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How to grow avocado from a bone: everything you need to know

Avocado is a very beautiful tropical treefamily of laurels. It brings a delicious fruit, the hallmark of which is a large bone inside. For sure, many would like to have avocados at home. You can try to grow it, however, there is one thing: fruits in the room conditions avocados will not be given. But even if the tree does not bear fruit, it will be able to please you with the riot of greenery, thus decorating any room. Grow avocados at home in two ways: with the help of a handle or from a bone. We'll talk about how to grow avocado from a bone. First, buy a ripe fruit in the store, it's ripe, otherwise the bone will not germinate. Flesh can calmly eat, but over the bone you will have to puff a little. Rinse it well with water and wipe dry with a towel.

You do not yet know how to grow an avocado frombones, and this is understandable, because this tree is a rare visitor in our region. It's okay, a little patience, and you will succeed. Here the course of your actions can be divided. A stone can be planted avocado directly in the ground, however, in this case, the shoots will appear after 3-4 months. But to accelerate the process of germination, the bone should be left until the appearance of the first shoots in the water. It is done this way: at an angle of 1200, make three holes in the bone. They should be placed in such a way that you can then stick in them matches or toothpicks with which the bone will be supported above the water. Pour water into the chosen container and lower the bone into it. Make sure that it was immersed in water only with its blunt end, that is, it is not necessary to lower the whole bone. That's all, now be patient and wait until it sprouts. By the way, you can build any structure, here the main thing is that it firmly holds the stone. Usually, the roots appear after 3-4 weeks. Once they are reached in the growth of 3 cm, you can safely proceed to their landing in the open ground.

If you decide to plant an avocado from the bones,pay attention to the fact that sprouted roots should not be extracted from the bone. In the future it will serve as a kind of decoration for your tree. Prepare the ground and proceed with the transplant. Mix in equal parts raw peat, humus, coarse sand and garden soil. Plant the avocado into a plastic pot, as the clay will absorb moisture in its walls, but the avocados need it most. Take care that the bottom of the pot is good for moisture. If necessary, make more holes. Since growing an avocado from a bone - it's still half the battle, you need to surround your "child" with care and love.

Despite the fact that avocado is a tropicalplant, it does not like direct sunlight, which can be evidenced by burned and fallen leaves. To protect the tree from such problems, put it on the north window or in a shady place. In winter, when the light day is less, the plant will need additional lighting, which you can give with the help of special phytolamps, sold in flower shops.

As already mentioned above, an avocado needsmoisture. Water it as the soil dries. A lack of water will cause the tree to discard the leaves. If the room is dry air, avocado should be sprinkled with water, and the leaves wipe with a cloth.

The avocado should be fertilized in spring and summerspecial mineral (liquid) fertilizers for tropical plants. Avocados tend to stretch upward, so it should be pinched periodically.

Now you know how to grow an avocado frombones. If you do everything correctly, then in a few months the tree will endow you with the most real beauty. Do not forget that you should always take care of the plant, because insufficient care can ruin it.