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Hand braid for grass: types and technology of application

Hand braid for grass is a tool thatour ancestors also enjoyed. And now many summer residents prefer not to spend money on quite expensive lawn mowers and trimmers. Moreover, the hand braid is much more convenient when it is necessary to remove tall grass, for example, under trees, or on other narrow and uneven patches.

hand braid for grass
There are only two types of this tool: the grass spit manual "Lithuanian" and spit "pink salmon". The first has a somewhat larger size and handle, andtherefore it is more convenient in application. You should not buy too much plait for the plot. Quite enough will be a tool of medium size. In the stores of garden implements quite often knife-cloths and cuttings for braids are sold separately. Therefore, some summer residents may be wondering how to properly assemble this tool.

Sometimes to connect the knife and cuttings usewedge and ring. The latter is put on the shank, then the knife is inserted into it and fixed by driving the wedge. However, such a connection can not be called reliable, since the ring often jumps off during operation. After this, both him and the wedge often have to look in the grass and collect the instrument anew. Therefore, it is much safer to use a conventional bolt with a nut and a concave washer to join the parts.

Spit for grass, hand
The hand braid for grass will be much more comfortableIn the event that a handle is attached to the handle. To do this, take two birch rods approximately 15-18 cm long, 2.5-3 cm in diameter and treat them with a large sandpaper. Then at one end they make special depressions in order that in the future they close enough the cut. After this, take a thin steel strip and attach the rods on both sides to it. Further everything is simple - the resulting whole element is rounded around the stem and connects the rods with string or wire so that the handle is held on it as tightly as possible.

It would seem that the tool is fairly simple -hand braid for mowing grass. However, to use it from the first time may not work. In order to do everything correctly, it is necessary, having taken a plait in hands, to put feet so that the distance between the feet is approximately 40 cm. The braid moves along the arc of the supposed circle. At one time it is not necessary to grab more than 15 cm of grass. Pass the beveled field in rows so that the fallen grass is left. Focus on the "heel" spit, the tip of the cutting blade should look slightly up. The knife is kept as close to the ground as possible.

hand braid for mowing grass

Hand braid for grass - an instrument is enoughconvenient and reliable. For its use, there is no need for availability in the electricity sector or in the purchase of expensive gasoline. All you need is to beat her from time to time. The difficulty here is only in the duration of the process. It's easy enough to grind the cloth in this way, but without experience, it's not worth trying. You can just damage the knife. It is better to entrust the matter to a specialist.

Manual grass spit requires also periodicsharpening in the process of mowing. Therefore, in the field you need to take a grindstone with you. As soon as you feel that the grass is "taken" worse, lead them several times along the blade. Care should be taken in this case - it is enough to injure your fingers with a sharp braid.