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We'll figure out what the deceased relative is dreaming about

When the trouble came into the house, it's hard and painful for everyone.We mourn the fact that a loved one left the world of the living and left us. We are bitterly sad not to see this person again, to hear his voice, to touch his hand. And now you can meet the deceased only in dreams. Why is this happening? Why do they come to us in a dream? They say something, show, give. Is this some kind of information from there? Or a related relationship can not interrupt even death?

Message from the Other World

There are several variants of explanations to the people,what the deceased relative is dreaming of. There is a belief that this is a kind of message from the other world. The deceased after his death within 40 days has a connection with the world he left. His soul will not rest, if in life a person did not manage to fulfill his mission. Perhaps the deceased person wants to transmit some information to the living world. To explain what the deceased relative dreams about is not so difficult. They want to say something, warn or support. In a dream, do not be afraid to meet them. Listen carefully to them and remember everything they talk about. Believe me, in reality everything you hear will happen. But to go for the deceased is a bad sign, this is to a speedy death. If the deceased calls you, but you do not follow him, wait for illness and failure.

What does the deceased relative

It is necessary to remember

The people explain why the deceased dreamrelatives, so: you need to remember. Most likely, in the world of the living people have forgotten about him, do not go to the cemetery, do not attend the church, to order a service for the deceased, do not remember. If you saw in the dream the image of a deceased loved one, pay attention to how it looks. If he is in white clean clothes, young, and his body seems to glow from the inside, you know, in the next world the deceased is well. If his body has a gray-gray tint, as if transparent and rags on it - it's a sign that the relative was forgotten or not buried by all the rules. After such a dream, you must go to church and talk with your father, order a service.

What is the dream of a deceased relative

Towards a change of weather

Speaking of what the deceased relative is dreaming about,it is necessary to recall this national sign. It is believed that after such a dream you need to expect a change of weather. If it was hot, it means rainy days ahead. If you dreamed of a dead and cold season, wait for a thaw and a sharp warming.

What does the dream book say?

The book offers a slightly different informationAs to what the deceased relative is dreaming of. If you dreamed of a father who had long since departed into a different world, expect failures. This is a warning that in the near future it is not worth starting new business, making deals, changing jobs, getting acquainted. It is also likely that gossip and evil conversations are waiting for you behind your back. Have you met the deceased brother in a dream? In reality, take a closer look at your surroundings. Someone needs your attention and care. Dream mother who has long been buried in the cemetery? Also a warning. She takes care of you in the next world, tries to protect her from illnesses. After such a meeting in a dream, go to the hospital for a checkup. It is possible that in the near future you will get sick. The earlier the disease is identified, the easier it will be to treat it. If grandmothers or grandfathers dreamed, do not worry and think about what the deceased dreams about. The relative came to visit you and wants to inform about the coming pleasant changes in life.

Why do the deceased relatives dream?

Seeing yourself as a deceased person

Agree, to see yourself as dead in a dream is terrible.But do not worry. This dream has a very good interpretation. You will live happily ever after, you are not afraid of disease. But you do not need to test fate. Just live and enjoy each day of your stay in the world of people.