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Power saws Makita: owner feedback

Rest on the cottage for the averageRussians can hardly be called passive, because from time to time there is a need for various works, among them it is necessary to highlight the construction of arbors, the construction of benches, the dismantling of old buildings and sawing of blanks for decorating. In addition to the hand tools - jigsaw, chisel, plane and hammer, many owners of suburban real estate have serious equipment. Among other options, it is possible to distinguish an electric saw with the help of which it is possible to build a porch and erect a whole house.

However, when you visit the store, consumersfaced with the problem, expressed in what kind of equipment manufacturer to prefer, and which model to choose. Among others in the market are presented electric saws "Makita", reviews about which you can read below. Of these, you can understand whether you should buy one of the models of this brand. Perhaps the decisive factor for you will be that a lot of buyers around the world give preference to this technique. This is due to the high quality of assembly and used materials. In addition, the designs are characterized by a long service life, because the engine is intensively cooled during operation.

Reviews about the features of chain saws Makita UC4041A

electric saws makita reviews

You can buy this model for 7400 rubles.It is a fairly powerful 1800 Watt machine, has a 40-centimeter tire and a saw chain, which provides an ideal surface for sawing. Consumers especially emphasize that this version of the equipment has a chain stop system, as well as the option of blocking from accidental starting. Special attention is paid to this by novice house masters.

From any angle and quite simply, from the wordsyou can pull the chain. The sawing speed reaches 870 m / min. This chain saw "Makita", about which you must read before buying the product, has an automatic chain lubrication system. For added safety, the manufacturer has provided protection against impact by chain.

Feedback on the main advantages of the model

electric saw chain makita reviews

According to consumers, the aforementioned model of the saw has many positive features. Among them it is necessary to allocate:

  • adjustment of oil supply for lubrication;
  • handle with soft inserts;
  • easy chain tension;
  • presence of a protective shield and a gear stop.

Buyers like the chain smearedautomatically. The design is equipped with double protective insulation. Home masters especially emphasize that this chain saw "Makita", the feedback about which you should be useful, can be used even indoors, because the work is not accompanied by the emission of harmful exhausts. If an appropriate situation occurs, the inertial brake momentarily stops the circuit. An additional feature of the model is the presence of a chain trap.

Reviews about the features of the saw Makita UC4020A

electric saw makita owner reviews

Power saw "Makita UC4020A", reviews about whichyou need to help make the right choice, will cost the consumer 8100 rubles. This chain model can be used for intensive operation. Buyers especially like a balanced center of gravity and light weight.

It is impossible not to mention also a small levelvibration. The work will be simplified thanks to convenient rubberized handles. They reduce the fatigue of the operator, even with prolonged work. Buyers especially emphasize that for the tensioning of the chain it will not be necessary to prepare special tools.

Feedback on the positive features of the model

electric saw makita uc4020a reviews

The Makita electric saw, the owners' feedback about which you should be useful, in the opinion of consumers, has many positive features. Among them:

  • confident grip;
  • possibility of easy maintenance;
  • quick stop of the circuit.

Easy maintenance is guaranteed by simple chain tension. Customers consider additional advantages:

  • the presence of double protective insulation;
  • blocking an accidental start;
  • automatic chain lubrication;
  • no harmful emissions.

Home masters like that when you disconnectThe motor brake stops the circuit. For better control, the manufacturer has located the engine across. Buyers especially pay attention to the presence of an oil level indicator.

Reviews of the main features of the chain saw UC 4030 A / 0,5

electric saw makita 4030a reviews

Электропила «Макита 4030А», отзывы о которой вы must necessarily read, if you plan to become the owner of this model, will cost the consumer 9400 rubles. According to customers, the equipment is great for working with wood, while you can carry out felling of small trees, cut off branches, transplant bushes and harvest wood.

The device operates at the expense of a powerful engine,which is designed for continuous work and intensive workloads. Buyers emphasize that when the chain is jammed into play, there is a release clutch. Fatigue at work decreases, because the center of gravity is well balanced. The power cord is quite long, according to consumers. This parameter is 0.3 m.

Feedback on the main features of the model

electric saw makita uc4051a reviews

Similar electric saws "Makita", which are reviewed in the article, according to consumers, have many advantages, namely:

  • security;
  • high cutting speed;
  • automatic chain lubrication;
  • double protective insulation;
  • oil level indicator;
  • quick chain tension without additional tool.

Comfortable work is provided by the presence of the main handle, which has a rubber lining. This allows the operator, from the words of consumers, to hold the tool securely while working.

Reviews of the main features of the saw Makita UC4051A

chain saw electric makita 4041a reviews

Electric saw "Makita UC4051A", reviews about whichmany consumers are allowed to make the right choice, has a cost equal to 9700 rubles. This chain saw has a power of 2000 W, the length of the tire is 40 cm. Customers like that the weight of the equipment is only 5.6 kg, which simplifies long-term work.

Home masters, with their words, quite oftenpay attention to additional features and functions when choosing an electric tool. When it comes to a chain saw, an important factor is the presence of a chain brake. This functional exists for the described model.

Reviews of the technical characteristics of a chain electric saw brand 4041a

Цепная электропила «Макита 4041А», отзывы о which it would be useful to read before visiting the store, has an average weight of 4.7 kg. The hull parameters, according to consumers, are rather compact and equal to 425x245x200 mm. The power of the equipment is 1800 W, the length of the tire is 40 cm.

The speed of rotation of the chain reaches 14.5 m per second.The transverse arrangement of the engine, according to customers, provides ease of operation. Adjustment of the chain tension is possible without a key. It is like starting house masters who do not want to understand the design of professional models.

Reviews of the main features of the electric saws of the brand UC4530A / 5M

Chain electric saw "Makita 4530" will costto the consumer in 9700 rubles. It is a tool for harvesting firewood, sawing wood, pruning branches and branches. The buyers emphasize that the saw has low weight, low vibration level, and its center of gravity is balanced as best as possible. All this contributes to tireless and comfortable work. Has a design of a disengaging clutch. This, according to consumers, reduces the impact if the saw jams in the workpiece.

Feedback on additional features of the model

Considering electric saws "Makita", reviews about them must be read. For example, the model described above, according to buyers, a lot of advantages, such as:

  • strong grip;
  • saving time in tensioning the chain;
  • safe work;
  • presence of an engine brake;
  • automatic lubrication of the saw head and gearbox.

Consumers emphasize that a strong gripis guaranteed by a handle that is covered with a rubber lining. This helps to keep the instrument as comfortable and confident as possible. When the chain is tensioned, the operator can act quickly and without using an additional tool, this saves time. One can not fail to note also the safe work, and it, as the buyers say, is provided with an inertial brake, which can work when the hand touches the plastic shield in only 0.1 seconds. This brake works even when the saw is bouncing.

Such electric saws "Makita", reviews about whichonly the most positive, according to consumers, are very convenient for operation, because they have an oil level indicator. The service life of the structure is extended by the use of sealed ball bearings. A smooth start-up, as well as an impressive cord length, can not but rejoice. To protect against accidental start-up, the manufacturer supplied the construction with an interlocking lock option.

Reviews about technical characteristics

The above model has a 140 ml oil tank.The groove width of the tool is 1.3 mm. The speed of rotation of the chain, according to buyers, is quite impressive and amounts to 13.3 meters per second. The equipment weighs only 4.4 kg. This allows you to work with the tool for a long time without getting tired. The number of links is 62. Buyers also like the longitudinal engine layout. However, almost all models of the manufacturer are characterized by such.


Choosing a power saw, you mustpay attention to some parameters. Among them we should highlight the power and the availability of additional functions. The latter can adversely affect the cost of equipment. If you plan to use it for domestic purposes, then you should not overpay for a professional device that can not realize even half the potential.