/ / Description of the rose, or the variety of species of the Queen of Flowers

Description of the rose, or the variety of species of the Queen of Flowers

The best adornment of the garden is rightly considereda majestic rose, pleasing with a gentle fragrance and all sorts of shades. Popular are many varieties of different groups: Floribunda, tea-hybrid, polyanthus, park, winding, miniature.

description of the red rose
Description of the rose tea-hybrid variety

Roses differ in such basic qualities astenderness and beauty of the inflorescence, and resistance to colds provided winter shelter. This they inherited from their parents - tea and remontant roses. A clear advantage is a long flowering period, including a short break, after which the plant blooms again.

Bushes of tea-hybrid roses look great ingroup planting, and flowers are used to cut the bouquet because of the long stable stem and elegant inflorescences that the tea rose has given to the hybrid. Description of the properties of the variety: large elongated flowers are cup shaped, the number of petals in one bud varies from 20 to 50, the leaves are dark green glossy. These roses also have a few large spines of a reddish hue.

tea rose description

Description of Rose Floribunda

Flowers of these roses are brightly colored, goblet andsaucer shaped, varying degrees of terry. They are collected in the inflorescence. Middle-bush bushes are decorative and compact, a long period of profuse flowering and resistance to cold are the main properties of the species favored by gardeners.

A polyanthus rose

This rose is capable of repeatedflowering and increased resistance to cold. The description of the red rose of the polyantine species of the breed Border King: scarlet cupped flowers 6 cm wide, bush height of 60-70 cm, numbering up to 45 buds, is used for decorating curbs. Repeated flowering is less intense and ends earlier than in other species.

description of the rose

Park roses

They appeared as a result of the cultivation of the wildRose - dog rose. Description of the rose: thick shrubs with a height of 1.5-2 m are covered with numerous inflorescences, including 3-6 flowers of increased terry size up to 8 cm. Flowering lasts slightly more than a month, but plants do not require shelter for the winter. High dense shrubs are suitable for creating hedges or garden alleys.

Rose Rose

For the climbing (sticky) rose is characterized by the presencenumerous shoots, sometimes reaching 5 m, the growth of which is directed by the creation of a special frame. Buds can be of different size and shape. Blooming is abundant, lasts about 1 month. Some climbing roses bloom repeatedly. To increase the number of buds on the shoot, it is better to use a horizontal frame. At the end of the summer, it is possible to root shoots for reproduction, but it is better to transplant in the spring.

miniature rose

Miniature Rose

It belongs to the smallest.Description of the rose: the height of the plant is 15-20 cm, rarely 30 cm. Small flowers with a large number of petals are decorative and used to decorate flower beds and curbs. With proper care, miniature roses blossom all summer, in hot weather the bloom weakens, as the plant needs sufficient watering. To cover a miniature rose, it is enough to sprinkle a flower with a layer of sawdust or earth in 30 cm. This kind of feeling feels comfortable in a pot.