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Garden support for clematis: we decorate the site with our own hands

Garden support for clematis, with their own handsmade - an element that is simply necessary for the competent organization of landscape design. This design helps beautiful curly flowers grow in the right direction, thus giving a unique decorative to your suburban area. Many designers actively use these elements in their development, but if desired, you can make interesting designs and yourself, at home.

clematis support

Support for clematis, made by own hands,can be of several kinds. Arch structures, pyramids and fan forms are most often encountered. It should be noted that clematis, in its majority, is a liana, therefore, it is necessary to take care of the support for it beforehand, even before planting. When choosing a design, it should be taken into account that it must be strong, securely fixed, and the material from which it is made should not have a diameter of more than one and a half centimeters.

Decorating the garden with their own hands - very busyfascinating, but for the correct organization of the site, you should take into account some of the nuances. One of the best forms for the pillars is the arch. Most often it is made of metal rods. This support for clematis, made by hand, looks great in the beginning of the garden path. The arch-like archway, as if inviting visitors to go into the garden and relax in the shade of the trees.

decorating the garden with their own hands

The support of the trellis, covered with a flowering clematis,will become an excellent element of decorating the garden with your own hands (a photo of such supports can be seen in many magazines on floriculture). Such constructions look great near a gazebo or at home. The easiest way is to use a rope tied to a peg. It is stretched from the ground to the roof of the veranda or the cottage.

decorating the garden with your own hands Photo

It looks very good such a simple support forclematis, made by hands, on fruit trees: for this, the rope should be wrapped around the trunk. Beautiful flowers will evenly cover the apple, pear or cherry, giving the garden a unique and elegant appearance.

Another interesting design is a tripod,made of willow twigs or reeds. You can make it in the form of a lattice. Such a support is very stable and provides constant free support to flowers.

You can plant clematis not in the ground, but in a special vase in which the support is installed. Such vases can be placed around the perimeter of the site or in the secluded corners of the garden.

Good support for abundantly flowering plantsis obtained from a metal mesh-mesh. To do this, it is necessary to pull the large-mesh material between the support legs, which must be securely fixed in the ground. From this material can be made no less interesting support in the form of a cylinder. The climbing plant will surround the surface of the structure, and its middle will remain empty.

As you can see, there is nothing difficult in the manufacture of poles for flowering plants. You need only a little imagination and patience, after which your garden will become bright and unique.