/ How to connect metal pipe to metal without thread?

How to connect metal pipe to metal without threads?

The pipeline is a consistentinterfacing pipes, all kinds of elements and measuring equipment, which were provided for in the design of the project. If you decide to do the pipeline, you will be faced with the question of how to connect a metal pipe to a metal pipe. To carry out these works, one of a variety of methods can be used, but the choice of the most suitable is made depending on the purpose of the system, as well as the conditions under which the operation will be carried out. The size of the material and pipes is also important.

During the installation of the pipeline,the most various ways of interfacing pipes. Some of them assume the possibility of a connector, which is required for dismantling and re-assembly. So, if you are thinking about how to connect a metal pipe to a metal without welding, then you will have the opportunity to separate the elements during operation. Other compounds are monolithic. Disassemble them without destroying the pipes will be impossible. The most common kind of non-separable joints is welding. It is used when working with all kinds of pipes. Among them - plastic, cast iron, steel and copper. However, the technology that involves the use of welding is far from the only way that is used when connecting pipes together.

Connection methods

How to connect a metal pipe to a metal pipe

Today metal pipes are usedquite often, that is why the question of how to connect a metal pipe to a metal pipe arises before the home masters and specialists of their business. Despite the fact that plastic is widely used today, steel products are used for water supply and installation of pipelines, as well as arrangement of other types of systems.

Welded connection of steel pipes is consideredthe most common method of installation. The implementation of these manipulations assumes the master has the skills and professional knowledge. Therefore, when making the connection of pipes with their own hands, quite often the masters refuse to conduct welding operations.

Connection with flanges

how to connect metal pipe to metal without threads

Before connecting the metal pipe to theit is necessary to take into account that besides all the technologies listed in the article, there is also a threaded one. But if you decide to use pairing with flanges, you should know that this technique is also quite common. To perform such work, a special fitting is used, called a flange. This element has a rubber gasket.

Flange connection technology

how to connect metal pipes

In order to use for pairingsteel pipe flanges, you need to cut the product. It should be located strictly perpendicular, among other things it must be relieved of burrs. At the butt end, you do not need to chamfer. A flange is put on the previously cut. The next step is to install the rubber gasket so that it protrudes beyond the cut by 10 centimeters. The connecting element is put on the gasket, and after it is to be connected to the counter flange, the last of which must be installed on that part of the pipe that is supposed to be attached to the first one.

how to connect metal pipe to metal without welding

If you are faced with the task of how to connect the metal pipe to the metal, then during the tightening of the connecting flanges you can not tighten the bolts.

Coupling with clutches

how to connect a metal tube to a metallic photo

Sufficiently sealed and reliable connection is considered a coupling. It is used for the installation of pressure and non-pressure piping systems. The technology of its implementation will be described in detail later.

Methods of work

how to connect a metal tube to a metal base method

If you are thinking about how to connectmetal pipe with metal without a thread, it is possible to use a coupling. To do this, the ends of the pipes that are to be joined together must be cut so that the cut is strictly perpendicular and even. At the junction point, a coupling must be applied, the central part of the fitting must be located at the junction. On the elements to be joined, the marker must be placed with a marker to indicate the position of the coupling. The ends of the products are treated with silicone grease, as is the coupling itself. The last pipe is inserted into the last pipe to the designated line. After the second pipe is aligned along a single axis with the first. On it it is necessary to push the coupling. When putting on the connecting element, you need to be guided by the labels placed earlier.

Galvanized pipes

Довольно часто при прокладке систем водоснабжения before the masters the question arises as to how to connect a metal pipe to a metal pipe without a thread. And what if special types of pipes are to be used? Then you need to carefully approach the issue of choosing the technology of their connection. Thus, if galvanized pipes are used in the pipeline, then traditional methods of welding can not be resorted to. This is due to the fact that zinc is characterized by a certain melting point, which is much lower than that of steel pipes. This indicates that the zinc coating can burn out. In this case, the junction site will be devoid of a special protective coating. These processes will certainly provoke the occurrence of corrosion. Couplings are often used to connect galvanized steel pipes.


Before connecting metal pipes,it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with all the technologies for carrying out these works. If it is necessary to use casing pipes used in the arrangement of wells, including those that will be used to supply water to houses for residential purposes, the methodology is selected depending on the specific conditions. The most relevant for casing pipes is the welding method or the installation of couplings. The choice of technology will depend on the product of what diameter to be used for well completion. Before connecting the metal pipe to the metal, it is recommended to consider the photo. They are presented in the article. In support of the above, it can be noted: if the pipe has a diameter of less than fifty millimeters, it will be most convenient to use a coupler coupling. If the pipe diameter exceeds a hundred millimeters, in this case it is recommended to use welding.

Profile pipes

If you are thinking about how to connectmetal tube with metal, the basic methods presented in the article will help you to cope with this task. If you want to work with profile pipes, then for their connection, welding is most often used. But in some cases, experts recommend to abandon this technology in favor of installing clamps. Such products are practically not used for the installation of pipelines, which are intended for the transport of liquids. This is due to the fact that in products of square or rectangular shape creates an impressive internal resistance.