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Disc for Bulgarians on wood and rubber. Discs for grinding wood with a Bulgarian

Modern angle grinders, moreknown under the name "Bulgarian", are used for various technological processes during construction and repair. Choosing a disc for Bulgariks for wood and rubber, it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of not only the instrument itself, but also the processed objects.

wood-burning disc

Main characteristics of cutting wheels

Depending on the material of production and design features distinguish three main types of circles:

  1. Abrasive disc for woodgrass, used to work with different surfaces. Depending on the thickness, the circle can be cut and grinded.
  2. A diamond disc intended for carrying outworks with stone, concrete and other building materials. Such circles are divided into segmented and continuous. The first type due to better removal of the shovel through the slits and more efficient cooling ensures high productivity. These discs can be used for thin metal cutting.
  3. The usual circle for the circular.However, it should immediately be noted that it is not recommended to use it for sawing wood products without work experience, as many cases have been known where people were seriously injured when clamping in a disk array. If possible, when performing such work, it is better to use another tool, such as a jigsaw, a chainsaw, etc.

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Select a circle

When choosing grinding wheels for grinding wood with a Bulgarian, pay attention to the following points:

  • The size of the circles should not exceed the maximumthe permissible diameter for which the Bulgarian is designed. The tool, intended for discs with a diameter of 125 mm, can not work with a cutting circle of 230 mm for a variety of reasons. Firstly, the speed of movement of the edge of the bulgarka is significantly exceeded (with a significant increase in the disk, it can simply fly apart). Secondly, to work with such a disk you need more power than the one for which a small tool is designed. Thirdly, to install such a consumable material, it is necessary to remove the protective cover, which makes the work more dangerous.
  • When working with different types of materials, you should choose a disk that is designed specifically for them.
  • Pay attention to the speed of the circle,which is maximum permissible (or linear velocity). These figures are indicated on the surface of the circle. According to these values, it is necessary to choose the operating mode of the Bulgarian.

wood-burning disc 125

Outer diameter of discs

One of the important indicators of the cutting circleis its outer diameter, which is calculated in millimeters and is unified. For household purposes, as a rule, a disc for wood grinders is used 115-230 mm.

Diameter of the tool shaft (landing dimension)almost all discs are now the same - 22.2 millimeters, and for installation on obsolete models of Bulgarians special intermediate rings are used.

The most universal is considered to be a disc for wood grinders 125 mm, 150 mm and 230 mm.

A circle of 125 mm is convenient to use when it is necessary to cut metal fittings and rod.

A disc for a wood grinder of 150 mm can not only grind and cut metal, but is able to saw the beam or dissolve the board.

If the diameter is more than 230 mm, then such circles have an industrial purpose.

The 230 mm wood grinder disc has a wider field of application, as it can be used for machining metal alloy products of various grades.

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Abrasive discs for Bulgarian

As mentioned earlier, abrasive wheels forBulgarians are divided into cut-off (up to 3 mm thick) and grinding (thicker). Despite the fact that the classification is very conditional, there is another significant difference between disks: reinforcement of cutting wheels is usually carried out in 2 layers, and grinding at least three.

wood-grinding disc 115

Form of abrasive discs

Abrasive wheels differ in their shape. Distinguish:

  1. Standard flat discs.
  2. Curved discs (in the form of a plate).They can be used for work in hard-to-reach places. With this form of the circle, the fixing nut is hidden, therefore grinding work is more convenient to perform.

When purchasing a wood-burning disc, pay attention to the marking (for example, A 40 L), which allows you to find out the following information about the product:

  • The first letter (or two) indicates the type of abrasive material used. For example: A - corundum, AS - electrocorundum, C - silicon carbide, which is used for works on granite and stone.
  • The figures let you know the grain size of the abrasive.And the more it is bigger, the work will move faster. However, this reduces the cleanliness of the cut or grinding. A disk with a large grain is used, as a rule, for the processing of soft (non-ferrous) metal, and with a small one it is used for steel.
  • The last letter in the marking gives an indication of thehardness of the ligament base of the circle (those letters that are located at the beginning of the alphabet, mean that the ligament is softer). It is recommended when buying to follow this rule - when working with soft material use a soft-clipped disc and vice versa.

Virtually all manufacturers of abrasivecircles use the color marking of products. Green is intended for stone, blue for work on metal. Also worth mentioning about the inner landing ring. In circles that are designed for cutting, it is made of hard metal, and for polishing or grinding use cutting discs with a softer washer.

Diamond cutting wheels for Bulgarian

Depending on the purpose, diamond disks can be divided into several types:

  1. Concrete. Circles of this type can easily cope with monolithic, including with concrete and reinforced structures.
  2. Granite. Such discs are used in the work with particularly hard rocks.
  3. Asphalt. Cutting wheels are best used in the processing of concrete and, accordingly, asphalt.
  4. Construction Materials. Disks of this type can be used for cutting ceramics, bricks.

Diamond cutting discs of some manufacturers are also color-coded:

  • Green is granite.
  • Blue - concrete, marble.
  • Yellow - gypsum, tile.
  • Gray is ceramics.

Segmented diamond cutting discsUse for cutting materials, using a dry method. When using solid discs, a wet cut (water cooling) is used. This, first of all, is associated with a very large heating of the continuous surface of the cutting wheel.

There are models that have a partialsegmentation. These are so-called turbodies, in which the slots are placed in the body of the circle (they do not leave the outer edge). Such products can be used at a higher speed than fully segmented ones.

So, choosing the most suitable for all parameters cutting disc for wood grinder, you can effectively and safely perform any work.

 wood-burning disc 150

Safety regulations

When working with a Bulgarian irrespective of the type of the installed disk, it is necessary to strictly observe the safety requirements.

  1. The tool must be equipped with a thrust knob and protective cover.
  2. All work must be carried out in overalls and withuse of personal protective equipment. Also, it is very important to take care of the choice of glasses or a mask, because eye damage (according to statistics, this is the most common injury) can be obtained even from small chips or a fragment of the circle itself.

wood-grinding disc 230


The cost of all cut-off wheels for the Bulgariandepends largely on both the model and the manufacturer's fame. For example, a diamond disc for a Bulgarian on wood with a small diameter (125 mm) from a Bosch company costs at least 400 rubles. However, in spite of this, it is recommended to give preference to the proven manufacturers, since this tool is an increased danger. Therefore, on such an expendable material as a cutting disc, you do not need to save money.