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The meaning of roses tattoos - can fate be changed?

In the variety of colors that can be pinned onthe human body, the rose is a certain leader: it can be seen most often. The value of roses tattoos is directly related to the legends that walk around this image. Not only girls are filling tattoo with this flower, men also like this drawing very much. In different countries and cultures, the symbolism of this flower is interpreted in its own way. And yet there is something in common. So, the red bud speaks of passionate and strong love. If a rose is depicted without spines, it can only mean one thing - love. And love is pure, from the first moment, at first sight.

the value of a rose tattoo

The meaning of roses tattoos in legends can tellAbout many things. The ancient Greeks believed that when the goddess of beauty Aphrodite was born in sea foam, then a beautiful flower appeared-a white rose. A beautiful story described the birth of a rose with spines. Once upon a time there lived in the light of a dazzling beauty a young girl named Rodonaz. Many men wanted to be her husband, but she was so proud of her beauty that she always rejected everyone. Then the men got angry with her and decided to break into her house. The goddess Diana, seeing this, was very angry. She turned a girl into a rose, and all the men who were her boyfriends, in prickly thorns.

If you study the value of roses tattoos throughoutpeace, in each country they are given their own interpretation. Japan considers this flower a symbol of love and power, pride and tenderness. Russia treats such an image as a paradise flower, because it is perfect, beautiful. And if a rose with thorns, it is a symbol of torture. In Italy, the value of roses tattoos is beauty and prosperity. Egypt attributes this symbol to the pure love of Osiris and Isis. Mysteriousness is symbolized by this flower in Greece. Western countries are presented with a rose, as in the East a lotus.

tattoo rose value

Earlier, when tattoos only appeared,Only the blue or black color of the image was known. The warriors pierced themselves with knights on their shoulders. Later, among the soldiers, it was decided to beat a blood group, so that it would be easier to provide first aid in case of injury. A lot of values ​​carry a tattoo.

Rose, whose significance we have already disassembled, canhave additional meaning depending on the color. For example, if the tattoo is done in red, it is passion and beauty. Bordovuyu rose pierce people with mental balance and harmony with themselves and their body. A golden rose indicates perfection both in the soul and outside. A white rose means innocence, white with red features - the unity of fire with water. A black flower means sadness, anguish and death. Dreamers stuff blue roses on the body, orange and yellow - energetic and very funny people. A blue rose will also indicate the non-ordinary personality, which does not recognize the established rules and stereotypes.

value of tattoo rose on shoulder

Today society is divided into those who are for tattoo, andthose who are against. Many people say that this is indecent, and some generally believe that you should carefully select the picture, because it can change your life forever. The meaning of the "rose" tattoo on the girl's shoulder in some circles is generally recognized as an indicator that it is indecent. Many believe that a girl who made herself such a tattoo, or a fallen woman, or become such. Poets describe such an image on the woman's shoulder as a brand for a girl who provides sexual services for money.

As you can see, there are a lot of opinions, so it's up to you to decide if you want to have a tattoo on your body and what its value will be for you.