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How to wash clothes off quickly and simply?

how to wash paint off clothes
How many times have we said goodbye to your favorite jeans orshirt only because their appearance was spoiled by a savory spot. Remembered? And now you will agree that the main reason for parting with your favorite thing was the reluctance to fight the emerging defect thoroughly. Maybe it's time to stop acting on the principle of "there is no thing - there are no problems" and learn all the same to eliminate only stains on clothes, and not the objects of the wardrobe itself? Fat, coffee and tea that have left their mark on the surface of the product may disappear after washing. But how to wash the paint off your clothes? Let's try to learn.

Paint on woolen clothes

The choice of a means to combat such stainsdepends on the quality of the fabric used in the manufacture of the product, and directly from the dye itself. So, cashmere and woolen things should not be exposed to the effects of acetone or kerosene. Than and how to wash off a paint from clothes from such "whimsical" fabrics? Here you need a more gentle tool in the form of sunflower oil. A small amount should be dripped onto the affected area and left for a while. Then wash with laundry soap. If you are afraid to leave an oily trail on the fabric, first wipe the stain with "Fairy" or any other dishwashing detergent, and then wash the entire product.

Products from light fabrics

PF oil paint for hair
How to wash off the paint from clothes made from such lightfabrics like silk or chiffon? In some cases, the problem can be solved by the above method. However, it is not always effective. Because if you still managed to blot your favorite silk blouse with paint, all hope for alcohol. He will replace such "aggressive" means, as acetone, gasoline or kerosene, which can not be used in this particular case. But here again before use it is necessary to check the reaction of the fabric to alcohol from the wrong side of the product.

How to use a solvent to remove stains

Are you quite desperate?Do not know how to wash the paint off your clothes? Acetone or gasoline will certainly cope with this problem. Another thing is that they must be used with great care. First, remember that some colored fabrics moult under their influence. Secondly, synthetic and leather materials do not tolerate contact with the listed products. After you have tested the reaction of the tissue from the wrong side, you can proceed to eliminate the stain. To do this, wiped in a solvent for paints with a cotton disc, you must begin to wipe the problem area in the direction from the contour to the center. If you decide to remove the paint with gasoline, then use only a cleaned product. Otherwise, you risk at all to spoil the product, polluting it even more.

solvent for removing stains

Spot from hair dye

Often the result of dyeing hair on the headit is overshadowed by the "insidious" dye that settled in the most prominent place of clothing. Above we found out that acetone, gasoline and other solvents can easily be painted with oil paint PF. For hair, the same pigment dye is used. Therefore, the chemical composition of solvents can also be applied in this case. The hair color can be removed and the agent that is used for chemical perm. You need to moisten them with a painted area of ​​clothes and leave for 30-40 minutes. Then the product must be washed. With the old spots of paint will cope with 3% hydrogen peroxide and 9% table vinegar.