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What the dream book says: the roof of the house is what dreams

Often people see dreams, in the meaning of which it is difficultTo understand independently. In this situation, a dream book comes to the rescue. The roof - what warns the person about the dream in which it appears? To solve this puzzle correctly, it is necessary to resurrect in detail the details of the picture.

Esoteric dream book: roof

What warn night dreams, in whichdoes this object appear? To pay attention to the condition of the roof recommends an esoteric dream book. The roof serves as a warning of danger if it is dilapidated and old. A person needs to focus on strengthening the rear, otherwise his life will collapse. If it's new and whole, there's nothing to worry about. The dreamer will meet unpleasant events fully armed, the reliable rear will help to cope with the problems.

dream roof

In a dream a person can look at it from below.What does the esoteric dream book say about such a vision? The roof in this case symbolizes an obstacle that prevents you from moving forward, to achieve more. If a dreamer breaks through the roof, this testifies to spiritual growth, strengthening of the spirit. It is possible that the current problems will be resolved successfully.

Dream Intermediate Hasse

Broken roof, if you look at the opinionHasse, predicts misfortunes that will fall on the dreamer himself or his family members. A flat object portends luck, you can start a new business without hesitation. If the roof appears in the nightmares of a person who is married, this promises a quick addition to the family.

dream home dream

What other options are considered dream book?The roof, looking modestly, says that it is time for the owner of the dream to concentrate on family affairs, to establish relations with the household. The fall from her dreams to bad news, which will be a complete surprise to the addressee. Seeing yourself standing on the roof means experiencing satisfaction, defeating rivals.

What do the birds promise on the roof?High probability that soon the dreamer will go on a long trip. This may be due to his professional duties or the desire to relax from problems.

Wanderer's Dreambook

What does this famousDream Book? The roof leaks - such a dream promises a period of failure, the duration of which depends on the actions of the host of sleep. The dreamer should be vigilant, not accepting risky projects. Dream can and burning roof, Wanderer's dream book considers it a symbol of spiritual breakthrough.

dream dream roof

If it falls in a dream, you should wait for trouble in reality. To get on the roof means to achieve success in this or that life sphere.

French dream book

In their night dreams, people are often broughtfall from the roof. The interpreter interprets such a plot as a warning. Soon a catastrophe will break out, to which the dreamer must prepare in advance. Climb on it in a dream can also someone who in real life is in serious danger.

the roof is covered with a dream book

What is the warning about a dream in which a person simply looks at the roof? In reality, the dreamer will have to agree to a monetary operation, the result of which can not be predicted.

Predictions from Medea

What secret meaning conceals a dream in itself, inwhich roof is crumbling? The sorceress Medea believes that this is a prediction of misfortunes. Also, a person can become seriously ill, health problems may appear in someone from his close people. A dreamer who repairs the roof, in real life, is looking for ways to protect oneself from unforeseen situations.

fall from the roof dream book

Standing on it in a dream can someone who is awakehas a wide outlook. Such a dream is capable of predicting the recognition of the merits of the person whom he has long been waiting for. Just seeing the roof means looking towards the outside world.

Ukrainian dream book

What is the interpretation of the dreamer Ukrainian?Dream Book? The roof burns - a plot that promises a quick death of an elderly person. It is possible that in the near future this world will leave one of the relatives of the sleeper, especially if the family has people suffering from a serious illness. If it is broken, it is morally tune in for bad news. The long-awaited message may not be what the dream owner wants to hear.

dream book fall from the roof

Fall from the roof predicts death, difficultsay who will die, but it will be someone from the dreamer's acquaintance. If it is in good condition, such a dream promises success, triumph over dangerous enemies.

Dream of the 21st century

Joy or trouble foretells the Modern dream book?A house without a roof can dream of baldness, illness. The new symbolizes the confidence in the future, the band of luck. Repair it in a dream can someone who is in the real world to protect their honor, to try to restore a spoiled reputation. Loss of the face can be connected with the mistakes made or intrigues of other people.

dream dream book

What does a dream in which a person put a roof?In reality, he is insulted and humiliated. The fall from her warns that future troubles will be related to the mistakes that the dreamer made because of excessive self-love, selfishness. Also, such a plot can say that a person is afraid of taking risks, experiencing constant fear, anxiety.

Different subjects

What other subjects does the dream book study?The roof of the house, on which a person walks, dreams of a dangerous enterprise. If a representative of the opposite sex participates in this walk, such a dream promises a romantic adventure in real life. If the dreamer already has the second half, it is possible that soon the lovers will play a wedding.

If in a dream the roof breaks as a result of the impactlightning, in real life a person should beware of head trauma. A dream has a similar meaning, in which stones, hail, are present. The window on the roof is a bad sign that promises a love adventure, the completion of which will bring to life a dreamer of suffering, unhappiness. The glass product dreams of anxiety, the person will have grounds for fear for his own life or the life of someone of his dear people.

Ancient dream book

What dreamer warns Ancient dream book?Fall from the roof - nightly dreams with such a plot promise an unforeseen catastrophe, the consequences of which will prove difficult. If the sleeper is afraid to fall from it, in reality he will have to neglect the life principles for the sake of success.

Triumph, the victory is waiting for the one who sees himselfengaged in the repair or construction of the roof. To sleep on it in a dream can be one who in real life should not be afraid of intrigues of enemies, since he is reliably protected from them. Sleep on the roof can mean that the health problems are contrived.

Covering the roof means tidying upfrustrated matters, deal with the problems that have fallen over. Just to see the roof - to defeat the dangerous enemies, to rise, improve their financial situation. It is not ruled out that soon a dreamer is expected to increase at work, an increase in wages.

Burning roof

That to the person to whom the burning roof had a dream,Does the dream book predict? The roof is burning - most guides to the world of dreams claim that such a dream is a bad omen. Such a plot can indicate the development of inflammatory processes that have affected the brain of the host of sleep.

If the burning roof appears in nightmaresa person suffering from a dangerous disease, such a dream promises death. It is possible that the body is agonizing, trying to surrender. However, timely measures taken allow us to hope for a favorable outcome. A person should focus on treatment, postponing the solution of other pressing problems.

Damaged roofing

What should be prepared for the one in whose nightlydreams flowing roof? Sonnyk claims that this is a bad prediction. There is a high probability that the thoughts of the dreamer are in turmoil. He is faced with the need to make a difficult choice, can not cope with this task. A person feels himself driven into a corner, needs the help of others, which should not be rejected. Also, sleep can be perceived as a signal of great stress.

Как быть, если вода сочится ручьями?It is not excluded that the dreamer has drifted too long for the flow, lost control of his own life. If he does not take matters into his own hands, the outcome is unlikely to be favorable.

A man in love can get a shotroof. Such a plot warns about cooling in relations with the chosen one. Perhaps it is time for a frank conversation that will help to settle everything. Only active actions will allow to restore the fading passion, to save the relations with the second half.

Dream Yuri Longo

An interesting interpretation suggests and compiledYuri Longo dream book. The roof, if the sleeper covers it, symbolizes conflict. There is a high probability that the dreamer will quarrel with someone from close people. Pride will prevent him from taking a step towards reconciliation, so the conflict will be protracted, will cause a lot of suffering. Quarrels can be avoided by becoming more restrained in words and deeds.

Leaky roof, if you rely on the interpretation of the magicianLongo, is a symbol of obstacles. Most likely this dream belongs to the love sphere. At the owner of a dream relations with second half can spoil. Perhaps he is already experiencing because of the indifference of the chosen one.

A house without a roof can dream of both good and bad.troubles. In the coming days, we should expect an event that will excite the dreamer. If the roof blows down, you should look at your surroundings. It is possible that secret enemies pretend to be friends, try to ruin their lives, dissolving gossip. A fall from the roof promises significant changes that can affect the current situation in different ways. A quick move to another city is also likely; you shouldn’t also rule out a job change.

Egyptian dream book

The roof dreams of goodness if the sleeper is onher. In the coming days he will have to discover something of value, to receive good news. There may be good events related to professional activities.