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Why do you dream a lot of cats? What does the dream book say about this?

Why do you dream a lot of cats?This dream rarely foretells good events. Cats symbolize obvious enemies, vile and treacherous friends, as well as all sorts of troubles and troubles. The more animals in a dream, the more serious the trouble. For the correct interpretation of the dream you need to take into account all its nuances.

What do many cats dream about?
Roma Dream Book

Cats in a dream, as a rule, do not herald anythinggood. Sleeping animals mean that a certain person is plotting against you. Washing cats hint to a person that he needs to urgently pay attention to their affairs and establish order in them. A running or walking animal in a dream says that the dreamer will be involved in a lawsuit. Meowing is a warning about problems and troubles.

Dream interpretation of Zadeki: what many cats dream about

This dream foreshadows family conflicts and all sorts of troubles associated with the house.

A lot of cats in a dream
Wanderer's Dreambook

Cats dream of failure.If the animal bit or scratched the dreamer - to the disease. Black cat symbolizes evil, enemies and troubles, and white - a cunning mistress or trouble with a positive ending. To pet an animal is to internally reconcile with some disaster or to take it away.

Snotcher from A to Z: why do many cats dream

This dream foreshadows family scandals,the cause of which will be cunning and deceitful friends. Sizzling animals with wiggly wool are a symbol of theft. Peacefully sleeping cats or cats heralds success in some business, but not complete. Beating animals is to be held accountable for some misconduct, offense or crime. Kill them - to treason loved one or loved one. To feed on cat meat - to deceit and betrayal.

Slavonic Dream Book

Cats dream of treason. This dream can also point to false friends or cunning enemies.

English dream book: what many dreams about cats

This dream does not often dream about good.A bad sign when cats in a dream are a trader. This means that his staff is poorly prepared and thievish. If a cat dreams of a girl, her betrothed - a man unreliable and crafty. If such a dream is seen by a guy, he should not expect happiness. His beloved girl in the future will turn into a grumpy meager. This union will not bring him good. Kill the animal - to uncover the evil plans of enemies.

Sleep a lot of cats and kittens
What does this dream mean - many cats and kittens? Sonnik Tsvetkova

This dream does not dream to good. Kittens foreshadow some unexpected troubles and squabbles. Cats dream of treason and tears. Black animals symbolize enemies, and white animals symbolize vile friends.

Winters of Winter: many cats in a dream

Cats in dreams are always associated withcunning and cunning. The sleeper needs to look closely at his surroundings. Perhaps he is deeply mistaken about some of his acquaintances. Feed the cats - to no avail to win the favor of someone. All attempts of the sleeper will be in vain. Cat's claws portend small, but painful scandals and conflicts. A cat's look directed towards the dreamer is a warning. He should not get involved in any intrigue, and also need to beware of intrigues and sub-war fights of enemies.