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Generator 10 kW diesel with autostart

Once in a country house, do not want toReturn to the old ways of lighting - candles, oil lamps and luchinam. In such conditions, the only true solution is to provide an autonomous power supply site using a generator. It can be an emergency or permanent source of energy.

However, being in the store, many consumersface the complexity of choosing such a device. It is better, of course, to conduct a project survey, on the basis of which you will be able to find the right model. But if you are able to independently determine the total power of electrical appliances that will require an energy source when working, you can consider several alternatives of generators, from which you can pick up what you need. Among others, you should consider a 10 kW diesel generator. It can have certain features that quite often affect the consumer's decision.

Description of the power plant FUBAG DS 15000

generator 10 kW diesel

The above generator costs 318,400 rubles.It represents a diesel power plant, which is characterized by high power and is excellent for electricity supply to a residential building, retail outlets or small businesses. The design has a connector with which you can optionally install the automation unit.

The electronic display is on the panelcontrol, it displays the characteristics of the generated current and the operating parameters of the unit. Sockets for 220V / 16A are well protected with covers, they exclude moisture and dust from entering.

Technical characteristics of the model

diesel generators 5 10 kW

Generator 10 kW diesel, which was describedabove, produces a voltage equal to 220/380 V. The maximum power reaches 12 kW. There is a fuel tank in the device with a capacity of 38 liters. There are in the construction of compound voltage control, it is traditional.

The operation of the unit is more convenient due topresence of fuel level indication. However, it should be taken into account that the complete set does not have a wheel and a handle. The device is assigned the degree of protection IP23. A battery is supplied. The dimensions of the generator are 1210 x 650 x 765 mm. At work, this 10 kW diesel generator produces 72 dB of noise. There is an oil sensor in the structure. This mobile power station weighs 300 kg. There is an option of control automatics in it.

Main features of the power plant

diesel generator 10 kW

Among the distinguishing features can be identified:

  • rigid construction;
  • convenient refueling;
  • protection from dust.

As for the first characteristic, itis provided by a metal solid frame. But about the convenient refueling, we can say that it is guaranteed by the fuel tank cap, which is on the top of the device and can be easily removed. Therefore, the user will not have any inconvenience.

The sockets of the power plant are protected with covers, so dust does not enter inside. This also applies to larger particles that could disrupt the operation of the device.

Additional advantages of the generator

10kW diesel generator with autostart

The above described generator is 10 kW dieselcharacterized by liquid cooling. It is impossible not to mention the multifunctional electronic control and monitoring unit. For connection of powerful three-phase consumers the device has protective terminals.

At a load of 3/4, the machine will be able to operate up to 10hours on end. Do not be afraid at the same time overload, because the manufacturer provided the device with a special protection system. If necessary, you will be able to perform maintenance of the unit, as easy access is provided to the respective nodes. If the crankcase has a low oil level, then an automatic safety shutdown will work, so you can not be afraid of the generator failing for this reason.

Description of the diesel power plant FUBAG DS 14000

diesel generator 10 kW with autorun consumption

The above-mentioned diesel generator 10 kW withauto start will cost the consumer at 191,600 rubles. This device with an electric starter and automation connector has a steel heating system in the collector. This ensures easy start-up, even if the ambient temperature drops below the critical level. This model is designed for intensive operation in the face of large construction sites or production facilities. The unit can be connected devices, the total capacity of which reaches 10 kW.

Technical characteristics of the model

generator diesel 10 kW 3 phase

The above-described diesel generator is 10 kW 3-phaseproduces a voltage that is 220/380 V. It has a synchronous alternator. Weighing equipment is 174 kg and is a mobile power station. There is an indicator in the device of fuel level, handles and wheels for convenient transportation.

The oil tank has a volume of 3 liters.The number of revolutions per minute can reach 3000. The 10 kW diesel generator with an auto start with a flow rate of 3.65 liters has the following dimensions: 910 x 578 x 668 mm. As an option, control automation is available. The maximum power is 11.2 kW.

The fuel tank has a capacity of 25 liters.There is an oil sensor and an hour meter in the device. The equipment is running at the expense of a four-stroke engine. A battery is supplied. In operation, the generator will produce a noise level of 82 dB.

The main features of the model

The above described 10 kW diesel generator has many unique features, among which:

  • the possibility of visual control over the level of fuel;
  • ease of operation;
  • the minimum level of vibration.

Controlling the fuel level is possible with the help ofa special indicator, timely refueling. All controls with the automation connector and the electric starter are in one place. The vibration level is significantly reduced by special dampers. This eliminates the premature wear of internal components and parts.

Description of the FUBAG DS 7000 generator

If you are interested in diesel generators 5-10kW, then you can consider the above model. It is a power plant with an automation connector and an electric starter. For the convenience of transportation, the manufacturer supplied the equipment with a wheelbase, it facilitates the movement of the unit from one point to another.

The equipment is universal, because with itit is possible to provide power supply for three-phase and single-phase consumers. The device is characterized by a low level of fuel consumption and the possibility of autonomous operation without refueling for 5.1 hours. This is true if the load is held at 3/4.

This generator provides an opportunityvisual control of the fuel level. Operate the station is very convenient, because all the main nodes are located in one place. This unit is suitable for the role of an electric power source when the network is backed up in a country house, in the conditions of a small enterprise or a sales outlet. The generator works on a professional OHV-engine. The equipment is supplied by the AVR system. To protect against short circuits and overloads, the unit has a special system.


Before choosing a diesel generator,determine the source of electricity needed - temporary or permanent. If you come to the dacha all year round, the diesel generator will be optimal, as it is perfect for continuous operation, which can not be said about gasoline analogues. The safety factor of such devices is much higher, in this issue they also benefit from gasoline appliances.