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How to choose an electric meat grinder: advice to housewives

Gone are the days when the meat grinder in the kitchen waslooks like some sophisticated torture instrument from the early Middle Ages. Now that we have electric tools, we can do with them not only minced meat, but even cabbage rolls, dolma, sausages and even noodles. Therefore, the question of how to choose an electric meat grinder does not look fictitious anymore!

how to choose a meat-grinder
When choosing, one should pay attention not only toappearance and your preferred firm, but also on technical characteristics, which should generally be the determining factors of purchase. Since it is not easy to choose an electric meat grinder by these characteristics, it is better to read our article in advance.

Of course, most often buyers look atpower. Models from different manufacturers can produce from 200 to 2000 watts. High power is the ability to turn even the toughest and wiry meat into a few kilograms of quality minced meat quickly and qualitatively.

But we must remember that significant powercharacteristics inevitably lead to the fact that the noise level and electricity consumption will be high. Before choosing a meat grinder with a large capacity, it is better to accurately imagine the justification for such an acquisition.

Whatever it was, but it was from the previousdepends on the performance. It is calculated in kilograms of products that your meat grinder can process per minute. Most household models can crank about a kilogram of meat per minute.

how to choose an electric meat grinder for a home
Before choosing an electric meat grinder, look carefully at the labels located on the body: as a rule, these characteristics the manufacturer will try to display first.

Very important is the material from which thismost body is made. It is generally accepted that plastic models are a bad choice, but this is not at all the case. All normal producers use special food plastics: they not only do not emit any harmful substances, but they are also strong enough.

But there is one nuance. Since it is necessary to choose an electric meat grinder for a house taking into account its subsequent long operation, it is better to look at varieties with metal casings. They are more practical.

As for the "giblets" meat grinder, they are allmust be made of quality stainless steel. It is inadmissible to buy the products of some modern manufacturers, who, for economy, try to change part of the parts for plastic analogs.

how to choose a grinder reviews
Finally, pay attention to the additional functions.

It will be nice if your mincer is equippedmotor protection. Such systems automatically terminate the supply of current, if the loads become prohibitive. Auto reverse - the possibility of reverse rotation of the screw mechanism. This is very convenient, since it allows you to get rid of the wiry meat wound around the mechanism.

Finally, before choosing a meat grinder(reviews say the same thing), walk through several shops, find out the price plug for the models you are interested in. Choose only those models that you need: there is no reason to go on the advice of consultants, overpaying for the numerous "bells and whistles."