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Smokeless gas columns: the pros and cons

If you quite often encounter problemswith the supply of hot water, you can take advantage of the excellent possibility of exhaustive operation of the hot water supply system. To do this, purchase a gas column. However, not every house has the opportunity to install such equipment, because the column functions, outputting the combustion products through a chimney.

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In this case is able to help out the turbochargedA model that does not have a chimney and is also known as a free-flow column. If you decide to purchase such a device, it is recommended to get acquainted first with the pros and cons of such equipment. This recommendation is due to the fact that some consumers refuse to purchase gas-free gas columns for several reasons, among them the complexity of installation should be especially emphasized.

The main advantages of gas-free columns for gas

Smokeless gas columns are good in many waysreasons. Firstly, they can be installed without adding a chimney in the traditional sense. Secondly, such equipment has a rather high coefficient of efficiency. This is due to forced air injection. Thirdly, the unit has a closed combustion chamber, which excludes a rise in temperature in the room, which is especially important when operating the equipment in the summer.

However, gas-free gas columns are selectednot only for the reasons described above. They are also good because they do not burn out oxygen in their home with their work, since they take air for functioning from the street. In addition, the body of such devices is almost completely closed, this significantly reduces the risk of combustion products falling inside.

The main disadvantages

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Before you acquire the equipment described in the article, you need to familiarize yourself with its main disadvantages, among them:

  • energy dependence;
  • loudness;
  • Expensive;
  • the need for harmonization;
  • formation of condensate inside the outlet pipe.

If you liked gas-free gascolumns, then before acquiring one of the models, it is necessary to get acquainted with the minuses of similar equipment. For example, many consumers are repelled by energy dependence, because the design fan is powered by electricity. If it is disabled, the operation of the turbocharged column will not be possible.

You can be repelled by the fact that the fanequipment makes a lot of noise. Such devices are more expensive than traditional models. On average, the cost of a turbocharged unit is approximately 17,000 rubles. In order to install such a column, it will be necessary to agree with the organizations that are responsible for the delivery of natural gas. You can not do without the permission of neighbors who live a floor above. The installation of the column requires the removal of the pipe to the facade of the building, which can be prohibited by the architectural control service.

Positive reviews

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Gas-free gas columns have a lot ofadvantages, among the additional must be allocated the possibility of installation in any room. The latter may be in a new house or in a suburban building, as well as in a country house, where there are no specially equipped chimneys. Such equipment can be located in a building that is located in a building built according to a design that does not provide for the presence of gas devices.

If you compare with a gas columntraditional type, the turbines do not dry the air inside the premises. The efficiency of the water heater is increased by forcing the exhaust air. If we are talking about a standard gas column, then the combustion products go out into the common tube by gravity. The combustion chamber of the device is completely isolated, so no foreign smells can appear in the room.

Negative feedback

Smokeless gas columns, reviews of whichshould be read before the acquisition of such equipment, according to consumers, are also characterized by the presence of some disadvantages. Among the shortcomings, buyers note a more complex installation than conventional water heaters. So, in the wall it is necessary to drill a hole, and then gently repair it, leaving a special nozzle from the outside.

According to consumers, noise will be heard notonly indoors, but also outside the building. This feature can not be called a plus. According to the owners of the described equipment, the increased noise level during operation of the gas device may not like neighbors. After all, they will smell the exhaust gases, in addition, they will hear noise.

The main reasons that the column "Oasis" does not light up

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Sometimes consumers ask themselves,why does not the gas column "Oasis" be turned on, which is free-cooling. The cause of this malfunction may be several factors. First of all, it is necessary to check whether the pipes are correctly connected. The water heater has a special design that will not work if the connection of the output and input pipes has not been done correctly.

The most common and frequent cause of failureThe gas column from the work is favored by the lack of traction. If clogging occurs with foreign objects or dust, the burner will simply go out. A protection system will work that will block the fuel supply. If the column still lights up, but after a while it goes dead, then the sensitive protective relay can become the reason for this. When the windows are closed, the relay overheats, its protection is activated. In this case, you need to open the window or windows. This measure is temporary, because the relay in this case must be replaced.

Features of the installation

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Installation of a gas-free gas columnmust necessarily be carried out by specialists. Independently you can only connect the equipment to the water supply. Sometimes the master craftsmen with their own hands also bring out the chimney, making a hole in the wall. The installation of the pipe must be carried out as tightly as possible, so the insulation must be given special attention using adapters and couplings.

The main advantages of the Grandini JSQ24-C column

Gas-free bulkhead column Grandini JSQ24 Cis the equipment that is made in the best Italian traditions. The device is capable of heating water in the shortest possible time, providing the consumer with the necessary quantity. The design has a modern design and compact dimensions.

Installation is quite simple.The water supply will be provided in a volume of 8 liters per minute. This parameter is minimal. When the temperature drops, it can be increased to 12 liters per minute. The capacity of the equipment is 24 kW. The column works in automatic mode, and the ignition is carried out from the batteries.

Positive feedback on the Oasis B-12W column

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The gas-free gas column "Oasis" hasa fairly reasonable cost, which is 5600 rubles. The equipment has compact dimensions, as well as electronic ignition. The case is equipped with a liquid crystal display, through which the user can monitor the temperature of the water heating. The column is equipped with a multi-level security system and adapted to operation in the Russian environment. The power of the unit is 11 kW, and the weight is 4.2 kg.

The main advantages of the column of the brand "Neva" 4505

Navigable gas columns "Neva" areone of the most popular on the market. Among others, it is worth highlighting the model that was mentioned above. It is equipment for running water heating. The device can use liquefied or natural gas. It is noteworthy that the unit can be connected to the balloon gas.

As practice shows, 6 liters of water per minute can beget with this gas column. At the same time, harmful substances are thrown into the premises 1.5 times less than in a household gas cooker. Among other things, this model is supplied with oxygen sensors and timers, which are responsible for shutting down the equipment if the level of burning waste exceeds the norm. The capacity of the equipment is 9 kW. Pay for it will have 4500 rubles.

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The advantages of the gas column "Vector" JSD 11 N

This gas-free column "Vector" costs4900 rub. Electric ignition is provided by batteries. Performance is slightly less than other devices and is 5 liters of water per minute. The case is compact in size.

The minimum water pressure is 0.2atmosphere. Among the additional advantages can be identified the presence of a copper heat exchanger, which is processed in the production process with an anti-corrosion coating. There is a gas-control system and protection against overheating. The protection is triggered even if there is not enough traction in the chimney.


Smokeless gas columns still havechimney, but this concept is used in the sense that the aggregates do not need a traditional chimney with natural draft. This feature can be considered one of the many that distinguishes the equipment described in the article. The natural thrust of these units is not needed, since the apparatus has a forced draft of its own provided by the fan.