Having figured out which sign of the zodiac on September 14(Virgo), there are a few words to say about the health of such people. So, their vulnerability is the gastrointestinal tract and pancreas. Often, it is with these organs that people who are born on the specified day have all the problems. Such people are not strangers to neuralgic problems, as well as various skin diseases. In addition, Virgo is prone to drug addiction and alcoholism, because they easily fall into depression even because of trifles.


People born in September (zodiac sign - Virgo),it is very difficult to make new acquaintances. After all, they are cautious and do not want to be deceived, they are afraid of mental torment. However, the representatives of this sign are good friends. They always come to the aid of their comrade, sometimes even sacrificing time to communicate with their loved ones. In a friendly relationship, the Virgin gives more than receives, especially without being upset. That's why friends appreciate their Dev-friends. It is interesting that the closest friendships with Dev can come about with Taurus, as well as with representatives of the same zodiac sign.

Love and family

born in September, the sign of the zodiac

As for the relationship, people born under thegiven the sign of the zodiac, are very difficult to understand. They rarely show emotions, whether good or bad, they are hard to understand - they like a person or not. Intimate relations for representatives of this sign are more a duty than pleasure. Although the Virgo does not hold sexuality. As for family relations, the Virgin is unlikely to seek great love, in the family for her main thing is devotion and complete dedication. Representatives of this sign, again, give more than get married. As for children, they are very fond of them, they try to provide everything, but in old age they will demand a lot of attention from their offspring. What else did the Virgos, born on September 14, have for the zodiac sign? Compatibility is what you need to mention. So, the union of the two Devs will become a good one, which will not be characterized by a passionate passion, but it will be strong in a friendly way. Virgo will have a taste for communication with Aquarius, but Cancer representatives of this sign will be very tired. Will the Virgin also tame the Lion, this relationship can be excellent and lasting. Not bad relations with Sagittarius can also develop, but with the Pisces Virgos it is better not to build joint plans.