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Drip irrigation from medical droppers with their own hands

Ahead of a vacation, you are planning a holiday on a sultrythe sea coast. Tickets are already bought, things are collected. And the last time glancing around the apartment, you remember about the room flowers. If you do not come to water them, then you risk seeing after the arrival of dried shrubs instead of lush greenery. But everything can be corrected if we drip irrigation from medical droppers. Such a simple tool will allow you to hold on to flowers long enough, especially if you take additional measures. Today we are talking about how to automate the system of watering domestic plants for the time of your absence.

drip irrigation from medical droppers

What is drip irrigation?

This is a system that ensures a constanthumidification of soil in small portions. This is much more useful for a plant than a one-stage flow of water. The soil does not dry out, and it also does not become excessively moistened, which can also damage the roots. Drip irrigation from medical droppers is an excellent assistant for the florist, especially during the summer and during the holidays. In fact, there are lots of options for the automated irrigation system, we will try to touch all the simplest and most reliable ones. Do not forget that we set out to find a way not only to preserve our plants, but also to provide them with optimal conditions for growth and development.

Drip irrigation from medical droppers with their own hands

How to make drip irrigation from medical droppers with your own hands

In fact, this is much longer to describe thando. You will need regular droppers, which can be bought at the pharmacy, a reliable high stand and a large water tank. How much depends on the length of your departure. For one large ficus, a bucket of water will be enough to allow it to last two to three weeks. If your garden is large, then you will need to prepare it properly for your departure, but about this a little later.

Technical side of the question

In fact, drip irrigation from medicalDroppers can collect even a child. In advance, think about where your plant will stand. It is desirable that this was not the most sunny and hot place in the house. Then move it to the floor. Nearby should be a stand, such as a window sill or table, on which you can put a container of water. Now open the package with the medical system. It looks like a syringe, from which comes a tube with a needle at the end. In the middle of the tube there is a wheel that allows you to adjust the speed of the fluid literally in seconds. The next moment will be the activation of our system. For this, pour water in a large bucket and place it on a stand. It remains to insert one end of the tube into the bucket, and the second to stretch to the plant.

Drip irrigation from medical droppers photo

Basic difficulties

Drip irrigation from medical droppershands do not difficult, but there are some nuances. First of all, elementary laws of physics must be taken into account. The pipe should not bend, otherwise the water will not move along it. You can use the holder for the drain pipe from the washing machine. Its shape allows the tube smoothly, without bends to descend to the plant. The second point is the location of the tube inside the bucket, which will serve as a source of water. The ideal option will be a container with a hole at the bottom, through which you can pass a tube. Then the water pressure will ensure its movement almost to the full emptying of the tank.

home-made drip irrigation from medical droppers

Another point is the need to adjust the water supply. For this you need to have a few days left. Set the slowest mode and observe the condition of the soil, as well as the flow of water.

If your home garden is large enough

Indeed, if the house grows one or twoplants, then this method is a real find, but what if there are several dozen? In fact, you can make the same drip irrigation from medical droppers with your own hands, just take a container for more water, and around it arrange all the pots. Each of them will have its own "tube of life". The system is cumbersome and unaesthetic, but it is suitable to save flowers from death.

Additional arrangements for the holiday period

Homemade drip irrigation from medicalDroppers are quite simple and reliable, but if there are really valuable plants at home, then it is worthwhile to insure yourself in case something goes wrong. To do this, all the room flowers recommend to put on the floor in the coolest room. Windows should be shaded. Between the plants you need to place bottles with water, so that it evaporates and gives moisture, and cover each plant with a polyethylene wrap. Drip irrigation with the help of medical droppers along with such precautions can keep your garden intact for a very long time. After arrival, placing flowers in places, you can continue using this simple technique, replacing the bucket with a plastic bottle, which is easy to hang next to the pot. Every day, adding water to it, you will free yourself from exhausting watering and will please the plants with a constant soft rain from the warmed sun of the water instead of a cold flood every few days.

drip irrigation with medical droppers

Methods of automatic watering of domestic plants

Drip irrigation with a dropper is notThe only way to protect plants from drought. Very often the method of "thread" irrigation is practiced. For this, even when planted through drainage holes, a thick synthetic thread is passed through (it is better not to use wool, as it will quickly rot). The top of the thread is cut level with the surface of the soil, and a 5-10 cm long tail protrudes from the drainage hole. It is necessary to purchase a wide and shallow tray that is filled with expanded clay and filled with water. On top put pots, and the threads serve as a conveyor belt that transfers moisture.

drip irrigation with a dropper

Modification of this method is the premisepots with flowers in the bathroom, on the bottom of which is laid a thick towel, impregnated with water. Pre-well spilled pot may in such conditions long enough to wait for the arrival of the owners.

Automated system for home greenhouse

To do this you will need a little morematerials, time and effort. Drip irrigation from droppers with their own hands is a real work of art that will give life to indoor plants every day. First of all, you need to provide a diagram of how all the elements of the system will be placed, namely:

  1. Stand for storage capacity, its height - at least 2 meters above ground level.
  2. Pipes carrying water from the water pipe to the tank and from it to the plants.
  3. Connecting and shut-off valves for all pipes and hoses, tees, plugs and taps.
  4. Disposable droppers.

In fact, this is a modernized drip irrigation frommedical droppers. The photo shows us the system, the installation of which begins with the distribution of hoses throughout the greenhouse. For a room, this option is also suitable, but in this case you need to think about how beautiful it is to decorate the whole system. One end of the hose is attached to the pressure line, and the second one is fitted with plugs. The supply line itself is connected to a container with water.

Now we need to make a markup where exactlywill be located pots with plants, and therefore, and individual droppers. In the marked places, a puncture is made with an awl, they insert the end of the dropper, which in the hospital is attached to the container with the medicine. The second end, with the needle, goes to the roots of the plant.

drip irrigation from droppers with your own hands

Несмотря на всю простоту, такая система сочетает in itself strength, reliability and durability. And most importantly, you can control the flow of water to different plants with the help of a fluid regulator, which is located on the medical dropper itself.

Care for the elements of the system

The container itself, pipes and hoses can serveyears, but fragile droppers need regular cleaning. If they are not regularly removed and washed, they will be blocked by impurities contained in the water. In order to prolong their life and increase the periods between cleaning, it is possible to install a filter in front of the supply line. This measure is also good for delicate indoor plants, whose roots also suffer from impurities contained in water. This is how automatic drip irrigation works from droppers. Home colors can be as many as you like, such a system will cope with watering completely autonomously. You will only have to enjoy a luxurious home garden.

Alternative option

If you often leave home, but want toplants felt always good, you can try to implement the irrigation system with the help of plastic bottles. It works equally well both in the garden and at home. The essence of the method is as follows: a plastic bottle, in which several punctures are made, is buried in the soil (bed or large pot). On the surface there is only a neck with a stopper, through which it is filled with water. Approximately 4 days this bottle is able to feed 3-4 bushes tomato. Applicable to domestic plants, this method is suitable only for large flowerpots.

Let's sum up the results

Система капельного полива является одной из самых effective. When it is used on the surface does not form a crust, the roots are not injured or blurred. The plant constantly receives moisture in small portions, which is ideal watering. That is why such a system gives the best results, contributing to the ideal growth and development of a green pet. There are automated systems that are expensive, and medical droppers allow you to create an exact copy of them by yourself almost for free.