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Cherry variety Zhukovskaya: description of features

Cherry is a very popular berry on the territoryRussia. She was loved not only for her taste, but also for her many healing properties. And growing does not cause a lot of trouble, even a beginner in the gardening business can cope with it.

The climate of the country is such that special attentionchoosing a variety of cherries for your garden, the owner removes her ability to maintain vital functions even in the most severe frosts. And the variety of cherry Zhukovskaya, the description of which can be found in this article, copes very well with the task.

Features of the variety Zhukovskaya

By its name, cherry is obliged to the breeder.He was a wonderful father and husband, but died during the Great Patriotic War. Cherry Zhukovskaya (the description of the variety is given in this article) is famous for its taste and beauty of fruits, which strongly resemble cherry fruit (ignorant in appearance may not be distinguishable).

cherry zhukovskaja the description of a grade

The height of the adult tree is small. The fruits are almost black and sweet to the taste.

With due care, Cherry Zhukovskaya (descriptiongrades, photos are presented in the article) will please with a great harvest. This requires cross-pollination. Fruiting does not begin immediately, should go through an impressive period before the appearance of the first fruits.

The average height of an adult tree is about 3 m, the crown is back-pyramidal, but the older the tree, the more round it becomes.

cherry variety

The flesh of the fruit is dark red, in some cases can be almost black. The juice turns dark red.

Advantages of the variety

This variety belongs to the old and popular.Love him for large fruits - about 5 g (looks like a sweet cherry), a taste that is almost sweet with notes of acid, dark skin color. The tree is compact, which makes it easy to carry winter.

Good yield. With proper care, you can get about 3-4 kg of fruit from one tree, if the year is poor, and about 50 kg in a year of harvest.

The taste of fruits by the tasting commission was estimated at 4.7 points out of five possible.

The cherry fruit of this variety is characterized by a sufficiently dry separation and the highest transportability.

cherry zhukovskaya description of the photo

In addition, a variety of cherries Zhukovskaya (description,presented in the article, will tell you about other features) is famous for its resistance to certain diseases, in particular to coccomicosis and spotting.

Disadvantages of the variety

Recently, the variety of Cherry Zhukovskaya, the description of which you are now studying, is losing its popularity. This is due to the fact that there are more resistant to frost and disease varieties.

Cherry Zhukovskaya (description of the variety, reviews say aboutits uniqueness) is self-fertile and requires cross-pollination. Ideally, the cherry will do. This should be taken into account when choosing a landing site. To deprive you of the harvest can also be inclement weather during flowering and pollination. In the garden you can not plant cherries of the same variety, it is better to choose several for the effectiveness of cultivation.

This grade is medium-resistant to winterfrost, therefore it is recommended to make additional shelter for bushes, since there is a chance to lose the kidneys, which will not be covered with snow. The low growth of Zhukovskaya's representatives only goes hand in hand.

The best pollinators

Due to the fact that the variety is self-fertile, onit is required to plant other cherries. In some cases, they can be replaced with cherries, which will also help improve yield. The best varieties pollinators for cherry Zhukovskaya are:

  • Vladimirskaya;
  • Lyubskaya;
  • Tambovchanka;
  • Griot is an Ostheim;
  • The consumer goods are black.

Due to the availability of these varieties on the site, the yield of the Zhukovskaya cherry increases. The fruit ripening period is average.

Cherry ZHUKOVA description of variety

Features of care

Cherry Zhukovskaya (description of advantages andof deficiencies can be read in this article) loves the soil, which is enriched with various nutrients. In addition, the soil must be breathable and easily absorb moisture. To do this, before a direct landing, the place needs to be drained.

Trees respond well to the use of various fertilizers, as well as to systematic pruning, provided it is properly carried out. All the weeds around the cherry need to be removed.

When choosing a landing site, consider the illumination of the site. There must be a lot of light.