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How to build a toilet in the country with their own hands quickly and without problems

The first thing that the lucky possessor of the site is buildingunder the dacha, this is not a fence, necessary to ensure the safety of tools and materials, as the authors suggest some guidelines for the start of work. First of all, usually a "house for thought", or simply a toilet. After all, construction work takes time, and running into the nearest forest can not be too convenient.

how to build a toilet in your country house with your own hands
So, how to build a toilet in the country house with your own hands?This design is extremely simple, and therefore no problems should arise here. The first thing to do is, of course, dig a cesspool. It should be a little narrower than the future toilet. In this case, the pit is arranged in such a way that its surface protrudes slightly behind the rear wall. This will give you the opportunity to make a cleaning hatch. The bottom is arranged inclined outwards, after which a layer of crushed stone is poured.

Make a toilet at the dacha hygienic, in anycase without accompanying "aromas", the finishing of the walls of the pit will be helped by some suitable material. You can, for example, cover them with antiseptic impregnated boards. In the future this will facilitate the cleaning process. Now we establish the basis of the future toilet. The foundation, of course, is optional. The easiest way to dig in the four corners of the wooden poles or beams hundred.

Reflecting on how to build a toilet in the countryown hands, the owner of the site, first of all he thinks about the right choice of sizes. The following are considered optimal: not less than one and a half meters in width, one meter in depth and not lower than two meters in height. So, we select bars for support of the appropriate length.

make a toilet in the country
Two of them should be somewhat longer. This is to ensure that the roof subsequently turned inclined.

The bottom part is treated with bituminous mastic.Then we install in pits, fall asleep with soil and tightly compact. The depth of the wells should be about 70-100 cm. The installed columns are fixed with horizontal bars along the back and side walls, located at an altitude of about 130 cm. The anterior horizontal bar should be about two meters from the ground level.

The next step in the question of how to buildtoilet in the dacha with their own hands, can become a floor device. The floor is filled with boards of sufficient thickness in such a way that they do not reach the back wall of centimeters by 50. The walls can be sewn with absolutely any material. It can be the same boards, and profile, and even slate.

we build a toilet in the country
So, we build a toilet in the country.After filling the upper bars, we cover the roof with slate or profiled sheet. To make a seat, you will need to prepare a bar for fifty. It can be nailed directly to the pillars or fixed to the corners. Further the construction is covered with boards and on the top platform the hole is cut out. Some owners of suburban areas do not bother with the device of the seat, but simply install an old toilet in the toilet. For this, the hole is sawed straight in the floor.

Now it remains to hang the door of suitabledimensions and make a deck with a hatch on the pit behind the toilet. The convenient and necessary design on the dacha is ready. In the event that lighting is not possible in the booth, you can leave an open gap between the reinforcing horizontal bar on the front wall and the roof.

That's it.Now you probably know how to build a toilet in the country house with your own hands. As you can see, this is done elementary. In addition, it does not require the use of too much material.