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Electric cookers (glass ceramics) for the kitchen: how to choose, reviews

Electric stoves (glass ceramics) for the kitchen -novelty of household kitchen appliances. It is worth such a plate an order of magnitude more expensive than the usual enamel, but all the additional costs in this case are justified a hundredfold. The plate with a glass ceramic surface, in comparison with the usual enameled, has an increased degree of thermal conductivity, enhanced functionality, automated control and original design that can decorate and complement the harmonious image of any modern kitchen.

Home appliances that are easiest to manageat cooking, are electric cookers for kitchen (glass ceramics). User feedback indicates that more convenient and multifunctional equipment has not been invented yet. By adjusting the temperature during the cooking process, you can prepare dishes of any complexity and sophistication, without resorting to additional heating appliances. It is important only to remember that for a durable comfortable use of plates of glass ceramics, only special utensils should be used.

Electric plates (glass ceramics) for the kitchen. How to choose?

The choice of the plate is the same as the choiceany other home appliances, in stages. First, it is necessary to decide what size and dimensions the stove will be. This directly depends on the spatial capabilities of the room where it is planned to be installed, and on the requirements for functionality and usability. Will it be small and compact or take up a lot of space.

Will it be built-in or self-standing. Which option is more suitable: combined with an oven or a cooker that will consist of two separated independent units.

electric cooker for ceramics

Secondly, it is necessary to decide what size andthe stove perfectly complements the color of the kitchen room without introducing dissonance in its size, size and color. Perhaps, it is worthwhile to consider not the traditional white, but electric cookers for kitchen (glass ceramics) of brown color?

electric cooker for kitchen ceramic glass ceramics

The third stage of choosing a plate with glass ceramics is to determine the optimum total power of the device, the number and configuration of the burners.

As for the fourth stage, it alsocompletely individual. Here it is necessary to decide what is more important - financial savings or comfort of handling the device. It is from the type of control of the stove that ease of handling with it will primarily depend on it.

Wisdom of the device of glass ceramics

So, when viewed from above, the plate is asmooth glass-ceramic surface with specially marked heating zones (burners). Under it is located TEN (special spiral elements, capable of heating). Under the heating elements is a base of asbestos.

electric cookers for kitchen glass ceramics

The main property of glass ceramics ishigh thermal conductivity, this is an excellent heat-polarizing material, which is good for transmitting heat in the vertical direction and practically does not allow it to pass in the horizontal direction. Therefore, when heating the heating elements, only the surface above them is heated, not a centimeter more.

Burners and their types

When choosing a plate (glass ceramics), you should take a close look at the various types of burners.

There are three main groups that are equipped withmodern glass ceramic tiles: Rapid, halogen and induction. Reheating is carried out by heating the spiral. Halogen are heated from special halogen lamps. And induction become hot due to the action of fields of electromagnetic origin. They are the most advanced today. If the cooker is equipped with induction cooking plates, then it should be used only by using a special dish with a magnetized bottom.

Variety of burners depending on the material

Burners of glass ceramic electric stovesdiffer also in the material from which they are made. There are burners made of enameled steel, they are inexpensive and yet have decent hygienic properties. The stainless steel burners are somewhat more expensive than the previous ones, but they are durable and easier to clean. The most expensive option for burners for this type of board is that they are made from a unique aluminum alloy, ideal for heating and durable applications. They practically do not require care, as they do not darken and are not susceptible to scratches. Electric cookers (glass ceramics) for the kitchen, equipped with such burners, are the most reliable and durable.

Varieties of burners depending on the size and shape

It is also important to know that the burners of plates fromglass ceramics can be either single-circuit or double-circuit. Burners of this type are easily adjusted to any size of dishes. For example, a large frying pan or a small saucepan.

electric cookers glass ceramics for the kitchen how to choose

Exotic enough for the modernHousewives are still burners with heating zones in the shape of an oval. When you press the special button, the standard standard circle-shaped burner turns into an improved oval, perfectly suitable for cooking food in a catcher or special fish trays.

Ease of use of a plate of glass ceramicsincrease the temperature indicators created with the help of the segmental arrangement of the structure. With their help at first glance, you can make the right choice in determining the most recently turned off hotplate, which still retained the maximum heat. Putting dishes on it with food, you can keep the food warm for a while, not warming up.

Types of control of a plate with a ceramic working surface

Controlling a modern electric stove fromglass ceramics can be of two types: with rotary switches or touch, when the buttons are not located on the front of the plate, but directly on the work surface next to the burners.

electric cooker for kitchen glass ceramic
In addition to the comfort and simplicity in controlling the stove,this innovation will also be useful for families with young children. Sensor control allows smooth adjustment of the speed and degree of heating of the burners.

Booster function. Uniqueness and ease of use

Very attractive in modernceramic plates function "booster". With its help, you can increase the power of one of the burners at the expense of others. And, as soon as the timer, synchronized with the heating sensor, will report the boiling of water, the power of the burner will immediately decrease automatically. Just think, what a pleasant innovation! With him, you will be deprived of concern about the timely "reduce the light".

Models of electric cookers (glass ceramics), which are most popular. Reviews

As it was said above, today electricPlates (glass ceramics) for the kitchen are widespread. And, of course, as in any other market area, there are leaders and outsiders among them. The most popular models of plates with a glass ceramic surface are the following: Electrolux EKC 52300 OW, Hansa FCCI 58236060, Indesit KN 6C107, Hotpoint-Ariston CE 6V M3 X, Bosch HCE 744350R, Beko CS 47100, Gorenje EC 55320 RBR, Samsung CTR164N027.

electric cookers for kitchen glass ceramics burning
Judging by the feedback of users whooperate plates of glass ceramics for quite a long time, we can say with certainty that the heating of the plate of the glass-ceramic plate, in comparison with the enameled electric and, the more so gas, occurs much faster, as well as cooling. But there is a significant drawback with glass-ceramic plates, although they are quite reliable. There is the possibility of damage to the surface, which entails an expensive replacement of the entire top panel, since it is not subject to repair. In addition, often there are problems with cleaning glass ceramics. The usual household chemicals and sponges in this case are not suitable. They are able to scratch the glossy surface, so when moving from a conventional enamel plate to a plate with glass-ceramic working area, you have to buy not only new cooking utensils, but also cleaning products. If there are no special problems with the purchase of dishes, except that the financial plan (it costs not cheap), then with household chemicals and cleaning devices, difficulties are observed, as the assortment of stores in this direction is not yet very large.

Safety rules for using a ceramic glass cooker

After studying reviews on the topic "Electric Cookers(glass ceramics) for the kitchen ", we can conclude that there are a number of rules necessary for compliance in order to ensure the most safe, comfortable and durable operation of the slabs.

1.It should be remembered that at the edges of the plate there are side walls, but they are so low that the liquid that escaped during boiling will not only fill the slab, but will most likely fall to the floor. Do not allow uncontrolled rapid boiling of liquids.

2. Spilling of boiling liquid also is fraught with its hit on the surface of burners located nearby, which may threaten the cracking of the ceramic.

electric cookers for kitchen glass ceramics repair
In this case, the entire panel will be replaced.In the event of a breakdown, all the joy that electric cookers for the kitchen (glass ceramics) brought during the comfortable cooking is instantly lost. Repair them is not cheap. We repeat: do not allow uncontrolled boiling of liquids, and electric cookers (glass ceramics) for the kitchen will delight you with a long and faithful service.

3.A plate with a ceramic surface is extremely demanding for the dishes used during cooking. The ideally smooth bottom of the cookware guarantees the durability of the surface of the household appliance. Experience shows that practically all the utensils used in the use of conventional gas cookers with burner-shells are absolutely unclaimed when people purchase an electric cooker from glass ceramics. User reviews are full of stories about this fact, therefore, when purchasing such an "assistant" in the kitchen, be prepared to change all the utensils for cooking hot food, which is fraught with considerable expenses.

4. And the last.Be also prepared for the fact that an electric cooker with a glass ceramic surface is not only an increased level of comfort and safety of cooking, improved enhanced functionality, but also a high price. But electric cookers for the kitchen (glass ceramics) "Burning", even despite the high price, are very common among people who prefer to eat healthy, healthy foods, not devoting much time and attention to cooking.