/ The best sorts of wild strawberry. Overview, description, reviews

The best varieties of strawberry remontant bezusoy. Overview, description, reviews

Increasingly popular is small-fruitedremontant strawberry. It would seem, why grow it, small-fruited, if there are such varieties as Gigantella. But the real fans know that each of the berries with its unique taste, aroma, and other terms of the fruiting characteristics. Instead one can be put berries weighing 24 g in the mouth three pieces of 8 grams Although the fruit has a large and beardless remontant strawberries. The best varieties can reach 22 g.


Varieties of repair strawberries with large berriesbelong to the species of strawberries pineapple, with small - strawberry forest. What do remontant strawberries have in common? The photo of the best beakless varieties speaks of their extraordinary beauty and yield.

the best strawberry varieties

  • The advantage of the remontant fossil strawberryis the absence of a mustache, which simplifies the care of the beds. Rosettes do not turn the site into a solid carpet, the mustache does not need to break off. It is easy to weed the site at any time, freeing it from weeds.
  • The wild strawberry does not give all the energy tothe creation and growth of mustaches and rosettes, and the formation of horns with a huge number of inflorescences. They are many times more than in conventional varieties. If any of them are damaged, then in its place in the same year will grow new.
  • Weakly damaged by disease.
  • Gives harvest to frost.
  • The fruits are fragrant.
  • Durable, so they are easy to transport.
  • From them they cook tasty jam, compotes.
  • Bushes tolerate frosts well.
  • On yield for the season is not inferior to large-fruited.

Cultivation and care

What are the needs of such a plant, such as repairless bearded strawberries, cultivation and care? The best varieties of berries will please you with taste and size, if all the features of technology are observed.

While ordinary strawberries or strawberriespractically has no problems with the breeding and replacement of old shrubs, because they are always at hand, inseminated strawberries need to be grown from seeds. And this is not for everyone on the shoulder.

The problem is that the strawberry seeds are very small. If you sow them in the holes and wrap them with a layer of earth, as they usually do with other crops, you are unlikely to see sprouts.

Strawberry Repairing Inseminating Best Grades

The one to whom this method seems very difficult,can share the old bush and plant the pieces separately. Often this is how the remnants of the wild strawberry breeds. The best grades of gardeners' reviews are described as hardy and fruitful. Repaired strawberry is more demanding for growing conditions, soil structure, temperature regime. It grows well on sandy loam and loams. Positively reacts to humus in the soil.


Before sowing the seeds are mixed with sand.Prepare the dishes, fill it with soil, water. Then evenly (the sand helps it) spread the seeds across the territory. Cover the boxes with a film so that the soil does not dry out, and the water, evaporating, creates the necessary moisture over the soil and where the seeds are. After the shoots appear 3 real leaves, dive, and at six - planted on the garden. All this time, to ensure that the soil does not dry up. But you can not pour it.

Experts do not advise sowing seeds early.It is necessary to do this in late March and early April. After all, in indoor conditions, without additional light sources, the seedlings will "sit still" until it is planted in the garden. In May, they take out to a balcony or a sunny place for hardening.

Then you need to make sure that it does not wither. To do this, the seedlings are watered and mulched.


The soil is prepared for strawberries in advance. Make fertilizer, liming. Do not sit down after tomatoes, eggplant, potatoes. It grows well after onions, carrots.

The recommended bed width is 1.2 m, in the row - 30 m.see Rows are located from each other at a distance of 40 cm. The next year the bushes will grow and cover almost the entire territory. They will be easy to take care of.

Planted at a time when the sun does not fallon the leaves. In the holes add ash, superphosphate (1 tbsp.) Or one of the chemical fertilizers (at the specified rate). Sprinkle fertilizer soil, then it does not burn the roots of the plant. Pour 1.5 liters of water, level the roots. Sprinkle with the earth so that the growth point remains on top.

 strawberries repairing inseminating best grades for siberia

Week adaptations adapt, but soon beginto let out young leaves. In September they give weak berries. This will allow the gardener to taste the variety. But the main crop will be given only by the next year.

Each of the leaves lives 2 months. Then it needs to be deleted.

Reviews of gardeners are not advised to do it too early in the spring. Otherwise young leaves can damage spring frosts.


Strawberries require the introduction of nitrogen fertilizers.But if their number is excessive, then the bush will please the hosts with more beautiful bright leaves than berries. Flower buds in this case are formed longer.

The lack of nitrogen leads to a slower growth of the leaves, they become pale, the number of peduncles sharply decreases.

Nitrogen fertilizers are introduced in two stages, before the appearance of peduncles.

Then potassium-phosphorus fertilizers are introduced. The source of potassium is ash. It is brought under irrigation or in wet weather, closer to winter. After all, potassium helps plants to survive the winter without losses.

Repaired strawberries need boron to ensure continuous fruiting.

It can be fertilized by ferretizing. This application of fertilizers during irrigation, together with water. This is facilitated by the establishment of a watering system.


Ripen the best varieties of strawberry remontantBezusy begin approximately at the same time, when also large-fruited. But these terms differ depending on the properties of the variety. So, Alexandria - early, and Yellow miracle - later.


Experts do not advise to collect half-berry berries. Let them hang on the bush, grow up and be tastier. But if you come for a crop once a week, then you should not leave them.

Seed collection

The best sorts of wild strawberry with patchworkless bezus are often propagated by seeds.

You can buy them.But the quality and quantity of seeds sold is constantly deteriorating. Therefore, the varieties that you have, when it is required to replace plants, it is better to grow from their seeds. For this, the berries chosen for sowing are dried in the sun and hand-picked.

Comments gardeners are advised to stretch the berries in the water, wait until the seeds settle on the bottom. At this time, prepare the soil, pour water on it with the contents, cover with a film and leave to germinate.

If young plants manage to grow to 6leaves, they are planted in a permanent place. If you do not have time, you can plant a clod of earth with all the plants together, hide from frost and continue growing in the spring.

You can select seeds, dry and store before sowing in the spring.


The best strawberry varieties of patchworkless beak are quite hardy and undemanding to growing conditions. But this does not mean that you do not need to look after them.

In the heat, strawberries should be watered regularly, otherwise where does the bush take water for the constant formation of the buds and berries, bringing them to the proper weight and taste?

strawberries repairing inseminating best varieties reviews

Also requires regular feeding of strawberriesrepairless bezusaya. The best varieties bear fruit for a long time. They use a large number of useful substances, giving them to berries. Therefore, the stock needs to be replenished. At 1 m2 15 g of nitrogen, 4 g of phosphorus and 18 g of potassium are introduced. And this is only to restore the spent substances.

Куст растет на одном месте до 4 лет.Then it grows to the sides, the central part disappears, the berries almost do not grow. Cultivate it further does not make sense. You can dig a bush out of the ground, divide it into several young ones and plant them. Often this is how the patchworkless strawberry grows. The best sort of review still characterizes as pretty capricious in this regard. This method is not possible for all varieties. Some breed only seeds.

Best grades

What are the best varieties of strawberries?

  • Alexandria has large dark red fruits of 7 g. Fruits ripen before frost. The bush is formed large, yielding. Fructifies for three years, can be grown in special containers.
  • Ali Baba forms a shrub up to 15 cm high.Berries conical, bright red, up to 5 g. Flesh white, very pleasant to taste and fragrant. Blooms since May. Berries ripen in the middle of June. Fruits ripen before frost.
  • Snow White is an early variety.It is distinguished by white berries, in shape they are a truncated cone. The flesh is also white, the reviews say that it has the aroma of pineapple. As for medicinal qualities it reminds forest strawberries.

strawberries repairing inseminating best grades for urals

  • Weiss Zolemacher ripens from June to frost.The berries are white, small, uneven. The bush grows two years. Then they change it, because it loses not only the yield, but also frost resistance. Propagate by seeds. Comments of gardeners say that they use it to decorate curbs.
  • Rote Zolemacher - early ripens, berries are dark red. Propagate by seeds. Very decorative.
  • Yellow miracle with berries of light yellow color weighing 3 g. Frost-resistant, high-yielding.

To get a full harvest in autumn, you needmake a film shelter, which protects the berries from freezing. It is also necessary to feed more and water bushes, which spend a lot of effort to combat severe climatic conditions.

Strawberry remanant bezusaya: the best varieties for the Urals

  • Rügen. The berries are elongated, dark red, have a pleasant aroma. Sweet and sour. Therefore, the variety can be considered technical.

remontant bezusaya strawberry best varieties for the Moscow region

  • Alexandria.
  • Baron Solemacher.
  • Ruyan. Seeds do not preserve the properties of the mother plant. Flower peduncles rise above the leaves, so it is convenient to collect the berries. Propagated by dividing the bush.
  • Yellow miracle.
  • Temptation. The bush is low, berries reach 23 grams, dark red color. Seeds are yellow, clearly visible.
  • Vkusnyatina F1 - a hybrid with large berries. The maturation period is medium. Fruits weighing 15 g, delicious and sweet.
  • The Rhine Waltz is early. Fruits are red, weighing up to 4 g.

Growing strawberries in Siberia

In Siberia, strawberries ripen immediately after honeysuckle. From one hundred we get up to 150 kg of berries. Some gardeners manage to grow 400 kg.

For successful growing it is necessary to cover from autumna site with snow, and in the spring as long as possible, keep it on the beds until April, so that the roots of the plants do not freeze. It is better to plant strawberries in Siberia in the spring, until May 20. The harvest will be more by 60%. Up to 70% increases the yield covered by a spunbond, a perforated strawberry remanant membrane film.

The best varieties for Siberia:

  • Alexandrina blooms and fruits at the same time. Pretty large berries. For a season with a bush, you can get up to 300 g of berries.
  • Forest fairy tale - dark red berries weighing up to 6 g. The composition is similar to wild strawberry.

remontant bezusaya strawberry best varieties review

  • Rügen gives up to 100 fruits from the bush. Very tasty.Length - up to 3 cm, width 2 cm. It grows in any climatic zone, fructifies to -5 degrees. Long retains maternal signs. Do not be struck by disease, this patchworkless bezusaya strawberry.

Best grades for Moscow region

  • Garland is the most fruitful variety.
  • Alexandria;
  • Yellow miracle;
  • The Rhine Waltz;
  • Rügen.