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How to make a front garden with your own hands

The front garden can be a territorysmall size, which is located between the residential building and the sidewalk. Its width is usually four to six meters. It can be separated from the street by a fence made of stone, wood or metal, as well as with the help of a hedge consisting of bushes. The best option for an attractive front garden can be openness and harmony with the environment. You can arrange a front garden with your own hands, or you can invite a specialist who will do everything as you wish. If you decide to work independently, you will need to follow a few simple rules.

Front garden do it yourself
Создавая палисадник своими руками, важно to understand that they are making quite serious demands on him, since this will be the calling card of a country house. When planning it, it should be taken into account that it should please the guests and you with its appearance all year round. Elegant and well-groomed design is quite a natural desire of the owner of a suburban home. To achieve this is not so difficult. When creating a front garden, it is important to remember that it should be as simple as possible, so you can ensure ease of care. When choosing a ground coverage, you must follow this rule. Experienced experts do not recommend using lawn grass, even though many people like it very much. If the garden with its own hands will be on the shady side of the plot, then the grass will be regularly clogged with moss and weeds, due to which its growth will not be as active. In areas of small area, complexity may arise due to the fact that the grass will need to be cut by hand, as the dimensions of the lawn mower will not allow it to be used. The most suitable option would be the use of carpet grasses in the front garden.

Design a front garden do it yourself
Design a front garden do it yourself

This task should be approached with the maximumthoroughness. Here we are talking about such an important point as the choice of plants. For example, the design of a small front garden should not be done with the use of ornamental plants with large purple leaves, as well as plants with bright red flowers.

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Because of these colors, the space that withoutmoreover modest in size, it becomes even smaller visually, so the plants seem to be intrusive. Bright and juicy colors will decorate large front gardens with their own hands. For a visual increase in space, lilac, mauve and cold blue tones are more suitable. Similar shades look calm and balanced. For visual increase of the front garden, you can use pastel and light leaves and flowers. In areas of modest size, it is worth using climbing and climbing plants that allow you to create very interesting verticals even in a small area.

Front garden do it yourself from lush vegetationit will look good if the facade of the building is modest and laconic, and with an elaborate facade it is better to use more restrained compositions so as not to disturb the harmony.