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Sign of the zodiac Virgo: horoscope, characteristic and compatibility

Date of Virgo sign: August 24 - September 23.

Patronizes the representatives of this sign Mercury.

The native element is the Earth.

A safe stone for the Virgo sign may be jasper or kyanite.

A grasshopper or an aster flower will be a wonderful talisman for this sign.

The colors of the sign are yellow and blue.

Virgo: the month and the planet of the sign

In many myths Virgo is the goddess of fertility and love. Once in ancient times, creating maps of the starry sky, it was painted in the form of a young girl with spikelets of wheat.

The sign of the zodiac Virgo is subordinate to Mercury, constantlyis in the information search, trying to understand the nature of the things around him. These searches prove that the mind must be used, not obeyed. Wheat in hands demonstrates generosity, presented by life experience. The famous Virgin: Dzerzhinsky, Hegel, Kutuzov, Mother Teresa, Goethe, Faraday.

Virgos, as a rule, are not deprived of beauty, they have long arms, medium height and graceful movements.

Virgo: characteristic of the sign of the zodiac

Many consider Viru an excellent sign, especially foryour child. They are obedient as a child. They have many friends, never offend little ones. Virgo is quite happy in childhood. It is at this age that they start the tremendous ability to negotiate. These people just have innate diplomatic talents. If desired, they could negotiate with anyone about anything. They have an absolutely real opportunity to show other people completely different sides of the object of the dispute, the opposite side of the war. They make wonderful parents, because they, like no other, are able to explain to children what is good and what is bad.

Virgo Compatibility Signs

Negative character traits

There are negative moments in Virgo's horoscope.With explanations they do not all and do not always go smoothly. Of course, they perfectly and intelligibly explain even the most sophisticated things. But they have a congenital allergy to dullness. Virgo can not understand laziness and low mental indicators. Inability to understand elementary things simply makes them out of themselves. By the way, about this. Lovers over someone to make fun of is better to choose some other sign. Dev is very difficult to get mad, but if it succeeds, tragedy can not be avoided.

Horoscope of the Virgin says that they are enoughvindictive. Representatives of the sign never forget anything. In this regard, they can compete only with Scorpio. The truth before the implementation of the "insidious" plan almost never reaches. Virgo is too soft heart, and she feels sorry for her victim. Of course, these pardons are not infinite, and you should not abuse them.

Virgo never breaks into others ifthey are in a bad mood. They are perfectly calm, kneeling, they can ask for forgiveness if they feel guilty, but do not provoke them specifically, this is fraught with serious consequences.

These people need friends and understanding. They need someone to help them discover their talents and abilities. Perhaps, therefore, Dev has very high compatibility with other signs of the zodiac.

Characteristics of the zodiac sign Virgo

Virgo: compatibility of signs

Apparently, the relationship is best with Devare formed with colleagues in the element, earth signs - Taurus and Capricorn. They are economical and not very impulsive. In general, together they will be fine. Relations with Sagittarians and Lions are remarkable. As for passion, Virgo can take a worthy place on the podium, but she does not need it. Just people of this sign are very calm. This does not mean that they stopped loving you. They are good when everything is measured and orderly. They sincerely and absolutely calmly continue to love and enjoy the partner's love. Perhaps that's why it's so hard for them who are constantly looking for new experiences, like Aquarius, Aries and Gemini.

Lions, in spite of their apparent fighting nature,not very fond of all the scuffling and running around. They are quite cold-blooded - they are still royalty! With Leo and Virgo, the first passion, as a rule, quickly burns out, and sex gradually goes to a secondary plan. Despite this, they are perfectly combined, they have remarkable compatibility. Virgo often has to forgive and quick-tempered Leo, and his exorbitant for the "king of beasts" laziness. And yet they get on well. Under the mood can print a bottle of wine and go to a restaurant. They do not even need a reason for this. There is one important thing that must be remembered in such an alliance. Money must always be with the Virgin! Otherwise, such banality, as financial issues, will break this family idyll.

Sagittarius is a Fire Sign.Dynamic, but not very contrasting. In principle, Virgo as a born diplomat will easily find the way to the heart of Sagittarius, but some problems still exist. Virgo must get used to the increased activity of Sagittarius, and he to the caution and thoughtfulness of the partner. It requires mutual assistance and a bit of diplomacy.

With the other signs, too, can get involvedlove relationships, but most often fragile and brief. Most of the divorce is due to Dev, they can not stand the pressure. Some change them, others deceive them, the third with them is boring. Partners move away from their companions. Virgo does not tolerate this! In the end, no matter how much they love their partners, parting is inevitable! Good, but short communication with Dev can be with Pisces, Scorpions, Gemini and Aries.

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Women-Virgo: love relationships with other signs

What sign is suitable for the Virgin Woman?She will feel great next to his Majesty Leo. The union will be fine, but it still has to be tightened up. Promise to be a good relationship with Sagittarius and Taurus. Here, with love and passion, everything will be just as wonderful.

To build an alliance with Aquarius there is little chance, although suchMarriages still happen. As a rule, relations do not develop in Dev and Gemini. From the Virgo point of view, this sign creates too much chaos and noise. Rarely, such women fall in love with Pisces. Maybe it's for the best, because together they would be very hard to marry.

Good associations are obtained with Cancer and Capricorn. Scorpions with Aries also attract girls Dev, but, unfortunately, such unions do not last long.

Men-Virgo: love relationships with other signs

A fine faithful husband for Taurus, Capricorn and Cancer. In bed and at home, relationships are built just fine.

The Dev men often attract Aquarians.In vain are attracted. Such marriages create serious problems for both. The beautiful Lioness thinks only of herself, so the man-Virgo is better to run away from such a companion of life. But Scorpio could well be compared with him in a sensual and intellectual way.

Libra with Sagittarius, too, would have been suitable for the role of wife, but with a small proviso. Such a life will be far from cloudless. A marriage with Pisces, Aries and Gemini will be doubtful.

As a rule, there are no special problems in marriage with Taurus and Capricorn.

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Stone for the Virgin

Now a little about the stones-talismans.Speaking in detail, the Devs, who were born before September 2, help the sun itself. These people do not like change. In relations with others, stability and harmony are paramount for them. These representatives of the mark are ideal for such pebbles as: jade, malachite, carnelian, jasper, lapis lazuli, aventurine.

Representatives of the second decade (from 3 to 11 September)favors Venus. The people of this period are quite secretive and modest. They carefully guard their inner world from external invasion. Wonderful talismans of the Virgo sign will be such stones as: sardonyx, jadeite, chrysoprase, onyx, chalcedony, citrine and pearls.

Representatives of the last decade of the sign (from 12 to 23September) is patronized by Mercury. They are shy and taciturn. Often these people are seized with attacks of rampant laziness, however, to their credit, I must say, they seek to overcome it. True, with varying success. Stones that will help them in this: topaz, chrysolite, sapphire, pomegranate, emerald.

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Stones for Virgins - women

Representatives of the sign of the zodiac Virgo often hold backtheir impulses, they are not emotional, because of what many of them consider dry and even callous in communication, although this is not quite so. Be that as it may, a partial solution to this problem will be mineral jade. This wonderful stone will add a little softness and tenderness to the character of the Virgin woman. Also he would add to her a bit of excitement and some recklessness that will help her when opening her business. Jewelry from jade would help a woman-Virgo solve problems, both cardiac and financial. This mineral has one remarkable feature. If the owner is waiting ahead of trouble, he starts to get dark. We can say that with this decoration a person acquires a personal oracle.

For married Virgins agate is best.Ideally, the mineral should be yellow or white. Such a stone for the Virgo sign will help you find peace and quiet, better understand the children, help keep your home clean and tidy. Agate and in business will be a wonderful assistant. Will get rid of excess softness and help make an important decision. Dark agate is worn in brooches or pendants, light is better suited to earrings.

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Stones for Dev Men

If we talk about the male Virgo, the first thing you neednote - these are people who are very difficult to please. They are worth an incredible effort to squeeze out at least some compliment. It's hard for these men to make a decision of their own. Among them there are very few leaders. Carnelian is a mineral that could help them. This stone gives decisiveness, confidence, gives the person the ability to concentrate on the goal and achieve it. In addition, the mineral perfectly protects against diseases, spoilage, evil eye, helps to restore and protect the energy field. No less than the women-Virgo, men are useful for jade. It will help to relax and relieve tension. A statuette made of this mineral will ensure success in business.

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Here is a characteristic of the sign of the Zodiac Virgo.They are incredibly smart, a little shy. They combine charisma and some lethargy, which often hinders both themselves and the people around them. This sign of the zodiac is vital for having a hobby, a hobby, a favorite work in order to appreciate and love your life.